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What have you manifested?


29-09-2005 13:55:09


Just joined this forum. D And I just finished reading Wayne's book "Manifest Your Destiny."

I'm just curious what people out there have meditated/manifested on and the results that occurred.


forever young

07-11-2005 13:19:44

Well this is my first post here! So hello to all )

Something to understand if you are new to all of this is that you have been manifesting "things" all of your life. This is real important to grasp. Everything you have lived to this point is because of you. I would suggest that you take a good hard look at where you are in your life and all of the circumstances along the way. There will be a pattern that is undeniable. Be honest with yourself. What coincidences have occured at seemingly the exact right or wrong times?
Long before I understood what manifestation even was I was getting in tune with it and the results are irrefutable. When I "stumbled" upon Dr. Dyer's writings and those of others it was like a mirror of what I've been going through in my own journey. It's real and you can and must believe this. I have nothing to gain by telling anyone this except that I'm helping them. And that is really all that matters.
I will in short time give a sort of timeline of the many great results I have had regarding the laws of attraction. It would not be overstating anything to call it miraculous.
I can say that by reading the many posts on here that I sense much doubt in alot of you. I don't say that to somehow elevate myself, as I couldn't care less about that. I say it because just maybe something will click with even one person that could help.

Peace and love


forever young

14-11-2005 09:38:57

To cheekykid,

I just saw your response this morning. I am tied up at the moment but I will at some point today fill you in a bit as to my experiences.
I understand you doubts. A year and a half ago I was a diehard atheist. There is nothing you could say to convince me that there was anything to any kind of "otherworldly" stuff. I know.
What I didn't see through it all was that I was already manifesting some real positive things into my life. It all started with a change which I will explain a little later.
Like I said earlier though, everyone's life for good or bad is a product of the law of attraction. Lord knows I've manifested plenty of negative things into my life in the past. You know, constant bad luck.

Feel free to e-mail me for any insight. I am here to help.

forever young

14-11-2005 14:28:28

Alright I'm back! It's been a busy one but that's a good thing.

I won't be able to cover my story in one shot here but hopefully it will be a start. I'll try to maybe summarise things here today then futher elaborate down the road.

Going back more than 20 years my life was one of stress and confusion. Going through the teenage years was pure hell for me. I became mired in a series of addictions that completely consumed my life. Even I can't believe that I was that person when I look back. I had a very negative outlook on life and of course everything reflected this. I associated with like minded people and their lives were as bad if not worse than mine. I made it out of school I think because the teachers saw something in me enough to say lets not fail him. My report cards were D's & F's.
I had no skills or prospects. I had little motivation. I went from one dead end job to another. When I worked that is.
A week after my 24th birthday at a time I was trying to change for the better, I was going to a wedding of friends of mine. As I was leaving on that hot June day My Mom said you are going to meet your future wife today! I said yea right! Well in the church I was observing the flower girls as any single man would LOL I came upon one in particular and had a vision of sorts. I pictured a "life" with her and two blond haired daughters. Now I had dark hair and this girl did as well, whatever her name was!!
Didn't give it much thought and didn't bother talking to her at the reception!! But with maybe an hour to go she asked me to dance!! I was in a bad state of mind and would never have asked her!
Long story short, we have been married for 14 years. I have one girl who is blond and we did suffer a miscarraige at one point. Take that for what it's worth. I never put it together in my mind till recently.

Anyway with the stability a home life provided I worked steady and developed a good work ethic. I made poor money and reall saw no way of improving. But we were ok.
I got into the air conditioning buissness and did basic labor type of tasks.

The story really gets good in the next several years and I will continue this tomorrow!

forever young

15-11-2005 08:20:18

Well you are on the right track then! People who have continuous "bad luck" ALL have a certain thought pattern or state of being. Take a good look around you. It's irrefutable.

Anyway I'll try to add to my story here.

I got into this new line of work as I eluded to in my last post. It was hard physical work and it did not pay much. It had the feeling of a rut from the start. About 4 years into it and getting nowhere something changed in me. I started to imagine in my mind that I was an absolute achiever in this life. In time I started to think like a person who was there already. I dropped all envy of anyone who had "more" than I did. In fact I learned to feel joy for those who did well. I started seeing that we are who we think we are. In a short time I went to the office which I never visited without a specific reason (not a butt kisser!) and more or less demanded raise! 3 months earlier I wouldn't have dreamt of doing that! So they talked to my field supervisor and got glowing reports about me!! In weeks I had $5 more per hour! May not sound like much but it was miraculous knowing all the circumstances. I then said that night to myself that I won't be doing this physical labor by age 40 at the latest.
In about 2 months a manager came out to the jobsite and asked if I was interested in moving to the office for a higher posistion! It took me all of a minute to answer yes!!
I dove into the new posistion with passion and really felt like I was onto something and for once not on something LOL
Mind you I had no idea! But things were certainly "working out" for some reason. In 3 months the company fell victim to the stock market and they closed. My first thought as I drove aimlessly was it's just my "bad luck"!!
Within an hour I knew with certainty that it was a blessing and that something bigger was next. Everyone around me said hey oh well you'll have to get a job out in the field. I knew different. I got a call from one of my ex-co-workers from the jobsites telling me that one of the biggest companies in the area was hiring field help. I though well in the worst case I could do that but I'm gonna contact them and send my resume. I figured I'll tell them that this is what I know and let the chips fall as they will. In a week I got an interview with the owner and he said that he couldn't believe it but he had made a decision to find someone who fit my credentials the day my resume came over!! He said this just seems right and he hired me with a $5,000 per year raise! Within 6 months I got another $6,000!!! Almost a year to the day I started the company downsized because they grew too fast and I was one of 16 people looking for work. As I drove home I knew absolutely that I would be employed in a matter of days. I had 2 phone calls from people who heard the news within 1 hour of getting home! In a week I was employed and making $5,000 more! I ran things there for nearly 2-1/2 years and learned a lot about the bizz. The last year there things became incresingly difficult as the owner just made it almost impossible to function he was so hands on.
So one day I went to lunch with a vendor and he asked me how things were going. I said, you know! I'll tell you! It was at that point that I realised I needed to move on. I vented then returned to the office. Within minutes I received a phone call from a national head hunter about a job! I said hey give me your number, thinking I'll hear what they have to say.
To cut it short, they offered me almost $35,000 more and it's the best place I've ever worked!!
It always seemed strange to me how these things worked out and the timimg of it but now it is obvious to me that I was attracting all of this into my life. I have not one doubt about this.
About a week after I started working at my current job I had a moment of spiritual enlightenment that changed me forever. The things that have occured since are amazing. Keep in mind too that I never even heard of Dr. Dyer or the law of attraction untill very recently. When I did come upon it as was inevitable, it was like man! This is my life! I've completely changed the way I view others and I know the absolute joy that is unconditional love. When I first experienced it I couldn't even put it in words. It is that amazing! Only after reading about it did I grasp what I knew. I feel that I've just begun to "get it" in the grand scheme of things and that there are virtually no limits whatsoever except that which we falsely put on ourselves.
I feel better than I ever have at any point in my life. That is the truth. I never lack for anything. It's said that it's all downhill after 40. BS! Life starts at 40 and just gets better and better!! You just have to know it!

forever young

15-11-2005 12:51:00

That is a very good question on your part I must say. I'm going to have to give this some thought in order to verbalise it. I need to look back to where it all really took shape for me.
This is good though as putting it in words can only help. If one person gets something out of it then I'm doing what I'm here for )

I will give this much thought and you can count on a response as early as tomorrow!

forever young

16-11-2005 06:23:28

Wow!!! Put like that I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders! LOL

It is more difficult than I would have thought. But no worries I will come up with my best description. This much I know!

So try to be patient! When I feel it's the best I can do, you'll have it.


16-11-2005 19:05:40

Hey folks

Good to hear from all of you

Funny, I’m reading many of you and know exactly what you mean, I have had the same experience.

I am forty two and have been on a spiritual journey for many years and then one day after reading “The Power of Intension” WHAM!BAM! I got it.

If I can sum up manifestation it would be this way “IT’S ALL GOOD”. There it is, once I truly understood this in my heart of hearts the natural universal flow just happened…I think it was always happening…I just was searching within the exterior universe…it was always in my inner universe.

It is truly ever expanding and ever abundant

Love and Gratitude
Dan )

Servant of God

24-11-2005 20:55:19

I have manifested getting myself out of the way of truth.

Servant of God

26-11-2005 14:49:20

The funny thing is that I manifested my current job without knowing anything about Wayne Dyer and his Manifesting your Destiny program.I am a Guitar player.I was working in a music store and was tired of doing retail.I knew that it was not for me anymore.So when my wife was 6 months pregnant with our second daughter I just up and quit my job.Everyone I knew except my wife and I,thought I was absolutely insane for doing this.But I "knew" that god had something waiting for me.People heard me play in the store and was always asking for guitar lessons.I have taught a bit before that but never did it full time.I had people calling me that I did not even know that well asking me if I was OK.It seemed they were more worried about me not working than I was.While I appreciated thier concern.I had no fear what so ever.Sure enough I teach Guitar full time making more cashish than I ever did in retail.And I thank god for my wife who believed in God and me as well.It was like the divine guided me the entire time.I actualy never even realized this until today.God is truly great.Peace,Kareem


28-11-2005 02:05:53

Wow! john!!!! Awesome story!

Congrats to you Dan and servant of God, cheekykid!

How inspirational and wonderful to hear people doing well.

I just got my hands on "Power of Intention" 4 days back and I must say, I'm getting it. 'Manifest your destiny' was just a small part but "power of Intention" is really doing it for me.

I guess the important thing is to really believe in your inner world and the supporting voice of love that always tells you "YOU CAN!"

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! D D D D

forever young

28-11-2005 08:07:58

Hi Jellyfarm, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. That is really just a scratching of the surface so to speak. Lately it has gotten to a higher level. I will touch on some of the things that have taken place soon. I feel that sharing my journey with you all will help in cases where one might be new to all of this. Or where doubt persists. You see the key for me is that there is no doubt. It is beyond faith, it's KNOWING. That is the key.

As SOG was saying we all have manifested everything in our lives right up to this second whether we knew it or not. I have these breakthroughs all the time where things in the past now make sense!! It's like oh man the things that had to unfold for that to happen were miraculous! We just didn't see it as we weren't ready.

The most amazing thing to me was finding sites/books on this subject!!!
You see I have been living this for some time. In June of 2004 I had a moment of complete enlightenment. It was the kind of thing that changes one forever. I tried to deny what had happened but it was impossible. The emotions that have poured from me are overwhelming. I was so bottled up for so long I didn't even realise it. I have since experienced unconditional love. It is a love so pure and genuine that nothing could ever come close to it!! It is a joy that can't be put in words.
So maybe the one advantage I have here is that I didn't find this and say hey, you this sounds interesting but I don't know......etc. etc. I have been living it but didn't have a name for it. I was ready for the teacher so to speak. It's no accident that I found the works of Dyer and others as it was time to "define" what I have been experiencing. So it's been real positive to get the insights of someone who has been aware for some time. Like I've stated, I read the first chapter of Real Magic and it was like a summary of what I've been living. Even the wording he uses to explain some things are what I've been saying.

But anyway, you are all here for a reason. Have trust. Not in Wayne Dyer, but in your own being. Don't get me wrong here, the things he says are dead on!! He is enlightened and there is no question whatsoever about that. One can't fake their way around this. I KNOW without and doubts and this guy is being straight with us. So soak it up and enjoy every minute of this precious life. You deserve the best!!

SOG, so you play the axe ayy? Me too!! 32 years all toll. Awesome!!

Lots of love


Servant of God

28-11-2005 20:44:01

This is so cool for all of us to experience this divine power inherent in all of us.I have another good story for you all.I was reading A Spirtual Solution to Every Problem before I started teaching today.When my first student came in I poped it on top of my amp.My very last student who I have only been teaching for 2 weeks noticed the book.He said,oh you like Wayne Dyer too.And told me how he has read a few of his books.Then we briefly talked about prayer and meditation.He told about a friend of his family who badly broke his hand doing Martial Arts.He said the guys hand was so bad he lost all the feeling in it and damaged the nerve endings.He could not move his hand either.He meditated for 3 months that little men were repairing his hand while he was sleeping.Sure enough,3 months later.His hand was healed!The doctors were astounded telling him how that was "impossible".For goodness sake.We can heal ourselves!This is something I "knew" but somehow forgotten.Then I remembered when I was working at Manny's music in NY.There was a cleaning lady named Beverly.This woman always limped when I saw her walk.So one day I asked what was wrong.She told me how she had a bad bunyon on her foot.Sounds kind of funny,but check this out. lol I told her that I would pray for her.I worked at Manny's 3 days a week.So the rest of the week I prayed and Meditated on her foot healing.I imagined her walking around without limping.The next week when I went back to work I noticed she was not limping anymore.So I said,hey Bev.Hows your foot.She said Great!It feels better than it has in a long time.I said,did you go to the doctor or anything.She said no,it just went away one morning when I woke up.I thought Holy Shizzle! lol Did I do that?When I told someone about it because I could not contain what had just transpired.They told me I was crazy.So I thought,maybe I am? shock These sorts of things happened to me alot when I was younger.People always called me wierd and I never fit in anywhere.I used to get visions in my sleep as well.I was so tired of being made fun of and feeling so different that I wished it away.How foolish was I to do this.I said I just want to be like everybody else.And thats exactly what happened.I became filled with anxiety,depression,anger and all the other nonsense that so many people spend thier precious life being consumed by.It was not until recently that I "woke up" again.From that horrid nightmare that I manifested into my life.Now I just flipped the script and getting back to my old form.So as you can see we manifest whether we realize it or not.I still have not got my visions back yet though.But I 'Know" they will come again.Peace,Love and Good Happiness stuff,Kareem D

forever young

29-11-2005 10:55:57

Well SOG it's funny you touched on that. I was just conveying to a dear friend of mine how we little by little cover up our real selves with ego. We build walls of "protection" over time then wonder why our lives are a mess. I went through the same thing as a kid and the layers of "protection" were my escape.
When I look at it now I ask, what good can come in any situation when you aren't being true to reality? You can't win ever! There are no exceptions to this. We go against our nature and fight it every step of the way, then blame the world for our unhappiness. It's downright absurd!
Get real. Be who you really are and true happiness will follow.
Escaping the truth is the biggest problem on this earth.

Servant of God

29-11-2005 19:47:56

What you said Forever Young is Very True.Punn intended. lol One day I asked my wife how come I don't have many friends.I know that I am very kind and generous to people.How come it was not reciprecated or appreciated?My wife said that she thought it was beacuse I was overly honest with people.And people did not want to hear the truth.I guess she was right in a way.My first name is Abdul-Kareem.In Arabic that means Generous Servant of God.That is the person that I want to be.And just like St Francis said,I want to be an Instrument of Peace.I work on this everyday.I try to bring it to everything that I do.It is a work in progress though.God Bless,Kareem D D ) )