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Manifestation/Meditation Summary ... Thoughts?


28-10-2005 09:10:16

Hi all,

So based on what I've read and what some of you have personally told me, here's how I've summarized on how we manifest and meditate.

Manifestation Focus on what you want to manifest; pray to God; feel and know that what you desire already exists. Then just LET IT GO.

Meditation (daily) During meditation, be in a state of openness and note that this is not the time to focus on your manifestation (meaning, you should have already "let that go"). I found some good meditations on www.meditationiseasy.com; especially the "Here and Now" meditation which can be done anywhere. This meditation basically says to be in a state of awareness at all times. So, for example, while you're driving, just be aware that you are driving, your movements, etc.

- Express kindness and unconditional love to all.
- Be in a state of gratitude; express thanks to God for all that you have.

So am I correct in my summation? I guess if I'm confused on anything, it's - how long do we need to spend on the "Manifestation" bit if we're meditating daily and have already "let go" of what we desire?


(And I hope I get a response from this post; I've already had 3 other posts with no comments (but LOTS of views)! Feedback please!!) wink


30-10-2005 01:10:23

Hi, I think I meditate a little differently than you do. I follow Wayne Dyer's Meditation for Manifesting which he learned from Sri Siva. You meditate while thinking the feelings or essence of what you want to manifest. Also, you meditate on thanking God, The Creator.
It's kind of different than how you meditate, but I guess there's no correct way to meditate. Which ever way works best for you.

Anyway, take care.



18-12-2005 18:14:24

jfavis, so how have you been doing with your meditating? Have you manifested anything? What's been happening?




19-12-2005 07:58:37

hi jkygogo!

actually i've really been slackin on keeping up daily meditative practices lately. mainly cause i've been reading up on the abraham-hicks teachings. have u heard of them? pretty awesome at manifesting what u want.

email me at jfavis@gmail.com. im rarely on this site anymore. )



19-12-2005 22:14:20

Hi, have you really manifested with this? Their techniques remind me of Wayne Dyer's "The Power of Intention" of thinking from the end and basically thinking what you want to desire. I've tried Waynes Technique and a little of the Jerry and Esther Hicks method but to be honest, I seem to be having trouble manifesting things. It's hard for me to continually think these things I want to manifest for days on end until it shows up. I don't seem to have the patience. If you have manifested things using their methods, can you tell me exactly how you do this in a practical step by step way? I've tried to follow the techniques but again I'm having trouble staying consistent and have yet to manifest what I wanted to manifest.
How long did it take for you to manifest things? and exactly how did you do this? I read both books, but as of this time haven't manifested anything I've tried to manifest. I seem to have gotten better results using the meditations although at present I'm struggling trying to manifest with Meditating. I seem to have gotten into a phase where I can't seem to manifest what I want to, but I'm trying. I don't know why it's been hard, maybe at present what I'm trying to manifest just isn't supposed to happen now, I don't know.
Anyway, tell me the details of your manifesting.



20-12-2005 08:42:26

Hey guys! Any luck with the manifesting?

I can't say with mine. Although Wayne says in his Japa meditation CD that once the technique is perfected, you can start manifesting things instantly and I go "FOR REAL???!!"

So far I manifested this blouse I was eyeing couple of months ago way back in February. It manifested FOC 2 months back!

OK, then I manifested a commissioned job for a local TV station 2 weeks back. And that's it. I'm still waiting to manifest a good relationship though.

What techniques would anyone suggest for that? My last relationship was 5 years back and these days, I'm looking forward to being in a nice partnership with no big expectations and where both of us have our own space. Any tips? D


20-12-2005 13:29:03

I am working very hard at realizing that I already have everything I need. For so long I have to wanted to manifest a new and loving relationship (4 years for me Jelly, it will come for us both,) ideas for writing a book, and on and on. I have to really work to remind myself that I have all of this amazing potential-we did come from No Where, afterall.


30-12-2005 17:32:39

Treegazer, I'm curious, you say you have everything you need. So you don't try and manifest anything anymore? I'm kind of confused with that you are saying. Yes, I guess I should be more positive and say I already have what I need, but I'm not as positive as you are and to be honest I don't see things that I need. Are you saying you already have the inner strength within you already so you keep this positive behavior? Can you please explain what you are trying to say?