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19-03-2006 22:46:37

Hi! . I'm wondering how many people who write on this board are vegan as it is a very large part of my life and has taken my spiritual aspirations to new levels.
For many years I read many of Waynes books along with Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay etc ,etc. But it is hardly ever mentioned by these authors that to be truly without violence means abstaining from eating meat or dairy. It is fairly obvious that eating animal products does not enhance our health in any way and killing them is no different than killing a human for food.
I believe that to achieve peace in this world you have to extend that peace to ALL living creatures ,not just humans. The simple truth is that if you continue eating meat you are not really contributing to the critical mass needed to shift this planet to a new spiritual level and all that is happening is that the collective ego continues to have a grip on humanity.
People who are really serious about enlightenment and are still eating meat should do some study about the positive shift that will occur in their lives after switching to veganism. It will make a world of difference!!.

"If one is trying to practice meditation and is still eating meat ,he would be like a man closing his ears and shouting loudly ,and then asserting that he heard nothing "

"To become vegetarian is to step into the stream which leads to Nivarna"

"One is nearest to God who has no enemies among the living beings, who is nonviolent to all creatures"
Bhagavad Gita.

"We are all Gods creatures - that we pray to God for mercy and justice ,while we continue to eat the flesh of animals that are slaughtered on our account ,is not consistent."
Isaac Bashevis Singer.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


22-03-2006 13:58:45

I agree with you, the eating of animal products can have an effect on your ability to connect with your source.

You can also use Applied Kinesiology, popularized by one of Dr. Waynes favorite books Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins, to determine what foods are best for you immediately.

Do you know that there are foods that help you to connect to your source? I have recently been introduced to a new world of thought on Health and Nutrition. I had the wonderful oppurtunity of learning at the knee of Dr. David Jubb. His life is currently centered around LifeFood. Simply put LifeFood is food with it's life-force still in tact. Meaning it is from nature the way creation intended it. A LifeFood diet consists of foods that can be found reproducing themselves naturally. And of course in order to preserve their nutritional perfection we leave them un-cooked.

LifeFoods feed your LightBody - Did you know that foods have energy fields? Of course they do, through kirlian photography they can be observed. When comparing the visible energy fields of Organic and Inorganic Produce we find that organics have considerably more "energy" than there conventional counterparts. This is the vital LifeForce your body needs in order to obtain higher states of living.

For more information about LifeFood feel free to contact me.
I am also currently offering Free LifeFood Coaching for those interested
in "getting on the path"


Also Martin,
Mind that your beliefs about what others are doing don't impede your progress. We are all on our paths headed home to the same place.


29-03-2006 01:22:23

Yeah - its a pumpkin . I'll be right over..........