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Katrina and Rita Victims... What Dyer would say...

chris knight

24-09-2005 07:50:58

"Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson remind us to look at how we respond to these tragic events

"What the people in all the areas impacted by Katrina need more than anything today is a sense of hope, a sense of peace, a sense that someone cares and is helping, in the face of this disaster. We can bring them these gifts in many ways.

"Perhaps at a metaphysical level, this is our purpose, to use the marvelous tools of creation that we have all been given thought, word, and deed. Think good thoughts, use guided imagery, visualizations, meditation, and whatever other tools and devices you are aware of that will allow for miracles to occur, and help spread the word that goodness always prevails."

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