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Are we getting too 'results' oriented?


22-02-2006 09:45:47

I'm reading a lot of threads here that are very 'results' oriented when it comes to putting Wayne's teachings into practise. I do feel though, there's more to Wayne's books than just manifesting desires in a very genie-in-a-bottle way. I truly feel that he is trying to show us our light and inner peace and through that the manifestations just come to you, without any real effort at all.

Am I getting the message right? for me, I personally see Wayne's books and CDs and messages as a call to arms for us to discover and generate inner peace and love so that this peace can be transmitted for everyone in the spirit of Oneness not just selfish desires. We deserve what we get of course and our mentality should be to enjoy Life in its highest form but let's remember to give, give, give to our fellow man and not lose out on having a connection to another and to experience a facet of this Oneness through our day-to-day activities with others in our Life.


forever young

22-02-2006 10:01:42

I couldn't have said it better myself! That is exactly what is needed to get these "results".

See my reply to "I have read and done everything". I just typed it and basically said just what you are saying! I never read any of this stuff. I came about it the other way around. It put a name on what I have discovered and has further strengthened me but I have been on this path. You can't press for "things" to happen or come into your life. It is with ease that good things will absolutely happen. Just know it with everything that you are and let go. It's that simple.




23-02-2006 13:51:53

Amen Jelly... I couldn't have said it better...and I mean really, I couldn't!


28-02-2006 01:27:43

haha! Well, I dunno...you have a different mind from me and your tongue probably wags differently from mine. Do you speak French? Maybe you could translate that post for me! lol

Could get lost in translation though... 8) wink


06-03-2006 10:31:03


I agree that of course we should not just be "results-oriented", but for me when we are walking with the true fullness of the Most High. There is no such thing as limitation. We are not limited beings, we are limitless beings. There should be no lack or struggle thereof in any area of our lives. Our lives should be perfectly aligned and balanced in all ways. We are here on this planet to help each other both spiritually and materially in our growth. I feel as if we should not have one without the other. This is not balance, this is not what God/Universe has intended for us. How do I know this? My soul tells me, my soul is telling me to go higher ask for more. Be ultimate, creative expression of God that I am. I have gone my entire life too afraid to ask for more, to be more because societys sees abundance associated with greed, lack of integrity, and evil. If your intentions are not aligned with the highest good for all and yourself, yes, this can be the result, but when we aligned our hearts, souls, our very being to God/Universe. All that we ask is already ours.

Right now, I am allowing the Most High to release me from a job that has caused me much sorrow in my heart, but I am also thankful for the experience because I have tapped into the hidden part of me that knows all things, that knows that I am moving forward and that I am all that God has created me to be. I am open to receiving, I am opening to giving, I am open to love. The inward journey I am learning right now is to speak my truth, and love myself as powerfully as God/Universe loves me.

Much love.