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Peaceful Warrior

chris knight

30-05-2006 15:15:19

I know this is not related to Dyer, but I have this feeling many Dyer fans are going to enjoy this movie when it finally comes out

What do you think?


02-06-2006 19:03:39

Wow, good movie, it's an interesting movie. Do you know if it's based on Ramtha? Very interesting the source where this movie comes from. I hope it's a good movie. Cool!

Peaceful Bob

29-07-2006 12:19:08

I'm looking forward to seeing this film... I read Dan's book many years ago, but wasn't at a point in my life to fully appreciate it. I remember it leaving me with a feeling of peace, which stands out in my mind.


15-08-2006 09:49:17

I think they call it an oxymoron !


28-08-2006 17:54:42

I wanted to go see the movie because I read so much about it on the net. My husband had read Dan's book almost 20 years ago and still had his copy. He suggested I read it before seeing the movie. It was a wonderful book. Yes, it leaves one with such an incredible feeling of peace. The movie was good as well as I have recommended it to several people as well as putting a trailer to it on my website. I highly recommend it.


SG in TN

30-08-2006 20:28:16

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just watched the trailer. It looks amazing. I can't wait to see it.
Thanks for the tip,
Susan !


12-10-2006 16:45:32

If you've seen the movie, Peaceful Warrior, you'll love this in-depth interview with Dan Millman.
http://www.enlightenmentchannel.com/ D


SG in TN

12-10-2006 20:08:31

Hey Karen,
I just watched it...Thanks It's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!