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Wayne Dyer Introduced Marcy as his Wife


13-11-2005 01:47:09

When I went to see Wayne Dyer in San Francisco Thursday, November 10, he introduced Marcy as the mother of his children (I believe two daughters were there--Skye sang twice) and his "wife". She is so beautiful. Wayne's mother was also there--in her 90's now. It was a great night. Wayne talked about some things before the taping started (for his new "PBS Special") and then again for about 20 minutes after the taping. It was so great to see him again.

I believe he said the first air date for the new PBS Special is January 29. His book will be out in March.

Laid back Dude

19-11-2005 19:04:28

Wayne is truely one enlightened man, the fact that he had enough love in his heart to forgive his wife for leaving him is a shining example of staying within your Sacred Quest and never letting your ego get the best of you.


30-12-2005 22:45:48

SO does that mean he and his wife are back together?