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04-07-2004 12:43:00

From Mike
Subject Introduction
Date Sat, 21 Oct 2000 170932 +0000

Greetings to The Friends of Dr. Wayne Dyer !

My name is Mike, but I was and will always be much
more than a name. This is something I have known since
before my first experience with Dr. Dyer, but in
reading " Your Erroneous Zones " twice and 3/4's of "
Your Sacred Self " it has changed my belief of an
awareness to KNOWING. Knowing I was placed here for a
purpose and that that purpose was initiated before my
birth and will continue well into eternity.

How much more information would be necessary for the
group is not needed. I know and I share openly with all
that Jesus has led me to. I have been a care giver and I
have needed care. I love and need love.

Attached to this email is my web site, much of it
written before I knew of Dr. Dyer and more is pouring
forth from Jesus having let our paths cross. On the web
site are poems and personal outlook or " reflections "
as I have chosen to call them.
[EDITOR NOTE website address deleted as it's no longer live]

In reading Dr Dyer's wisdom, so do I share in it by
letting people know of his works and how they have
affected me and my spiritual journey. I am Bi-Polar, on
medication and meditation. I am aware of who I am and
continue to strive to be the person I was placed here to
be. I do not wish to " Let The Music Die Within Me."
My purpose is to care and to share, this I know.

I look forward to further enriching my purpose and God
will see to it that His Will Is Done. I do not profess
to be perfect, I just am trying to BE.

Best of the Day to The Friends of Dr Dyer

Mike McEvilly