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Wayne Dyer...farewell tour?


19-05-2006 10:30:39

Not sure if this is old news...new news...or true news? On another group someone posted that on May 17th. At his lecture Wayne Dyer announced that this was his farewell tour. With the exception of 4 more lectures this year. He is off to Tao to interpret the 81 passages written in 500 BC for modern day living. He also hinted that he would do 1-2 lectures per year. Authors guess it would be for Hay House for the "I can do It" workshops. Also Sky Dyer has just been signed by Emelio Estafan for a recording contract. If true...Bravo to you Wayne, for following your bliss like you have taught all us to do. Anyone know? Fact or fiction? Peace, Lola


03-06-2006 22:27:40

I hope Wayne doesn't retire. But if he wants to, I hope he follows his bliss and does what he wants to do. Follow your own path Wayne. Hopefully he'll continue to do the Hay House radio show.



12-06-2006 13:59:11

there is no truth in it. I attented his Inspiration seminar two days ago in London (10th June) and he talked about all this plans for new books, lectures, etc.