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Wayne's new book


20-04-2006 08:43:37

I got the new book on INSPIRATION after seeing the pbs series, and I think it's excellent. I wondered if there's anything more to write about on these topics but Wayne found a way to with this!

I don't see any topic specific to this new book, but then I have a hard time fnding a topic to post in, there are so many to choose from and follow.

I've been reading (and taking notes) in INSPIRATION every night before going to bed. What I've found is, I cut up cardstock into fairly wide strips, to use as bookmarks, and then write down key points ON them.

At some point I'd like to make bookmarks with pictures on them and affirmations/words, sayings (though of course, I couldn't copy what someone else wrote, except for my own benefit).

I think bookmarks are good for this because people who read use them, and if they're like me, usually take anything, an old piece of paper, or something to mark my place. I tend to take notes (thinking it will help me remember?) so have papers folded up and jammed in books, too.

~ Carrie


26-04-2006 17:30:59

I love your idea about creating bookmarks from blank cardstock to jot down key ideas. It not only helps my focus and retention, but provides a good way to get back into my original thought train when I've put the book down for an extended period of time.

God bless Wayne Dyer for his profound contribution to the spiritual growth of millions.


27-04-2006 11:38:38

Cheeky, perhaps the things Wayne was talking about you're already doing in your life. But by taking a negative approach I found myself thinking, "now why did he have to say it that way?" Perhaps by saying, "The book was an example of how I'm already living my life. However I found 2 or 3 chapters to be inspiring." Just my opinion. Thanks cheeky for writing something that inspired me to reply. )


28-04-2006 07:51:05

Hi Cheeky,
I really didn't intend on attacking you. I could spend a lot of time talking about what I got out of Dr. Dyers books and what I didn't. I could also pick out certain things that didn't make sense or that I found boring. But I don't. Why? Because I believe and live everything Dr. Dyer says? No. I choose personally not to talk negative or question his motives. I agree with you when you say, 'be your own guru'. Believe me I live that mantra every day of my life. But what you question about Dr. Dyer I simply say, "he's just like me". I do believe that's why I find solace in his writing. Do I find contradictions in his books? I have, but no more than I've contradicted myself. He's living his purpose, and whether I agree or disagree with it is irrelevant. Believe me when I tell you, my reply was more out of love than anything else. I truly felt some negative energy in your original post and I was hoping to send some positive your way. Namaste


03-05-2006 14:09:26

Thank you so much for your opinion on Dr. Dyers new books. I love it how two people can read the same books and have two completely different outcomes! It's obvious you've accumulated many helpful lessons from The Sacred Self and Real Magic and that's great! In my life The Power Of Intention and Manifest your Destiny were inspiring. I'm also finding many wonderful things in Inspiriation. Since reading Dr. Dyer, I rediscovered my love of Philosophy and Spirituality. It's led to me reading many books I've wanted to read for years; some of which I already had in my library. We're all 'one'...but we're certainly not the 'same'. I consider myself the luckiest man alive to have the opportunity to share these words with you. Just think, if it weren't for Dr. Dyers books, we never would have met...


03-05-2006 15:29:10

Are you two talking about "Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling" or is this yet another book?

Thank you?