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Just thought I'd keep you up to date on my progress.


05-01-2006 01:55:35

Hi, just thought I'd keep you up to date on my progress. I've been meditating to manifest for a while. At present, I still haven't been able to manifest what I've been trying to meditate for. I guess you can say for me that 2005 was a year that I seemed to not have been able to manifest for some reason. But I keep meditating the meditating for manifesting.

I've also started doing self hypnosis to try and help myself. And I've started doing the Sedona method again. I originally took the course in May 1991. But kind of dropped it after I wasn't sure I was on top of it and maybe felt overwhelmed. But I'm trying it again. I'll try and keep you up to date if I make progress.

Take care.


05-01-2006 02:07:59

I guess you can say I'm putting my meditating in the background more while trying more techniques at a subconscious level such as using self hypnosis and The Sedona Method. I'm trying new techniques since at present my following the Meditations or Flowdreaming or other type of New Age techniques isn't at present really helping me get the main thing I'm trying to manifest. But I'll keep meditating and maybe one day this will come.

Anyway, take care.

Servant of God

06-01-2006 18:43:18

Hey Dude,Just wondering what your dreams are like.I can suggest some useful techniques for dreaming if you are interested.Peace,K


13-01-2006 20:29:27

I'm in! Let's hear it servant of God!


01-02-2006 21:51:31

So far, I've stopped meditating. It's just been so frustrating. I'll just say it. I was trying to get a job and I meditated maybe for a month and a half or longer and nothing basically happened. It's so disappointing that I had so much self confidence in my ability to manifest things and yet I wasn't able to manifest this. Very disappointing. I guess I'll stop meditating for a while and maybe try it again in the future. I know you can't force things, but it's still very disappointing the lack of me being able to manifest this. I've been out of work for some time, and it's frustrating. In December 2004 I had so much confidence in my ability to manifest things since what I had meditated on seemed to occur. Like I meditated on trying to understand my trade school work and graduate, and I did. I also seemed to manifest a girl. I had been manifesting for around the 15th or 16th day, the time Wayne says you should try it for. And all of a sudden this girl comes visit the school I was attending. That was way incredible in my view point. I also was having trouble understanding techniques in my trade school. So I meditated on understanding it and graduating. And guess what I finally did in 2005. So again, it's just so frustrating that I had confidence I could manifest things and now that confidence is kind of in pieces. But I'll try again possibly in the future again.

In the mean time, I'm now doing the Sedona Method. And from my perspective after reading the book and buying the CD's, I feel more in control and more confident to start trying and getting things started again. So in that respects, I'm pleased. I also am doing the Potential's Unlimited Hypnosis Cd.

Thanks for reading.


02-02-2006 03:40:28

Hi J-gogo!

I think I know what you're going through. It's sometimes our expectations that kill a lot of the stuff we most desire, know what I mean?

I mean, I'm no angel myself if you compare me to the ideal of perfection because I have my bad days too when the energies are low and meditation doesn't come easy. Worse still, nothing manifests! That's a bummer so I totally understand why you would feel betrayed (for lack of a better word) by Japa meditation.

There's no answer really except to keep focusing on the dreams and in the process having feelings of 'becoming' that dream. I know Wayne has written in many articles and books that in order to manifest one has to envision the desire from the end. So for example, if you desire to be a bank manager, you would envision yourself doing what a bank manager does...making firm decisions, dressing up in a 3-piece suit and acting like one, know what I mean?

Another way of manifesting is to do other things besides meditation to affirm your desires. Write your desires in a journal repeatedly everyday. Paste pictures of what you'd like in your life in it as well. These visual representations could work.

And if all else fails, do what I normally do...GIVE IT UP!!!! LOL!

Yeah, seriously!

Because if you put all your eggs in the basket, you're focusing on the lack of it in your life. Let Life work for you. Let it gooooo.....Don't put too much attachment to anything or anyone because you are already ALL OF IT. Since you are already the ALL OF IT...what's there to crave anymore? You are already abundant, already the all-powerful....just relax and go with the flow....you will KNOW when the time is ripe to facilitate the process of manifesting your desires.... D Let us know how it goes OK? We're with ya!!!! Hugs, Jelly


03-02-2006 05:37:59

Jellyfarm or anyone, I've got a question. In terms of meditating for manifesting, How long should you do it to manifest a goal? I mean if you have been meditating for 2 months and nothing happens, should you just kind of back off a little? or should you continue for 6 months or a year? Do you know what I mean? I meditated on this for around 2 months possibly almost every day except maybe 2 or 3 days. And nothing came of it. Should I have just kept meditating for a couple or more months? a year? When do you know you should stop when you don't see things showing up?


P.S. Possibly I was trying to hard to meditate this thing, so maybe that's why it didn't show up.



03-02-2006 12:30:01

JK...I humbly observe that you have not truly absorbed the depth of the words in my post...No one can tell you on average how long it takes for something to manifest. You are treating your meditations with great dishonour and not to mention yourself and your ability to manifest.

This is not a Universe that works like the machines of a multi-national company where profits and targets are priorities. The Universe doesn't work that way. It only works when you quiet your mind and tell it get lost...yes, seriously. lol

That's what I meant by let go. Once you've broken out of the prison of your mind-ego, you align yourself to the synchronicities of the Universe. You open your eyes. Besides, you are making another BIG mistake The Universe doesn't work on time frames. Space and time are conceptualisations of the Mind-Ego. They do not define how the Source works which is much, much bigger than that.

You're struggling my friend. There's panic and desperation everywhere. Your post reeks of it and I can bluntly tell you that if you place such petty demands on the Universe and dwell on 'targets' and 'time frames', you are not going to go far my friend. Think about it...

I come to you today not as a student but as a teacher....


03-02-2006 16:11:41

I haven't taken the time to meditate although I thoroughly intend on making it an integral part of my life. I find peace in total acceptance. There are plenty of wonderful things in life I wish to manifest. And I pray about each and everyone of them. This is tough to put into words. I guess I really gave up my needs and more or less concentrate on my purpose. Now when I say needs I don't mean giving up on eating, playing music, making love or things like that. I mean the need to always be right...the need to feel like I'm accomplishing something...the need to feel like I'm always planning for my future...things like that. I have my own radio production company and I also counsel business owners on radio advertising. I wake up and think, "God I intend to have a positive effect on as many people as I can today! Work through me!" Never do I worry about tomorrow. In terms of manifesting my desires? Well my desires are simply this; TO ALWAYS BE HAPPY DOING WHATEVER IT IS I'M DOING AT THE TIME. Yes of course thoughts come into my mind like, 'I'd really like a new lawn mower'...'I'd really love to go to Europe next year'... 'I wish I could make more money so my wife didn't have to work so hard'... but I know if those are to be a part of my future and I need them, they will appear in my life. I mean, I truly believe anything we need already exists! In my opinion, manifesting starts with acceptance. It continues with letting go of the ego. It finishes with co-creation... me and God. Does that make sense? I'm kind of rambling... wink


06-02-2006 00:51:57

Jellyfarm, so you're saying I should just meditate without any concepts of time? You think that I'm placing restriction on my meditations for manifesting because in the back of my mind I am thinking about time or how long I've been meditating?

When you say I should quiet the mind, I do that when I meditate. I try only to think of what I'm trying to manifest and the end result and feelings that accompany them. I thought I was doing that and not using my ego when I meditated. I don't try and think negatively or have time limitations when I meditate. I'm kind of confused what you are telling me I should do. I thought I was quieting the mind.

All I'm asking is if I don't place any time limits, you're saying I should just meditate without thinking about any time limits. So even if I have to meditate for a year or 2, who cares, just meditate and quiet the mind, right?



06-02-2006 00:56:01

To Clarify my question Jelllyfarm, you're saying I should have no limitations or even be thinking about placing time restrictions on what I'm trying to manifest. And you're saying even if I medtiate for a year or 2 on what I'm trying to manifest, then do it. But don't even think about how it shows up or when it should show up.

That's what I'm trying to get answered, just meditate without ego and without thinking or placing demands or time restrictions, even if it takes a year or 2 or 3 to show up. Correct?



14-02-2006 23:06:43

Hi, it seems no one really seems to be able to clarify this point to me. Maybe I'll get an answer some time.