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I need some more inspirational material suggestions


07-07-2006 12:30:57

Hi All,

I have read a number of Dr Dyer's books. And I've listened to The Secrets of the Power of Intention until I practicaly have all 6 tapes memorized. These are wonderful and have helped me in many ways.

But can somebody suggest some other tapes that are just as inspirational as The Intention ones? They could be by Dr Dyer or someone else I really prefer the audion versions.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Light and Love


18-07-2006 12:53:40

Hi Rere,

I've found Gary Zukav's tapes/CDs very helpful. Specifically, there are two that are his being interviewed by Michael Toms. Other Toms interviews may be helpful, too....but I haven't searched them out myself.



18-07-2006 13:07:27

Hi Namaste,

Thanks for the tips. Where can I find Toms's interviews?

Since I began this thread I've discovered Hayhouseradio.com...It's wonderful. There are many great authors and inspirational leaders who do weekly broadcasts.

You can listen to any of the archival broadcasts simply by giving your e-mail address and creating a password. It's all free. Wayne Dyer is among the people on here along with many other well-known personalities.

Peace and Light


18-07-2006 13:13:13


Toms has broadcast on New Dimensions Radio and published some books with them.

Here's a link


Thanks for asking because I hadn't looked for more of his stuff until now.

(you can call me summer!)


24-07-2006 12:58:53

Hope this is helpful

One of my favorite audio books is "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.

I listened to it until the tape was worn and finally snapped.

There is a point in the tape when Eckhart does a meditation technique to return your energy from your ego back to your body. I felt this incredible rush of spirit return when I did it (I couldn't properly describe the feeling it must be experienced).

Let me know how it works for you.

Love Julie


24-07-2006 13:17:30

Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for replying. I've read Tolle's book and got a lot out of it.
Did you buy another tape?

Have you gone to Hayhouseradio? I love to listen to the archival broadcasts. Dr Dyer and Maryanne Williamson and many others are on there. And it's all free! You listen to it over your computer.

Our egos get in the way a lot, don't they?

Take care


24-07-2006 13:53:29

OMGooodness Rere

I love Hayhouse and listen to the Dr Dyer along with a few others.

I did not get a new tape but will get a new CD instead...it will last longer.

I took it as a sign to get something new "Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling" and this morning I purchased "Being in Balance" from QVC.

Have you been able to separate your real self from your ego yet?

When I was working at a job I absolutely hated 2 years ago I practiced witnessing my ego while I was at work. It was good for me but not so good for the employer....LOL Didn't take me long to find the right job.

Keep Smiling

Love - Julie