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What inspires You?


15-03-2006 06:34:32

Hello Friends,

This is a follow-up to a post I made in another part of this forum...

I would like to know what inspires you...


Breathing inspires me.... I mean this quite literally.

If Breathing as Circulation or Respiration is stopped for more than just a few minutes life as we know it will cease to exist.

Just as a flame exists as Being ~ Burning; human beings exist as Being ~ Breathing. So You ARE Breathing - You are Being ~ Breathed (you are a process).

In this light you are inspired by Spirit - Spiritual Being is manifesting as You and IS You - You are its exhalation.

In his recent PBS special Dr Dyer spoke of the difference between motivation and inspiration as follows motivation is when you 'get hold' of an idea, and, inspiration is when an idea 'gets hold' of you... I like this distinction and definition because the simple fact of Being is that Spirit has got hold of You (You are its inspiration, you exist as its exhalation).

Thus you are already inspired yet your recognition of this fact is a matter of degree (the degree is determined by how well or to what extent you embrace this gift of life) ~ when you are inspired as Dr Dyer describes then you truly are a channel of Divine Being. And, since it already IS You - then your actions are magnificient because they are the actions that are aligned with, and are those of, Divine Being.

Yes, it is Giving and Receiving; Divine Being through its inspiration has given you its most precious gift Life Itself in its own imaqge and likeness ~ what you do with this gift is what you give away.

If you want some guidelines the 'Prayer of St Francis' is an excellent one...

Satyam, Shivam, Sundarum
(may your life be Blessed with That which is True, That which is Good, That which is Beautiful)


21-03-2006 09:12:33

This is fantastic James! I loved your post and I remain eternally grateful for Dyer for sharing his teachings with us. What a guy! wink


02-04-2006 06:29:53

Hi Cheekykid,

Thanks for your comment.

I feel that many would know what you described as 'being the only bird singing' yet I find that an understanding of where all the other birds are would inspire you to 'keep singing'...

As you can tell from my earlier post I say, 'Breathing literally inspires me'... it also inspires you as you are Being ~ Breathed...

In other words...

Spirit means 'to breathe'... you are the expression of Spirit - you are being breathed; you are its breath; you are the image and likeness of Spirit - thus you have the same attributes and abilities to express yourself as it does (it is like it is the ocean and you are a wave - the substance of both of you is water, so your essence is the same;

Don't believe that you are Being ~ Breathed? Hold Your Breath!

Please see the tremendous implications of this. It means that what most folks see as the most fundamental fact of life is perefctly baskwards - they feel that 'they are breathing'.

From what is said above you see that you are the same in kind as Spirit, yet you may be immensely different in degree (the degree depends on how well aligned your energies are with Spirit - a perfect alignment means no degree of separation.)

...And you have the ability to express yourself as it does...

So keep singing and if anything sing louder and clearer as celebration of the joy of Being.... the way Spirit does in all the wonders that you see in the UniVerse everywhere, everyway, everyday.. and especially when you look in a mirror.



02-04-2006 07:48:28

I am totally with you cheekykid...

The reality is that once we leave this sanctuary of love and light here in the wonderful wolrd of cyberspace, it gets very hard to find that sense of divine, especially when one is living right in the middle of an urban jungle where negativity can be very rampant, and in my case, living in one of the densest countries in the world, it can be a tad stressful...

Truth is ...IT AIN'T EASY..yea?

OK, so how can we overcome that? I offer no simple answer for I don't have all the answers myself but most of the time I switch off. Yup, call me your resident space cadet...and I know, I know, many will be saying, 'But hey, Jellster, isn't this like denying to yourself what's out there?' Well I say 'Nope..In fact I'm drowning out noise...'

Truth is...IT AIN'T EASY...to shut out the noise either...

I'm not trying to sound negative, I'm just trying to be as viable with my thoughts as possible. After all, majority of us live in polluted cities where breathing is hard to begin with, the dollar means everything and with people with astounding "Me first!" attitudes and to tell you frankly, your best bet is to move to the wilderness if you realllly want to seek out the divinity...NO! I'm not joking seriously. Nature will give you all the love you need. I mean we all can feel it...this way of living ain't right, and yet we silently continue to advocate it because 1) either we are too short-sighted to find another way or 2) we are simply afraid to try out a new way of living and to live life and I don't mean just moving in with 'George of the Jungle' here...I'm talking about a massive shift in consciousness here, one where we finally realise that in our Oneness we are actually destroying ourselves with these Starbucks, MTV, Microsoft, Forbes 500 lifestyle. It was great for a while...wonderful entertainment fodder for our minds but the story is...there shouldn't even be a story....

We have to accept simplicity into our lives and only then our divinity can really come through. When our minds are constantly racked and bombarded with information and our hearts constantly torn by lousy relationships which in turn come about from a very bombarded mind, it is VERY HARD to see the bliss....

We seriosuly need to de-complicate our lives, un-condition ourselves from our silly mind stories, over-materialistic values and probe straight through our vastness and only then I truly and passioantely feel we can become unconditional love in every sense....and I hope I get to see that day...CheerZ!


03-04-2006 01:08:10

Actually,what I meant was to simplify your life...simplify your desires not give them up. Once you simplify, the answers become clearer and you can focus on enriching your life, the QUALITY way not quantity.

Even if you decide to live out in cave land,you can still form relationships just up to you what quality they are...


03-04-2006 07:47:17

Hi Folks,

Life is Relationship. To be is to be related.

There are two 'living paths' to Peace and strictly speaking they are not 'paths' because Peace is the default way of being of what you already are; it manifests through you and is you.

One path is the 'path' of understanding. Ignorance and Enlgthenment are the opposing extremes of this path. Ignorance is lack of understanding - with ignorance there is the 'mental noise' called suffering; Enlightenment is to have understanding - with enlightenment there is shill pain yet there is not the 'mental noise' of suffering with it, because pain is understood as the signal that something is out of order and is disturbing the default Peace.

Ignorance and Enlightenment are the same in kind as they are both mental, yet as you see described above, they are very different in degree.

The other path is the 'path' of Love. Fear and Faith are the opposing extremes of this path. Fear is the mental response of self-preservation or self-defence when something threatens you; it is the mental activity that arises when circumstances threaten whatever you have defined yourself as being (this is Identity, the I-entity or ego). Faith is as St. Paul says 'the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen' ; it is mental space wherein fear has no place to take hold, 'mental noise' settles down and Peace reigns.

Fear and Faith are the same in kind as they are both mental yet they are very different in degree.

In this light it is clear that either and both 'living paths' are ways of being whereby the default condition of Peace is allowed to blossom (Peace is also known as Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, and many other names). It is the manifestation of a more profound intelligence, the Intelligence of Your Heart - its actions are always appropriate to the moment; it leaves nothing lacking and no residue.

Love is the Substance of Relationship; Relationship is the Substance of Love; the homeground of Love is the Intelligence of Your Heart.



17-04-2006 00:51:13

To Cheekykid's inspirational notes
Sometimes we meet people that are not yet aware of their Spiritual Worth and Connectio. Also, when you wish to honor their Divinity, they feel as we are sacrilegious for even thinking of Divinity in a human being... That is some concept that time ago I would have based on my religious upbringing... So, until this spiritual awareness resonates, our experience is based on our formal teachings of fundamental religions.
Namaste my friend...


27-05-2006 21:22:12

This quote from Doreen Virtue has given me meaning to the word inspiration. "The word inspire comes from the word Spirit, and means to "invite" or to "inhale" the Holy Spirit into your life and move you towards your creative and spiritual best. Many times I have gotten rushes of wonderful ideas, and fear and insecurity have shut me down, to move me no further than the first glimps of the idea. After much reading on the subject, I have come to believe, those are not just silly ideas flowing though my brain. They are my natural God given talents, I have a natural proclivity towards, showing themselves to me. I have an idea for a book and have for awhile. Useing my natural talent of art to teach people a manifesting technique. Having never written or published a book, I do wonder "how" this will come together. I have just started to give workshops on this subject, which have been flowing easy & effortlessly. And so I will walk forward in faith, knowing I will continue to be inspired by spirit, to be led to the right people & situations to fullfill my quest. When my fear kicks up, I say a gentle "shhhhhhhhhh" to myself/ego EDGEING GOD OUT...Don't know where I'm going exactly, but I am on my way, enjoying the journey. Taking baby steps sometimes two at a time. I'm working on getting out of my own way and letting inspiration flow through me... Peace, Lola


27-05-2006 22:12:27

I've been working hard according to what Dyer suggests and I entirely agree with his comments on inspiration. There is one thing that am having a discomfort with and that is that everytime I am in a state of inspiration and love, I always end up thinking how the majority of the world is and I kinda get dissapointed that I can't find many people who can recognise the divine in me as I do in them. It's like i cant find people who have a reasonable sense of love and peace in them rather than this sort of western world mentality of striving and competing all the time. I don't find pleasing to be the only bird singing in the forest ? and as a human I want/like human interaction though not people with negative energy. Am kinda getting in dead end. Does anyone else share the same feelings/thoughts with me?

Hi Cheekykid, The following is written with the intent of Love & Peace. When you continue to think and use words to discribe what you don't like and see about the human race, like "everytime", "always", "majority", "get dissapointed", "can't find many", "can't find people who", "western world mentality", "striving & competing all the time", "I don't find pleasing", "people with negative energy", "dead end". You will continue to see & draw those experiences towards and to you. The "Law of Attraction" states that which is liken unto it, is drawn. What you think about expands. You have gathered facts, evidence, stories to validate your stance, that have given you a belief. A belief is only a thought you have thought often and now has gathered momentum. A thought is only a thought and a thought can be changed. Do your self a big favor & Stop "if" you do being brainwashed watching T.V., the news & reading the newspaper This is a very limited, ment to capture your attention, negative view of our world. Stop telling your above story to yourself. Yesterday I picked up a young man with a gas can and a bag of cans on his way to the recycling center, to buy gas so he could finish a job and buy his family food for the week. Together with the cash he had in hand, he had a grand total of $4.36 I gave him $5.00 bucks, I just got let go, 2 weeks ago from my full time job. The world is filled with nice people who are all about Love & Peace. Ghandi said "Be the change you want to see in the world" When you live this way, you will see the world this way. Be the change you want to see! Yes I am sugjesting you put blinders on and keep the focus on you... Peace, Lola

Servant of God

14-06-2006 21:24:13

Hi,I just wanted to say that I think everyone has valid comments in refrence to what Cheekykid had wrote.But just wanted to add that I can totaly understand where you are comming from.I have gone through the exact same thing.It is definately not easy sometimes.If being enligtened was easy,everyone would do it. lol Think of yourself like an athlete.It takes training and discipline to gather all this information about our spirits,mind and body.Then ultimately put them into practice.But it does get easier if you train yourself well enough.I teach guitar and my students see me playing a difficult passage.Some of them say,you make it look easy.And it is easy now.But what they didn,t see was me practicing like crazy.And at times I wanted to through my Guitar out the window. lolAnd it's the same with this kind of stuff as well.So with that said.Stay the course,Keep er steady and God Speed with you all on this journey.Peace,Kareem


28-08-2006 18:29:49

I have heard it said that "inspiration" is being "in spirit". That is what I feel when I look at a beautiful sunset, a gentle rain, hear birds signing in the trees, or just walking on a beach, etc. Nature inspires me so much that I just get goose bumps. I love music (my husband is an entertainer) as well as good books but they don't quite give me that same feeling.

People who talk astrology say that earth signs (like me, I'm a Capricorn) are more earth connected. Perhaps that would explain my love of nature.

Peace and Joy,