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I have read and done everything....


21-02-2006 07:13:26

I am new to the Discussion Board, and I need your assistance when it comes to manifesting monetary gain in my life. I have read the majority of metaphysical books. If you name it, I have read it. I have prayed, I have meditated, and I have cried and yelled. But I am still "stuck" in a job that is hurting my soul and I feel sad when I am unable to help my family and friends as I desire. It hurts because I KNOW there is a power within me to create the highest and best for myself and those around me, and I have prayed to the Most High to release all past traumatic situations (sexual abuse, physical abuse, death of both parents at a young age, etc), but I am still unable to get over the hurdle.

Yesterday, sadness and depression came upon me; but I thank the Most High for the peace that came to me and gave comfort to my soul. There are those around me who say, "It is going to take a while, we must suffer because Jesus suffered." In my heart and soul, I feel that I can have my heart's desires now and God does not have us to go through unnecessary pain. Since I know this and feel this, why isn't this manifesting in my life? Do I need to buy a Karma Releasing CD in order to let go of the past?

Right now, I am sitting at my work desk...praying and meditating for the day I am free from this job and all jobs so that I can help myself and others. My soul says the time is now.



21-02-2006 08:03:19

Thanks to your helpful information I found some more information on the AH meditation and the Ara Kara meditation (through an Affirmation Newsletter). Also, I checked out sivababa's website. I read an article on karma busting, and as I said the mantra I felt a release coming from my soul, tears springing to my ears, I feel better. I will continue to do this for release. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Is truly a real saying.

Many blessings to all to this forum! May all that you desire come to pass and for the highest good of all.


21-02-2006 11:46:44

Hi Freedom,

Why not help someone now? Behave as if what you desire is already in your life. Affirm that it is on the way. While you are waiting, your thoughts and emotions are on what is not here yet. If you can be of service to one person ( at your job) you will begin to feel better.


Craig AA52

forever young

22-02-2006 09:53:59

Freedom 99,

All I can say from my own experience is to just let it happen. I knew nothing of "manifesting" when my life turned around. What I did do though was "act" as though I had more and had better. I changed my outlook and attitude. In no time flat it seemed that the "right" people noticed me and amazing opportunities came my way. It took me a few years to understand the chain of events and for it all to click with me. So it wasn't like I read these books or went on these sites first. It was the other way around for me. For whatever reason I locked into that part of me and good things started happening. The job I was previously at before this one was very straining on me near the end. It was a big step up from where I came but just another step on my journey. The very day when I was at my absolute wits end I got a call from a head hunter about the job I am currently at!! The whole thing was almost surreal at the time and i couldn't help but think man this is some kind of sign!! In the weeks to come everything would change and I would never be the same again. I was a diehard atheist who had no time whatsoever for anything of the otherworldly.
I wish I could give you just the right answer here. I'll say this though, stop pressing and just allow things to unfold. You deserve better becasue you have decided you do. That's the first step. Love yourself unconditionally in every way. Do something today to improve yourself physically like eat better and excersise. Something to improve yourself mentally like read up on something new and something spiritual like doing something nice just for the heck of it. Allow it to happen and it will. But try to stop thinking about what you don't like in your life. This will only bring more of it.




02-03-2006 07:35:27

Take Wayne's manifesting teachings with a grain of salt and start using your own inner guide, intuition, but also logic.

For a fast and immediate relief from past sufferings, I recommend you read "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie. www.thework.org

Pain and mental suffering that you've carried for years can be unraveled in seconds by using her simple, free method. Of course, you might try seeing a good therapist too.

2 other things have helped me

Volunteer your services. Nothing makes a person out of depression and self-absorbtion like helping someone else in worse shape. Your local hospital needs volunteers. The homeless shelters often have programs...what is your specialty, and can you offer it? It can be something as simple as your quiet presence and a listening ear...

Wayne Dyer is a good teacher, but he has also given me bad advice before, and some of his teachings are contradictory. All gurus and teachers should not be praised without using your head and asking if what they teach works for YOU and makes sense to you. Be your own guru. Good luck!


06-03-2006 10:11:48

thank you everyone who has commented to my posting. I really appreciate the encouragement. It is Monday (I am still on this job--I am saying prayers & meditating during my breaks in order to stay positive). I recently got a negative response from a resume' I set out and I was over-qualified for the position, but you know how the rejection letters go. I am doing my best to not take it personal, and just because they did not see an adequate worker I am, does not mean others will see my the same way. I am blessed and I know that what the Most High has for me goes beyond menial jobs.

The desires of heart manifest into fruition right now. I know there is no delay in my request. I trust and know that it is done.


06-03-2006 10:19:33

Also, it is my intention to leave this job before the week is over. (Actually, I have been setting a specific date, but it always passes by. What am I doing wrong in that regard? I know that God loves me and does not intend for me to be hurt or miserable, should I just leave this job? I am waiting until I truly know for sure this is what God wants me to do. Maybe it is, but I have just not left). I know this sounds very soon, but I have been miserable on this job for a year, and my heart cannot take it anymore. I have alot of sorrow in my heart. I am using the Karma Busting CD-mantra to help me with this, as well as, the Meditations for Manifesting CD.

I am trusting God that I have been guided to these CDS and books to help me to move forward freely and fully into the Divine life that has been created for me. I am trusting.........


18-03-2006 08:32:37

I could have written this post (and probably have in the past)

Books, tapes, writing about it, looking for "results" getting discouraged by not seeing them. I'd think "I should be doing something but I don't know what!" (an affirmation in itself)

It still seems like "just one more book and tape....." (I ordered Wayne's newest book about purpose, after seeing the PBS special, but it hasn't come yet)

I don't think it's so much the actual words but the feelings we get from them. Feeling peaceful and connected to Source, trusting.

What I've found (in only small ways so far, AS I'm able to remember and do it) it's the letting go part that works. At least for me. When I put on music, and/or do something I feel good about (which is a lot computer art/photography, etc) things work out better. If I sit and watch and wait I don't see it.

The idea "if you wait to see it before you believe it, you'll never see it".

Just telling myself "I'm not going to think about it, it will all work out" and putting my mind on something that feels better. And it does work out.

Just a matter of doing it. And I sometimes get depressed because it seems it's been so long I've been doing this! Trying to find a better way.

But, all we really have is NOW.

~ Carrie


22-03-2006 14:18:38

Miss Freedom,
My heart goes out to you, many are "stuck" in their lives. You however have the wisdom and foresight to know that you want something different. But this requires Change. Trust your instincts and inner guide, if you feel uncomfortable in any situation, get out of it.

God gave you those feelings so that he doesn't have to tell you "exactly what to do" everyday.

Walk with Faith to your supervisor and say, Thank you for this learning oppurtunity, This situation and I have outgrown each other. I will no longer be interested in your employment services. Goodbye.

Remember Stress, Fear, Tension or otherwise are only a lack of Faith.
Faith is a verb, do it. Act with it as your allie. This universe is conspiring so that you may emminate it's Love, Beauty and Peace.

Release the ego thoughts that are keeping you in that desk at work, once you walk away from them you will gain more strength.

You've obviously done enough research, homework and soul searching.
Resolve Now in this moment to ACTIVELY seek all things that serve common good.

NOW, Just Do it!


08-04-2006 19:52:44

The Law of Attraction is crucial in getting what you want in life.

What are you attracting? Whatever it is, it is what you are focusing on.

Are you constantly thinking about lack? Focus your thoughts on abundance.

Do what the others have suggested. Volunteer. Know that you have much to give to others.

Think abundance!


09-04-2006 20:05:52

Cheeky, I think your example of an earthquake is somewhat different than what I had in mind.

We are only able to control ourselves, our thoughts. I don't think we have control over acts of nature/God. Our thoughts can determine our own world/environment. When I say world, I don't mean on a global sense but rather our individual environment.

I hope that helps clarify things.


11-04-2006 11:15:28

Did you read Inspiration?


17-04-2006 13:18:06

I got this link from an email from Jack Canfield's website...


It's all about visualization, believing and making things happen. You can catch a 3 minute trailer or order the dvd. I opted for both. This is an amazing film...it's more documentary than movie.

This more than anything I've ever read, seen or attended explains how to manifest your dreams.



04-06-2006 11:08:43

Hi freedom, I can only hope that all these months later you have found safe passage to your bliss. We are all as unique as our individual finger prints. Altho I believe we all on the same spiritual journey, no 2 paths are ever the same. 2 people can read the same book, one can feel spiritual fed the other malnurished. The Law Of Attraction states "That which is liken unto itself is drawn" "What we think about expands" Every thought we think, every word we utter is affirming the flavor of every future moment we will live. A lifetime of negative thoughts gathers an emotional momentum and with effort, comitment, diligence, consistancy, of reeling oneself back in with positive affirmations and self talk, not "how it is" but "how you want it to be" a shift will take place. I have learned tho, it is much more than just saying/thinking positive words, it is the emotional vibration of those words. Ya can't focus and be thinking a few "I love and adore myself" and then follow with an abundance of "I can't stand myself" thoughts. What Turned my life & thoughts around was in Febuary of 2005 finding and practicing the message of Abraham. For most of this last year I would tell myself a loud "NO" when my thoughts headed towards the negative. It was helpful for me, a place to start. To bring myself back to the light. Somewhere along the line I recently found this more loving and peaceful action. I say a gentle "SHHHHHHHH" as I sooth myself back into alignment with my true self. I have gathered a set of emotional tools that work for me now. My whole goal in life is "I want to feel good" without feeling good I am of no use to myself or anyone else. I have come to believe being selfcentered is a very good thing. If the whole world made their own personal happiness a goal rather than looking outside themselves, to someone else to fill that need "Oh what a wonderful place this would be indeed. We all have stories, facts, reality, beliefs that will at times keep drawing us back and if not ourselves T.V. well meaning or not so well meaning friends & family can get you off track too. If you haven't been introduced to the teachings of Abraham Go to www.abraham.com you can download a free CD. I wish you well. Peace, Lola

Blind Squirrel

04-06-2006 14:03:59

that should be www.abraham-hicks.com

Even though the info at the other site was interesting if you are a businessperson, I'm sure that's not what you had in mind.


04-06-2006 15:17:13

Thank you for the correction...you are correct! Peace, Lola


09-06-2006 23:14:05

I recently just found out about the following book and to me it offers the simplest way to manifest the things you want in life.

I am pasting the following information that I found on www.certainmen.com. This website belongs to Venus Andrecht who is also a host on hayhouseradio.com

I hope others find this helpful.

"IT WORKS," by RHJ published by Devorss & Company.
A teensy booklet.

A. Write a list of everything you want. Go the limit, use detail.
B. Change the list daily, adding to it, taking away, whatever.

1. Read the list 3 times a day, morning, noon and night.
2. Think of what you want as often as possible.
3. Do not talk to anyone about your list or desires.

When it begins to work and you can't believe it....instead of saying 'oh, it's coincidence.." say Thank You. Feel gratitude and that brings more.

Wish for only the best for all concerned.

SG in TN

25-06-2006 00:40:20

It is 1230 am and I am freaking out. I am new to this whole "philosophy" but I think it is great and in the past month and a half or so I have seen it work wonders. But now I find myself on a deadline....I teach and direct music and theatre and am starting a big camp 2 wks. from Monday. OK I use the word big because that is what it is supposed to be. I need about 12 people officialy signed up and ready to go. Any less than 12 and I will not be able to put on this production. Right now I have 6 definates and a "maybe" or 2. I am trying to do all the things I have been reading about but I also know it takes time and patience....Time and patience are things I am running out of.
Now I have said OK what do I really want...to put on a great show or to make a lot of money which goes along with that...Well both but if I have to chose...I chose quality work because this is my life's ambition. However, I do need money to survive the summer. My true wishes are to be at peace with myself and GOD!!!! It will just be harder if I fail at my job and can not pay my bills. So what do you do when you are on a deadline. I am my own worst enemy because all the doubts I have ever had are creeping in probably stopping me right in my own tracks. Please someone send some advise. I have had great success doing this kind of work before but this is my first summer in a new area...I know it won't be the end of the world if I fail but it will devestating to me...HELP


26-06-2006 17:51:53

SG-- In addition to asking for what you want and visualizing it, what else are you doing to put yourself in front of the answer?

Are you out there asking people to join your group? Have you tapped all your sources? Does everyone you know ..know about your need? Have you asked the 6 you have if they know others who would want to participate?

Brainstorm, list everything you can possibly think of. And most of all, don't give up!

All the best,

SG in TN

26-06-2006 17:58:08

Hey Rowe111,
Great advise and thank you for responding. Today, I actually decided to do exactly what you suggested. I decided I would do everything I can and then leave the rest in God's hands. It was either that or continue to drive myself crazy. Already, I feel a sence of peace. I will let you know how it all works out. Thanks again,


26-06-2006 18:10:53

SG-- I have sent you a Private Message with my email address. I don't make it back here for months but I would love to hear how things work for you.

All the best,


21-07-2006 10:56:31

Dear freeedom

The power of co creation is not thinking or obsessing about the bad than trying to rid it of your life through prayer. Understand that we all go through pain but it is how it is handled and refiltered into your life. I have an autistic son who is now 6 and is behind most of his peers. Instead of praying for him to get better I learned to listen to his needs and develop an understnading that it is OK for him to be this way - I cherish the fact that God gave him to me and that I am able to look into the future and see a happy ending. But it is the way you think. Think now not yesterday - I know it is tough but as a person who understands your pain - I was also sexually abused, you must learn to forget, as tough as it is, the past and redevelop your future. What I do is when my mind wanders I think of the less fortunate and pray for them to find their source. You are the one who changes it doesn't just happen - you grow stronger through meditation and prayer and build each day toward a stronger and lasting relationship with your source. I look at it like the old saying of - if it were easy everyone would do it. Please do not look at life like what is in it for me but rather what is available for me to do.

Peace be with you and keep going - it isn't what happens but how you handle the ups and downs of daily life.


24-07-2006 12:05:31

Dearest Freedom & John

What great advice you gave Freedom. I too have a daughter with Autism she is 7 years old and the greatest gift to our family.

I try at every moment to focus on the postive and good. Appreciate even the smallest of goodness because that is how you work your way back to "The Source". Once you start it is effortless.

The rewards for this process do not alway turn out the way you thought it should because the path becomes a joint one with God. Rid yourself of any doubt and let God lead.

I bid peace to your beautiful soul.


SG in TN

03-08-2006 21:32:25

Hey Rowe,
I lost your E-mail address. I hope you get this. Thank you again for your words of advise. As I had said I needed 12 people to put on the production I was scheduled to do and only had 6. Well I did exactly what you said...tried to put myself in the solution. Then I did try thinking from the end first. I also tried to believe that everyone and everything I needed to do this was already "here".
Anyway. I didn't wind up with the 12 people I needed....I got 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was an awesome 2 weeks. The kids had a great camp and put on a great show. I already have several people signed up for my classes that start in a few weeks and with the exception of being bored to tears while I am in between projects...All is great!!!
Thanks again,
Hope all is well with you,


04-08-2006 07:56:10

Hey Susan, wow! I knew you had it in you. It really is amazing what one can do when you put your heart into it.

I'll send you a PM with my email address so in case neither of us make it back here in a while we can still keep in touch.



15-08-2006 09:46:12

I love the name Freedom, awesome.

Just drop the I's and ME's and accept what IS !

Manifestion does not come from the EGO.

Be FREE from fragmentation + attachments (money, things). GIVE IT AWAY.

The more you give away, the better you will feel.