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Advise me on this


21-11-2005 18:00:57

Ok, I am trying to figure this out...my life seems to be stuck in a rut. I got fired from my job about two months ago, I still have not found a new job although I put out about 10 apps a week. Also, my previous employer is trying to make it so I cannot even get unemployment which is only $400 a month total but would surely help. I am on food stamps so I can at least buy food for my two little children. So, I am trying and trying to think positive but its so hard, I keep getting bills in the mail and no money...

Servant of God

24-11-2005 20:40:03

Hi,I have recently purchased Wayne Dyers Manifest your Destiny.What a powerful messege he has given!First off,I should say that I have been through times like this also.It absolutely will pass.You must trust in God and believe it with all your heart that he will take care of you and your children.Without a shadow of a doubt.Use your brilliant imagination and know with every fiber in your being that you will be OK.Hold your thoughts on that instead of the fear and worrying.This may seem difficult at first,but you can do it!There are so many things I would like to share with you to help you on this journey we call life.Feel free to email me at Dragontrance@verizon.net and we can speak more.God bless my fellow man.Or Woman.Peace

forever young

25-11-2005 07:00:27

I wanna say that I could sense the pain, fear in your mail. As hard as it may seem right now, you will get to a better place. Like SOG said you must believe with all your heart that you are worthy of all the best.
You are!!! You have everything within you already. You just need to KNOW this. It goes way beyond thinking positive. It's KNOWING.

As things begin to turn around for you and they will, you will gain more trust and that trust will turn to knowing. The sky is indeed the limit and you are no exception.

You may also feel free to PM me and I'll give you my e-mail adress. I am here to help in any way I can )


25-11-2005 09:31:54

For your replies, I just got turned down for my appeal on unemployment but I know if I can get the right people to say the right thing I will win next time. I have a job interveiw Monday for some production job, maybe it will be a stepping stone I don't know. I am trying hard to have that inner knowingness as Deepak says, but sometimes my logics take over and make me feel disheartened. I appreciate you both...Thanks...

I am trying to get the Manifest your destiny course....


26-11-2005 08:24:41

Dyer would remind you to keep your focus on what you can do to earn money and get a new job. Pray to God and trust that God knows you have 2 kids to feed and you will be taken care of. Ask empowering questions

What can I do today to earn money?
What services or expertise could I offer that someone needs?

You'll be fine.

Servant of God

26-11-2005 14:33:10

If you tell me what supermarket you shop at I will send you a gift card.


28-11-2005 20:10:05

Walmart is the cheapest place around here.

I am listening to Manifest your Destiny, right now. Its awesome. I think I will start the morning manifestation tomorrow. Thanks for all your prayers and advice, I feel better and I know 'God' always takes care of me even if its not in the way I think it should be.



29-11-2005 22:51:43

Every obstacle that comes along on this planet is either and opportunity to grow and think differently......or to use as an excuse to believe that you are stuck. If you are suffering in your life right now, I can guarantee that somehow you are attached to how things "should" be going. One of the strongest and most effective strategies for making something happen for you is through mental imagery. And above all else, remember, what you think about expands!

Everything I have just written comes from Wayne Dyer.......


30-11-2005 20:03:18

Its workingD I am starting a job tomorrow and DH is going to have some work next week. I feel my life changing with the notion of unconditional love taking root in my awareness.

Thank you all for the advice and prayers/thoughts. I will keep posting...but this is awesome!

Servant of God

01-12-2005 20:00:20

Congrats!I knew things would work out for you.If your heart and head are in the right place.only good things can happen.God Bless and good luck on your new job.Peace,Kareem