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Hi, I've questions for Meditation for Manifesting CD.


19-12-2005 22:01:15

Hi, I've got questions about how to use the "Meditations for Manifesting" CD. On this CD he has affirmations on the second half of the CD. Do you listen to the affirmations and stop meditating the "Ah" and "Ohm" while he says them? Or do you just continue to meditate and say the "Ah
and "Ohm" meditations while he says the affirmations? or do you turn off the CD and just continue the last half of the "Ah" and "Ohm" meditations on your own as he suggests if you get interrupted by the affirmations? How do you do this?

And for me, I haven't really been consistent with the Meditations for Manifesting CD, I basically just did the Meditating the "Ah" and "Ohm" on my own without the CD. BUT WHAT EXACTLY HAVE YOU MANIFESTED USING THE "MEDITATIONS FOR MANIFESTING" CD?

Or do you just find that meditating on your own is best?



20-12-2005 08:45:21

Hello there!

Well, if I remember correctly there's a part where he says that if the affirmations are bothering you while you 'Ah-ing' and 'Ohm-ing', turn that dang CD off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No kidding! wink D

Wayne didn't say it like that. He just gently tells you to turn it off and continue on by yourself for the next 20 minutes. Cheerz MAte!

Servant of God

20-12-2005 10:41:08

Hi,I have a few thought's on the Manifesting thing.For one.I think by meditating on what you want is sort of a self hypnosis.Therefore programming yourself to carry out your needs.Because life is energy you are also putting out the "vibe" of what you are looking for.However,it is more than just what you want.I do believe that you create your own destiny but what you want is not neccesarily ehat God wants for you.For example a new car or something.If you have a car that gets you from point A to point B but would rather drive a Porche.It doesn't mean that one will just pop out of the thin air.Or it could,you never know.You could win a contest or something.However,your manifesting can lead you to more money or a better carrer that rings true with your soul and you couid get one that way.I hope you see what I'm getting at.It isn't a magic spell.And it is at the same time.Or if you only asked for things and did not give enough or are not grateful enough you may never recieve what you are looking for.I think the best thing for manifesting is letting go of the desires.Manifest on giving not taking and you will be surprized at the results.Like the incredibly awesome feeling you have when you are on Gods path.So much are takers and not givers.I encounter them everyday.And luckily I encounter the givers to.Doing this kind of thing is very liberating.Open to everything and attached to nothing.God bless I hoped I helped.By the way,alot of people have listed what they have manifested including myself.Peace lol Kareem