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"Ask and It is Given"


31-10-2005 12:13:46

Wow - just got hold of this really great book - "Ask and It is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Has anyone else read it??? Dr. Dyer wrote the forward on this book. It really teaches you well how to manifest what you want.

Just wanted to share.. D


04-11-2005 09:51:19

Hi. I read Ask and it is Given this past summer. What a great book. It reinforced everything I have learned from Dr. Dyer, but in a more simple format. I had many "light bulb" moments. Truly a life changing book!

forever young

14-11-2005 10:00:03

Well Cheekykid I see a pattern here.

Clearly your doubts are fear based. That is completely understandable. My advice is to not put all of this pressure on yourself or the outcome. Trust the process, relax and go on living your life. There is nothing to fear. I know that may seem simplistic but it really is that simple! Dwelling and agonising over things creates all kinds of mixed signals and leaves you in an unsettled state.
You can't force things. There is an order to things and the events and people etc. will unfold when it's absolutely the exact right time.
So by all means relax and enjoy the moment. Stop waiting for the results.
This life is precious. Treat each day that way. It will all come to you and in ways you never would have guessed.

Peace & Love


forever young

15-11-2005 07:18:53

Well your post clarifies things a bit now!

I must confess that I haven't read this book! I got into the discussion more based on your post which was limited in it's content. I would tend to side with you on some of your points i.e. raising the dead or becoming invisible. I'll say this, I don't know that it's not possible but I find it difficult to believe. I've come to a point in life that I consider things possible that I previously wouldn't have given a second thought.
I think that spiritually all things are indeed possible. But what are the limits as applied to the physical world? Are there limits or do we just not know how to overcome them yet? Don't know. Inteesting though as I'm always trying to tap farther and farther into that part of me.
I decided as I approached 40 that I would never be the "fat" 40 something. In 8 months I went from 240 lbs to 175 lbs. I'm built better than I was in high school and I have the energy of a 20 year old. The kicker is that it's been so simple! It started with a strong desire and a knowing that it was done. Along the way the whole experience opened me up to another level spiritually. People think I must be not eating or killing myself working out. Not even close. You touched on action. Yes there is some action involved. We do live in a physical world! But once it became done within me the required actions were as natural as putting on my shoes. I will never again be out of whack the way I was. I know this.
I've come to know that so many things that people hold as self evident are absolutely untrue.
But anyway! you cleared up things a bit for me there!
It's alot of fun getting into this though and that's what it's all about!

forever young

15-11-2005 13:18:59

Also remember that "teachers" come in many many forms. Never discount anyone's ability to teach you something of value.

And yes the key is knowing with all that you are. This goes for anything you wish to accomplish. Be what it is that you desire and you can't fail to reap the benefits.
I will as I stated in the other thread, dig deep to verbalise this. But I know that it was the beginning of my awareness. Now I know it! I didn't then. I was still a few years away from enlightenment. The process comes with clarity to me now. But by next week or month I "know" that I'll have unpeeled yet another layer or more.


15-11-2005 23:02:04

I absolutely love "Ask and It Is Given". Heard Wayne talk about it at a lecture in DC in Aug. This is the best book I've ever read. The information is given with such love and makes me feel like "YES, I can do this, it's simple". Of course, I am extremely aware of my thoughts now. I am having that feeling of joy more than ever before. Reading "Ask..." has given me a greater insight and understanding of Wayne Dyer books, of my life past and present, of all situations. I can not say enough about this book and am extremely grateful for Wayne recommending it at his lecture. D