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I finally got a new computer


18-03-2006 09:02:49

Got a chance to get a "business loan" (from a family member) and got a better camera, printer and computer.

Long ago, I used to try and use this board, but my small/old monitor wouldn't show the whole posts so I had to scroll back and forth to read them. I got discouraged reading here because of that. Also, I never could figure out where to post what, there are so many topics ! (but, I could probably get used to this).

Now I have a 17" monitor and can see the whole thing.

I remembered this board and put it in FAVORITES on my new computer.

It looks much better on a bigger screen! But, then, what doesn't (LOL)

I kept seeing deals from DELL, like upgrades in monitor size, every now and then they'd have a few days of a 19" monitor upgrade, but when I did it (when I could do it) it was back to a 17" again. But, given the space I have, on the old diningroom table, with the printer and stuff all around it, the 17" (flatscreen) is probably best.

It's better than my old 13" (old style) monitor. So, I'm appreciating this.

Only thing is, now I want to stay on the computer ALL THE TIME. I take pictures and do things with them in photoshop, and practice printing notecards and making screensavers. Practice, because I still don't have it right, printing (on cardstock) isn't as easy as it might sound. The right kind of picture and getting it bright and not flat/dull.

I'd also like to put words and affirmations on, but want to keep the inside of the card bare (for notes) and someone once said putting words on the pictures on the front, takes away from the pictures.

I have so many pictures to go through and affirmations to set up (and don't want to use copyrighted ones).

It's more organization than I'm used to. So, mainly I just do what comes to me, and spend hours on it, then feel guilty and rush around washing dishes, sweeping floors, makng the bed, etc. I get less interested in doing what I DON'T want to do. Maybe I need to align with it being done, anyway?

~ Carrie

chris knight

19-03-2006 19:02:18

Now I have a 17" monitor and can see the whole thing.


Yeah, this board looks much nicer on a larger monitor.

Glad to see you back!