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Lone Dreamer writes about changing destiny dreams?

InspiresYOU.com Team

04-07-2004 12:44:43

Date Sun, 28 Jul 2002 204922 -0400
From jparrish
Subject Question?

I have read most of Wayne Dyer's book. I recently read that somethings may not be on my ream of reality and I wonder if I am supposed to eventually change my destiny dream to one that is more attainable. Can you please help me?

Lone Dreamer

She also wrote
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 223416 -0400
From jparrish
Subject Introduction


I'm Barbara. I have recently begin to read Wayne Dyer's books and have questions. I guess I arrived here by the usual way, life melt-down. I am getting back to my roots and stumbled on to these books. I need answers and direction. Anyone out there with answers and a map?

Barbara Parrish


05-07-2004 14:39:59

My first suggestion would be to eliminate "destiny" and go for the dream. This life is your story - you are the author, the director, the star and the supporting characters. If it is not going as you wish it, stop and rewrite before going on. What this really means is to change your thoughts on where you see yourself to where you would like to see yourself. Being the author, you can write anything you wish to imagine, only remember that you as the star will then portray what you have written.

You never stumbled on these books - you placed them on your path and perhaps several times before you finally looked at what you were stubbing your toe on. They are there because they are yours - they contain a map and directions - but it is a map of choices and a direction you must choose alone.

Namaste - Ron