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It works!!! Change your attitude and you change your life


12-06-2006 18:23:56

Hi all,

A year and a month ago my husband of over 30 years left me for someone he had met on the Internet. Ireally felt like I didn't want to live any longer!

I went to a bookstore and found Dr. Dyer's, "The Secrets of the Power of Intention" tapes. I listened, and they helped somewhat. And I bought manyother books and tapes throughout the year. I read and listened, I cried and suffered. Looking for a way to get my husband back, a way to feel good. I wanted so much to feel good again.

In the meantime, the woman that my husband left me for decided he wasn't for her. But he continued to pursue others and we also began seeing one another. And I met someone else about six months ago and also have been dating.

But I still wasn't happy. So a couple weeks ago I brought out "The Secrets...."tapes and have listened to them constantly for two weeks.

This time I tried to absorb the message and a sense of peace came over me. I quit crying and feeling sad. I began picturing myself at peace and feeling happy. When a sad or negative thought comes up I quickly replace it with positive thougts, images, and affirmations.

And my circumstance are changing!! My husband who strongly refused to consider counseling has agreed to go, and we have an appointment tomorrow with an IMAGO couple's counselor. My business is picking up. I'm making more friends. I just got my brown belt in Taekwondo. And I feel no matter what happens, that I have the ability to stay connected to my source--our source--God.

It really does work, folks, "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." They really do!!!

I would be happy to communicate with anyone.



13-06-2006 00:47:13

Hi Rere,

Thanks for posting this reminder that we are all on a spiritual quest and what we see as being marital problems are really opportunities for growth and connection with our source.

Protect all things you value by the act of giving them away...
Jesus Christ