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What charities do you guys donate to?


04-07-2006 17:03:04

Hey all. first post here. I was wondering what different charities you guys donate to. Do any of you know of any Inner Peace charities/organizations?



05-07-2006 12:41:24

Most of what I donate is my time. I'm involved in Big Brother Big Sister and I volunteer at the local schools. There's always need for help when you search for it! Namaste


24-07-2006 15:15:30


I donate through service organizations that I am involved in like Rotary, Hospice, and my daughter's school.

Just like Jedi I also donate time and become part of a group with my "Helpful Spirit". I feel better about my monetary donations when I participate in its good deeds.

Love Jule


24-07-2006 19:59:52

thanks guys. what's Rotary and Hospice? what are their objectives?


25-07-2006 05:27:03

Thanks for asking NMC

Rotary is a network of business leaders in their communities and there is a club in almost every country in the world. I could never describe it fully but here is the website www.rotary.org

Hospice provides support to individuals and their families when someone is diagnosed with an illness and expected to live only 6-12 months.

Find a charity that creates a passion for helping in you. Then you know it's right.

Love Julie

SG in TN

25-07-2006 21:07:23

I don't have a lot of money but the ASPCA takes $18 a month out of my account. There are so many abused and neglected animals. When I watch the "animal police" shows on Animal Planet it always makes me want to help. So I hope my measly $18 can do some good. Also, my husband and my 14 year old cat died last March. We were devestated. My husband is a big muscley kind of guy who doesn't like to show his feelings too much. Well he turned to absolute mush at the passing of our best little friend. In May we felt ready to adopt another one, a kitten so we could have many happy years with it. When we got to the shelter we found an 11 year old cat who was scheduled to be "put to sleep" cause she had been there too long. No-one wanted such an old cat....We took her and she is pure joy!!!!
She is a healthy older cat and completely spoiled.

Susan in tn !


26-07-2006 12:26:12

I like meals on wheels, ASPCA, and Heifer International. I also volunteer at the nursing home with a hospice resident.