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Music calms the savage beast

Servant of God

08-01-2006 20:47:44

Hi.I absolutely love music!It is such an integral part of my life.I am a guitar player an I teach guitar for a living.For me music and spirituality go hand and hand.I love all types of music from Rock,Jazz,Blues,Funk,Classical and world music.My favorite musician is a Guitar player named Steve Vai.He plays instrumental guitar music.He wrote a song called "For The Love of God".This song has inspired me on so many levels.Would anyone else like to share their love of music and who and what they like.I would love to hear from Y'all,Peace,Kareem D


22-01-2006 19:17:36


I would go along with that, as a fellow guitar teacher... I think playing any instrument, or creating any art for that matter, is a very spiritual thing..