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Yahaira Love writes, "he did give me 3 hugs!!!"

InspiresYOU.com Team

04-07-2004 12:41:48

From "Yahaira Love"
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Date Mon, 7 Jan 2002 085302 -0800

Where exactly am I posting? Where do I go to read responses? I'm a bit
confused. I just had the most wonderful experience in the world! I met Dr.
Dyer in person!!! Although he didn't sit down and have a cup of coffee with
me as I had envisioned, he did give me 3 hugs!!! I also got to take pictures
of him and my soulmate! I am so happy. I want to bring peace, joy, and love
to people just like he does. Guess what? Recently I decided that I want to
get a degree in psychology and to my surprise (something I should have
already known) Dr. Dyer holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology! Wow!
That truly inspires me! I use to think there was no hope for me! 23 years
old and nothing accomplished but since Dyer walked into my life I feel alive
and capable of doing anything! =)