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Getting rid of old habits

Servant of God

06-01-2006 18:51:09

Hi,I am having a bit of trouble quiting smoking.I have made several attempts but wind up doing it again.Does anyone else have the same problem?I do my Meditations but not as often as I would like to.I have 2 small children both under the age of 2.I spend alot of time taking care of them and there definately are not enough hours during the day.One of them is up every 2 hours.So I don't get much sleep either.Any suggestions on any of these issues?Thanks,Kareem

forever young

14-02-2006 10:27:39

Well SOG that is a tough one because it is so personal. It's one of those things that you can't "make" anyone else do. I could type till my fingers are numb but it won't help you quit if you aren't ready.

For me I just got sick and tired of it. I didn't feel the way I wanted too and I was frequently congested and came down with bronchitus every year at least once. I too tried more than once failing to get it done. I think it kind of came down to wanting to be in control myself. I got it in my head and my whole being that I wasn't going to smoke anymore and that was it. That nothing externally could possibly make me put one in my mouth and light it. I told everone who had ears that I was DONE with it. I was met with "you'll never make it!!" or "you'll go back eventually!" . This only fueled me more. It has now been almost 18 years since the last drag. I don't miss it but it is forever ingrained in my being and I think of it often. Proof of just how insidious an addiction it is. Never has there been a drug that does so little and harms so many. I mean it's not even like it gets you high or anything. A smoker explained it better to me than anyone ever has. He said you NEED that cigarette to take away the uneasy stressful feeling that not having one creates!! So the stress that a smoker is alleviating is caused by nicotine in the first place!!!! Get the stuff out of your system, make the committment to treat your body better and soon that stressful uneasy feeling will be gone for good.

Only you can come to this for you. But it is ALL in the mind. If I can quit, anyone can quit. The only thing stopping you is you.
BTW in those 18 years I have seen many people close to me become very ill as a result of smoking. Most of the smokers in my life that were the adults when I was a kid are dead from lung cancer. Yes almost all of them. I have a friend that is on oxygen at 42! For what I ask????

Good luck and go for it while you have a chance!!


23-02-2006 07:12:00

Well, you could say I'm in the same boat. I wasn't a heavy smoker to begin with...but during my wild college days, at clubs I would finish a pack in a couple of hours then go without for a couple of days...In 2001 I made a serious decision to quit after having been a light smoker since 1996. I was doing good till last October when I picked it up again. I quit more than a month ago but yesterday I lighted one cigarette up.

I tend to have a weak will at times when it comes to this so while most of the time I've relied on sheer will and meditation and spiritual practises, I do have moods when I go and light up one.

You and I seriously need to quit. That's all I can say! lol I'm trying to take it day by day and not even think about it and when I do, I get real good at it that the time flies and you didn't know it.

One of the best ways that have helped me out is to stay away from situations that tempt me to smoke and to stay away from other heavy smokers as well and find focus on other more interesting things that make you happy. GOOOOOOD LUCK and let us know how it goes yea?


23-02-2006 13:49:44

I've been off smokes now for over 5 weeks! I'm using the aid of a Nicotine Patch and it really does help the physical part of the addiction. However, on the psychological side I decided to utilize the Power of Intention. For years I kept telling myself, "you should really quit, this isn't healthy". But I realized something, if I was really concerned about the effects of smoking I wouldn't have started in the first place. Yes, it's true; you only quit if you want to. But I decided to try some of Dr. Dyers techniques. I look at it this way. God put my eternal spirit inside this body. I do my best to align my spirit the Source every day of my life! But by smoking I was defiling the outside while the inside was healthy. It just didn't seem to jive! Ya know? I mean we should practice being the kind of people we want to attract. I just think that I can attract a lot more people, if my outside matches the inspired 'inside'. I realize that our physical bodies are just vessels, but God put my spirit in here so the least I can do is treat it with respect. Since I've taken this attitude I do find it easier to resist temptations.


07-03-2006 08:19:40

I do not condone smoking, however I was a little surprised that Wayne in is favor of the bans that come up as I read in his newest book.
He seems to have changed his view concerning this kind of thing at least from what I gathered in reading his earlier books concerning how to treat people who drink alcohol or smoke no differently than others.

Personally, I find some difficulties in drawing consistently in clubs in towns with smoking bans and friends who work in bars have complained about less clientele and income.

That is the only reason I mention it. I do not think these are good laws to be imposed by the government for every kind of business. I have seen smokers treated in ways that put me in mind of other discriminations we have tried to overturn in this country.

I know many will not agree (concerning the bans) but on this one I am not depending on "the good opinion of others" wink

However, dropping the smoking habit personally is an excellent choice to make.