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12-01-2006 10:41:09

I attended DWD lecture in Phila. PA this last year.

Unless I misunderstood him, I thought he said he was spending a year in Rwanda.

Hay House put out his "INSPIRATION" lecture tour.

Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling
Get Ready for the Most Profound Experience of Your Life!

Date April 21, 2006 - October 28, 2006
Sponsored by Hay House
Location United States Tour & Toronto, see below

Discover what inspires you and live your life with true passion and on purpose!

Toronto, ON 4/21/06 Toronto

Las Vegas, NV 5/5/06 Las Vegas

San Francisco, CA 5/11/06 San Francisco

Los Angeles, CA 5/13/06 Los Angeles

Chicago, IL 5/15/06 Chicago

New York, NY 5/16/06 New York

Orlando, FL 10/28/06 Orlando

Anyone have any updates.

chris knight

22-02-2006 15:21:00

Unless I misunderstood him, I thought he said he was spending a year in Rwanda.

I can imagine why... (even though I'm not sure how long he spent there)

Have you read the new book by Immaculee Ilibagiza?

DWD wrote the forward to her book about the Rwandan Holocaust.

I picked it up and could not put it down and I don't even read books like this.


10-03-2006 09:15:10

Immaculee Ilibagiza was by far the highlight of that nights lecture, on 8/27/05, in Philadelphia.

I saw part of the new PBS special, talk about synchronicity, it happened to be when DWD was discussing Ryan's well. Which by the way was a great documentary on 'the SPIRITUAL CINEMA CIRCLE'. And then Ms. Ilibagiza was introduced and walked up on stage to talk.

On the night of 8/27/05 in Philly, she spoke for about a half hour or more, and DWD was standing on the side, just like on the PBS special, and he kept walking closer and closer until she realized her time was up.
It looks like they have the timing down.

For me it seems that DWD has lost some steam (or interest), but not totatlly. DWD has been a great inspiration and a portal to a whole new universe, he has led me to some paths I would not have ventured on.
Much like his favorite poem by Robert Frost.

And "I AM" very greatful for that.