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Immaculée Ilibagiza's Documentary Movie

chris knight

13-03-2006 06:56:29

Just read today

Twelve years ago, the horrific scenes of one of history’s most tragic events unfolded before the eyes of an innocent college girl visiting her family over Easter break. Immaculée Ilibagiza spent 90 days hiding in a preacher’s 3’x4’ bathroom with seven other women, listening to the stories of her family’s slaughter and country’s holocaust. Since then, she’s forgiven her killers, helped Rwandan women entrepreneurs rebuild their communities, and taught humans everywhere how to live side by side with hatred and love.

April 7, 2006, is the 12th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide; the story of one survivor, a beautiful and young, African Tutsi woman, is being told on paper and in film. Her autobiography, LEFT TO TELL, Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust, released March 2006. “The Diary of Immaculee,” a documentary based on this book, is being produced by three-time Academy Award nominees, Steve Kalafer and Peter LeDonne. (Visit www.diaryofimmaculee.com for details as well as video and photos.) The documentary is expected to debut sometime this spring.

This new documentary is based on this book [that Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote the forward to and was instrumental in bringing this book to market]

"Left To Tell Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust" by Immaculée Ilibagiza

About Immaculée Immaculée Ilibagiza grew up in paradise... But in 1994 her perfect world was ripped apart as Rwanda descended into a bloody genocide that killed a MILLION people including many of her closest family members. She survived and for 91 days, she and 7 other women huddled silently together to avoid the machete wielding killers that were hunting for her by name. If you've had your life touched by fear, suffering, or loss, go get and read this book today.

To Purchase The Book Via Amazon.com
Left To Tell Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust

To Purchase The Book from HayHouse


13-03-2006 19:24:13

I was really touched by Immaculee's story on the PBS special with Wayne Dyer. I have ordered his entire package, which includes her book, so I am really looking forward to reading the book.

Thanks for letting us know about the documentary!