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Wayne's new PBS Series - Inspiration - Your Ultimate Call


05-03-2006 13:39:00

The one they showed on our local channel (Sacramento, CA) was the taping we attended in San Francisco last November. I'm not sure if this is the one everyone sees.

Anyway, it was awesome to see the show! Almost as good as being there. I saw us in the audience a couple of times when Skye was singing.

They didn't show the part where he introduced his wife, Marcelene.


06-03-2006 03:11:30

I know I heard Dyer sa˙ on his HayHouse radio show a while ago that the divorce was off, or something to that effect. I don't remember which episode it was, just remember hearing him say it.

Good for them if it's true.


06-03-2006 04:21:15

So is Wayne Married to his Wife again? Or is he seeing her? So did he break up with Ellen? What's the story?
That's nice if he's married to his wife again. I hope Ellen is doing good and everything is going good with him and Wayne.


chris knight

06-03-2006 19:10:36

Thanks for mentioning this...

It's 658pm, I just got back from playing Racquetball... I went to my Tivo to tell it to go find any show on any channel with the keyword "WAYNE DYER" and it found the PBS Inspiration special that was on tonight at 7pm.

Wow, I was able to record it with 1 minute to spare.

- )

chris knight

06-03-2006 19:34:04

Did you record it with a dvd writer? could you pass your file to your pc and share it with an application? nobody seems to have it available and i dont think its illegal to share a copy with a friend lol

Yes, it is illegal to share it with a friend.

This is a black and white issue. Sorry.


08-03-2006 01:05:07

Hi, on the Yahoo tv guide it says the original airing was 1/28/06. I didn't realize it was on then. They must have only showed it once. I think Saturday was the first time they showed it permanantly and more of it. What do you think?



09-04-2006 14:49:08

The PBS Special which aired (twice) the weekend of January 28 was only shown in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and was the program (taping) we attended in San Francisco in November 2005. Unfortunately, we were in Florida that weekend and couldn't get anyone to tape it for us.


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19-04-2006 19:43:01



29-04-2006 18:47:55

Hi, I think as he said on the radio show that the Premiere showing which meant the show where they showed it all over was March 6. But I guess they showed it first on January 28 to this one location.
Also, I heard on the radio show that he talked about his former wife. So I don't know if he's still divorced or not.

I hope they show the special more in the future. They haven't been showing it as much. I know The Power of Intention PBS show was shown alot even I think up to this year.

Anyway, thanks.