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The Abraham stuff


17-12-2005 10:56:42

I am a little put off by this.

I thought at first it was a reference to Maslow, but I see the Hicks thing is about channeling.

Not my thing. Doesn't mean I am getting rid of my Dyer books. In fact, I just bought his Peace CD yesterday.

However, I wish Wayne would not endorse this kind of thing. He has many good things to say and I think this might make him lose credibility.

Of course I know about "the good opinions of others" thing wink

However, I was put off by his endorsement of this Abraham channeling thing.



17-12-2005 11:10:35

I found a thread discussing some of this.
Still would like to discuss it a little more.


18-12-2005 16:35:03

When I first saw the Abhraham was about channeling, I left the site, but then some how I got back to his teachings through this website http://team.powerfulintentions.com/forum/pi. In the end, Abrahams teachings and Waynes are basically the same thing. Abraham offers different perspective on the same topics, which can help you understand the subject better. There are different processes that can also help to manifest things, and reduce resistance. This is another website that I found helpful http://abelist.info/ I stay away from channeling and just take what is helpful for me from these sites.

All self help, or becoming rich processes have the same idea.


18-12-2005 16:43:12

Thanks for the info.
This channeling thing is a little too far out for me, I must say!


23-12-2005 11:37:48


Why be so turned off to channeling? If you believe we all have access to guidance, why worry about where some people get it? As they say in the biz, "If it resonates with you, take it, if not, it wasn't meant for you." A mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing, right?

Craig A


16-01-2006 10:50:05

Another seeker? Seeker of what? Seeking only to find what you already know. Jesus walking on water seems a little far fetched if ya ask me! And that turning water into wine thingy...Must have been fun at parties. He was a wonderful healer & teller of truth and for that he was nailed to a cross. By people who feared his methods & teachings. Just for a moment go beyond your limitations & or fears and listen. THE TRUTH IS THE THRUTH NO MATTER WHO SPEAKS IT. Take off your life only make sence to me when it looks a certain way glasses. And open your mind, body & soul to the grandness of the possibilities that exsists in this relm. Has everything that you have learned from Wayne Dyer now get erased from your memory banks becouse you now know he endorses a channeler? Cuz he really, really digs Abraham. I heard him speak of his great fondness for Abraham at his "I Can Do it" talk. It maybe a little too far out there for you but come on in the water is fine. You can always swim back to shore...if the water gets too deep. They offer a free intro c.d. www.abraham-hicks.com And if ya still feel the same way after a listen...well I bid you well my friend as I do now. Peace, Lola


20-01-2006 09:59:18

I say let your feeling of being bothered by the whole issue goooooo....paying too much attention to the illusion is futile. D
At the end of the day whether Dr Wayne has endorsed anything will disappear when you go within and recognize that one day your very own botheration of such an endorsement will come back to you when you start endorsing something....

Such is the photocopy effect of the Universe of what and where you pay your attention to....After all, it is a Xerox world after all! 8)

Now let's see....next on the list is to get that 60% of the impoverished world out of erm...impoverishment, yea? Let's pay attention to that...

[Jellyfarm presses the COPY button on her machine and leaves this thread... lol]


20-01-2006 11:46:50

Hey Jellyfarm,

Is that kid eating a jelly sandwich or overdosing on metaphors?


Craig A


20-01-2006 20:33:34

Think it's called donutkid on jellyspeed! lol I could be wrong though. D