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an interesting health report...


05-01-2006 21:44:53

The title is...

How To Slow Down, Stop,
And Even Reverse The Aging Process
And Regain And Increase All The Youthful Energy,
Vitality And Sexual Passion You Once Enjoyed!

I read it and find it a very interesting discovery.. apparently it was discovered by Dave Kekich, who has been paralyzed from the chest down for 21-years due to a freak occurrence which happened to him in a gym in Redondo Beach, California. Dave wants his life back and he wants to live forever. Accordingly, he has made himself a multi-millionaire and devotes all his energy to health and longevity research.

And it was said that some of the secrets he has uncovered are unknown to nearly 100% of American doctors.

i want to post the report here but i think its far too long to be readable in forum format...anyway here's the PDF format. (i scanned it with my latest norton..no virus but to be safe-scan it again and report if any virus found)

Anyway i've uploaded it here...