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The Bible??


03-04-2006 15:33:18

Where does the bible come into all of this. Our source provided us with this book that is very different than what many believe. I am just looking for some feedback on where you think the bible fits into all of these discussions.


29-09-2006 07:42:16

The bible doesn't. This is buddhism preachings except Dyer don't mention buddha he says god yet not specific on which god.

The dalai lama's, and all other buddhist books, all say the same thing.

Stupid Christians.


03-10-2006 06:28:13

The bible’s point is completely focused on duality that’s relevant to nothing in existence. Remember that none of the “great” books has been written by the actual people that were being discussed, it’s purely views of writers on a certain topic or object. Thus everything that has been written in the “great” books is simply views compiled by the relative general views of the time that the writer/s wrote the book. All things are fragments of the ONE thing which cannot exist outside of the ONE thing.


04-12-2006 19:20:56

You are either with Jesus or against him...It is that simple! The world is choosing sides as we speak. Dyer is for Astaroth. Listen closely to his daughter sing and you will understand.


05-12-2006 04:22:18

Strange as it may sound; if have no other view to compare against your religion - you are bound to be limited by that same religion. Thus Christianity and the view of Jesus is completely irrelevant except to Christians and Christianity. In a world where you cannot even explain how you open your hand or move your eyes; what foolishness would it be to attempt to see EVERYTHING through this limited black and white "You are either with Jesus or against him" view.

Origin cannot be explained with words, simply because it is the cause of words and everything else. Every attempt to describe the whole is as futile as the attempt to describe life as "You are either with Jesus or against him"

May you let go of the nagging thought to be right and others wrong and stop singing that deadly song.

Peace and love


05-12-2006 06:05:49

This has nothing to do with right and wrong. This has to do with the Love of the creator of the world. If you think you are making it to heaven without him, then good luck to you. If you think you are God or a god then good luck to you. As for me, my redemption is near. I am not blind, I see the signs, the moon was lit up with the sign of Jesus just the other day. You need to open your eyes. I will pray for you. Everyone beware of those who say peace and love, but mean the opposite. You are fullfilling prophecy of demons by your own words.


05-12-2006 12:06:14

the truth writes

You are either with Jesus or against him...It is that simple! The world is choosing sides as we speak. Dyer is for Astaroth. Listen closely to his daughter sing and you will understand.

More wars have been waged in the name of GOD, than for any other reason. One belief is not better than any other belief.

I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.
Kahlil Gibran


05-12-2006 12:52:03

I beleive that the bible, at it's root, was intended to teach us universal spirituality to benefit every person on this earth. As with the children's game of telephone, I believe over time and with so many translations and interpretations, that it's original messages are no longer pure.


14-12-2006 04:04:43

If you have a look at the world’s history, you’ll find that the Christ tale has been told at least three times prior to the bible - every time with a different character but still, more or less the same story. Also paper was not so readily available prior to the time the bible was written and thus the recordings of the previous versions of the same story were not available to all - but did survive. The coming of Christ has been anticipated more than 1000 times in man's history, yet absolutely nothing came from it. Every time the people involved in this "coming" either commit suicide or kill each other because they cannot face the idea of being wrong. All religions preach right and wrong for without the fear of the devil (bad), Christ (good) has no meaning.

If you cannot see that people (not your idea of God) supply everything you need, your attempt to keep your illusion of God alive might cost you your happiness and joy. All are integral parts of one thing, which cannot exist outside existence and that makes us all God.

Thus I send you love and peace and if you have a moment take someone’s hand and thank them for what they have given you - for you will give thanks to yourself and in turn us all.


04-01-2007 18:03:07

All are integral parts of one thing, which cannot exist outside existence and that makes us all God.

Please explain further. I guess I am stuck on exist ourside existence. Help me understand

Thanks in advance


05-01-2007 09:13:52

Everything in existence and yet to come into existence is source. For anything to exist it must be source - either realized or still on it's way to realization. To experience source (not thinking, reading, knowing or talking etc. - which by the way would be the most limiting idea of source anyway), the mind (thought, language etc.) must become completely silenced (the emptiness before thought - where thought are formed) while the will are focused on the HERE AND NOW! (meditation)

Once you experience source, the first view of the complete coin becomes available - hence your first discovery that neither side of the coin can be good or evil. Both sides exist in harmony with one another (COMPLETE) and by stepping out of your mind towards your senses your experience of source will compel you to experience more of the greatness we are. For all problems are not the way source happens, but the opinion (thoughts, words etc) of what the observer think happens.

The most practical example, bearing in mind the limitation of language - i.e. words just describing words (not real life) is as follow Imagine everything in existence exist within a massive round ball. The ball stands completely still but everything (energy and intelligence) within the ball sense (experience) the time and space within the ball as unique and independent of everything else. It's thus easy to see that everything is dependent on the ball and cannot exist outside of the ball since it is the ball. Thus All (substance within the ball) are integral parts of the thing (the ball), which cannot exist outside existence (the ball) and that makes us all God (the ball).

Hope it helps - although I've experienced that I cannot transfer my experience of driving a bicycle through words to any other person or being. They have to drive the bicycle themselves to gain the experience, and no amount of words just describing words will bring about the experience.

Sell your knowledge and purchase bewilderment.

Love to all and remember everything will be OK!


23-01-2007 14:01:56


Being your initial question was

"Where does the Bible come into all of this. Our source provided us with this book that is very different than what many believe. I am just looking for some feedback on where you think the bible fits into all of these discussions."

The answer is, it doesn't. As "The Truth" answered previously, you either believe that Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and Savior and you live according to His commands or you don't. To deny Jesus, you choose eternal death. To choose Jesus, you are promised eternal life!

Satan is the ruler of this world. Those who don't follow Christ follow the enemy. New Age and many of the worldly religions (those that modify what the Bible says or deny what the Bible says) are Satans ploy to deceive and detract God's people away from God. How sad it is that so many believe a lie when the Truth is available to us all.

I continue to pray for this list. I, too, believed the lie of New Age for over a decade. Dyer and his teachings, along with Louise Hay, Jerry Jampolsky . .. were my breath. I am SO THANKFUL that the Lord opened by eyes up in 2002 to the Truth.

Do I think these New Age Leaders are intentionally trying to misguide folks? Absolutely not. They are misguided themselves and, unfortunately, have influence on many people due to their worldly position. God provided us with the Book on Life - the Bible; that's all anyone needs.

My prayer for you, Tarheelnut, and all those who have been deceived by the enemy's lie, will see the Truth and be witnesses for our Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ.

Love In Christ,


24-01-2007 04:00:28

My Dear Friend,

if you followed the discussion from the beginning you might have noticed that the bible, like most of the other "great" books are just views of writers on topics and people they deemed important or noteworthy. But these writes, like most of our population at best had a narrow view of not only the world but the world which they THINK exist.

To base your whole life on pieces of paper and ink that date to times when most of the people still believed that the world is flat (not to mention the tiny view of the universe and life as a whole) - already put your question into perspective. It would be like hanging garlic around your neck to cure AIDS, simply because the old grimoire that you found in your grandma's attic - SAID SO! It sounds great until you put it into practice and then your narrow view will become apparent and your lesson hopefully will be learned.

The attempt to "REASON" with our origins will eventually lead you to the path of opposites; god vs satan, good vs bad, up vs down etc. - a natural mental evolutionary process. But as time goes by and your views get tested, you will soon find that life is a series of views relative to where you stand and what you see. To make the matter a bit more complex, you don't even see what you look at, your mind see what it looks for - for your reasoning (thinking) is the limit of your experience. But when you find LOVE, not the love that you can explain or think, the LOVE that's unconditional, open and completely fill you with care and giving - LOVE from your heart not your head. Reason and all that made that limiting view so appealing - will not even be visible from the view of LOVE.

Thus, until you find your LOVE (your source), may your path reveal the LOVE we all are but which we think we cannot see.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change - and with a bit of respect for your brothers and sisters - you might just see that some people look upon Wayne Dyer like you do upon your God.

Source to Source, the circle never ends..


24-01-2007 11:24:40


I followed this discussion in its entirety. My response purposely avoided the many responses because my heart is not to argue, rather to provide, Tarheelnut, an answer to a very valid question.

Do not loose sight that I used to be where everyone on this list is spiritually. For well over a decade, I saw Dr. Dyer every time he came to my city. I applied all his teaching to my life and saw amazing miracles happen, repeatedly. However, in 2002 the Truth was revealed to me; that being that all the miracles that I witnessed in my life weren't because of Dr. Dyer, his teachings, or any other mortal man - it was because of Jesus Christ and the power God gave Him over 2,000 years ago, which was true then and will always be true.

When I was saved, the Lord put on my heart to share the Truth with Dr. Dyer. In 2004 I posted, on this discussion board, a letter to Dr. Dyer. Perhaps you, Jake, have seen it. The topic is "Jesus Christ" (http://wayne-dyer.inspiresyou.com/viewtopic.php?t=430&sid=aef9aad65f741817aadf31524f43ce1c).

Do you believe WWI took place? Do you believe Hitler existed and did what "pieces of paper" claim he did? If you do, why? They are just "pieces of paper". Interesting how we can pick and choose what WE want to believe. What a dangerous path to be on.

My prayer for you, Jake, and all those who continue to deny Christ is that before your expiration date on this earth comes, you will come to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. That you will get on and follow His path of Truth and Eternal Life.

May God awaken those of you who are asleep and help you see the Truth that is available to all!

In Him,


25-01-2007 04:27:46

Dear Friend,

why is it that people involved in religions ALWAYS have the need to be saved, as if the maker already created a problem and it's going to take a human to save or fix IT. Look around you - how big do you think is existence - this has been going on for eons and eons without one glitch, and now we need to be saved! Have a look at this YOUTUBE clip to put things into perspective

I can go on and on with the reasoning but the aim would only be to reason - thus pointless. If you are looking for someone to affirm your religious validity and correctness or even your truth - I can give it to you right here.. YOU ARE CORRECT! For every level of consciousness will find validity and conviction on that level of consciousness, but as experience showed, it is only valid for that being on that particular level of consciousness / evolution - hence the righteous conviction which we all experience sooner or later in life.

Only when I stopped singing the deadly song of right and wrong, could I understand that the same reasoning that made me feel so convinced about my beliefs and truths - kept me from Love, peace and joy. I choose peace rather than being right or wrong. Surrender is not a mental thing, it's an experience far greater than understanding or thought - we will all experience it in time, for I have not met anyone that were not aware of their greatness and LOVE - although they did not think so.



25-01-2007 15:26:06

Being saved means we are under Gods protection (when we are being obedient to His rules/commands) - what a tremendous blessing that is.

I will use an elementary analogy that my husband used with the children last night during our weekly Bible study. What would happen if there were no stop signs? Some answers were “there'd be lots of crashes”, “people would run us over”, “people wouldn't slow down”. Another question asked to the children was "what would happen if there were no police officers?" Some answers from the children were "there'd be lots of robbers”, “people would break in our house and not get in trouble”, “people would steel our stuff". Praise God for rules that keep us safe.

What are some good examples of what happens when God's law is denied? Let's think about the 60's, peace, love, lots of sex. What resulted from those folks who defiled the marriage bed? Their lives were ruined - they got VD and spread these diseases like wild fire. Another great example is drunkenness. God's Word does not say don't drink, it says do not get drunk. When people violate Gods law what happens? They become drunks; the world likes to call it a disease - alcoholism, but the reality is it's a direct consequence of not following the protection that has been established by God.

The point is that the Bible teaches us what we need to do to stay under Gods protection. When choose to engage in something that violates His commands we are choosing to not be under His protection, which means we subject ourselves to the consequences of this world that is ruled by Satan.

I continue to hope and pray for Dr. Dyer and this list. May the Lords hand open your eyes to the Truth that is in Christ and Christ alone.

Love in Christ,


26-01-2007 04:48:22


to make a long story short; Have you ever seen "satan" or "christ"? Thought so. The God you are referring to is amongst us, is us, is everything! Who supply you with money, food, clothes etc? PEOPLE - Not an imaginary figure sitting somewhere in "heaven" with a lightning bolt in the one hand and compassion in the other. From the previous post it is quite clear that you view source as a male farther figure that one needs to impress with loyalty and good deeds. Otherwise "His rules/commands" will be broken and "satan" will then complete the transaction.

The simplest view I can offer you is We are intelligence and energy. Thoughts are the smallest yet very significant unit of energy, once directed (focused upon) the energy expands and before you know it, it materialize (intelligence forms matter). Thus, if your thought are focused (directed) on elimination (bad, fear, anger, evil, satan etc.) you will soon find that your environment (the extension of your-self) reflects this energy and intelligence. The same happens when you focus your thoughts on things that elevate you - your environment reflects it and you become it.

So, at the end of the day - your environment equals your thoughts, which in turn equals your-self. To blame (just being lame) other, things or situations - will give you a temporary relief of responsibility but in the end - your thoughts will determine your how you see and experience your environment. Through meditation, one will find that thoughts can be silenced and in time one will come closer and closer to the place where thoughts are born (stopping all thought). When one reaches this point, all opposites disappear and the experience of completeness reveals absolute peace – experiencing the limitless perfector.

Although my attempt to put this experience into words, would be as futile as the attempt to explain the experience of riding a bicycle. I know that unconscious transcends duality and ultimately will make the difference when the time and place are ready.

Water will find its own level by its own weight...
I send you all LOVE and ENDLESS JOY.


26-01-2007 10:03:33

In answer to your question, yes I have seen Christ. He has revealed Himself to me three times. Ironically, the first time was when I was heavily into mantra meditation. I was in a deep meditative state and He revealed Himself. At the time it was very unsettling, as I was a New Ager, completely green Him (I was raised in an unbelieving home).

You noted "The God you are referring to is amongst us, is us, is everything!" This is Merriam-Webster’s definition of God "... who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe . . .” So you are saying that you are the creator and ruler of the universe, I am the creator and ruler of the universe, everyone is the creator and ruler of the universe? I don't see in the definition "creator(s), I see creator; meaning singular, not plural. There is one and only one Creator.

The Truth has been presented to you. My prayer will continue for those on this list that being for those who buy into this worldy, self worship state (the Biblically term idolatry) that you come to know Christ before your judgment day. There will be no excuses on judgment day as to why you put all your faith in yourSelf and why you called yourself God - what an abomination.

Love in Christ,

A final note I am done responding to you, Jake. I have done what Christ calls me to do - I have presented the Truth. It is now between you and God. Should He speak to you, may your ears be open and may you turn from your self worship.


29-01-2007 02:52:22

Thank god!!!