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16-09-2005 06:43:46

Something I have noticed, in some of the most recent posts, is the word TRUTH, being used ?

What does TRUTH mean to you ?


18-09-2005 14:23:17

"Speaking my truth" for me means that i am being authentic and real, not trying to be who I think others expect. LOVE is truth and Health is truth.
D Celia


19-09-2005 13:03:21

Thank you, celia.

I agree Love is TRUTH.

Truth is a perception of what we believe. TRUE ?


19-09-2005 15:38:20

Yeah I guess.

But if I hold the belief I am a bad person,well that isn't actually true.
So that kinda blows that theory...

chris knight

20-09-2005 08:10:28

What does TRUTH mean to you ?

Great question!

- )

Truth to me means being aligned with my purpose in life.


20-09-2005 09:01:43

celia writes

Yeah I guess.

But if I hold the belief I am a bad person,well that isn't actually true.
So that kinda blows that theory...

Good and Bad, could BE a perception of what, YOU, BElieve ! TRUE ?

The tree gives shade to both good and bad, there is no judgement.
mae che sansone

I'm like the ant that's gotten into the granary, ludicrously happy, and trying to lug out a grain that's way too big. Rumi


20-09-2005 09:12:20

Chris, Thank you for what you do, your purpose, has made a mark on us here. Awesome dude.


Is it your purpose, or whose life is it anyway ?

Rick Warren has a great book

" A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE " What on Earth Am I here for ?
I AM sure you know this already, my friend.

I LOVE this quote;

"The thing always happens that you really believe in;
And the belief in a thing makes it happen. "Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959)


24-09-2005 11:01:45

I liked Chris' answer. It aligns with my truth.http://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000035.gif Good one Chris!http://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000060.gif

Just to elaborate a little more from my POV on what TRUTH is...

Truth stems from Love but in that display of Love, comes many truths, each one branching out from an individual's experiences. We all come from different paths but we're taking the same journey of evolution for our soul. Will we find the mother planet? Will we finally call it home? How are we getting there? That's up to each person's TRUTH which comes via their choices of experience.

Our shuttle to get to the mother planet is our experiences and if we follow closely with those choices of experiences we can slowly uncover the truths about ourselves and then find out...WALAH! ALL OF US essentially are the same. Just strip yourselves of your 'stories', your 'dramas', your 'myths and legends' and your opinions. You will find TRUTH staring you straight in the eye just like it will for everyone else.

We are One. And as I get little glimpses of that Oneness, I can't wait to get more insights like those as I go along. Love, love to all of ya!http://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000007.gifhttp://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000060.gif


30-09-2005 12:16:30

Yo Jell,

Very Nicely put my friend.

Thank you, I LOVE your posts.

I always have a smile on my face and in my heart when I read your comments.

You speak the TRUTH !!!!!!!


03-10-2005 23:56:20

I read your question weeks ago and have spent some time contemplating a response. It has been missing until I came across this quote from Eckhart Tolle which says

"The Truth is paradoxical, all encompassing. No thought, no explanation of reality, can capture it."

I believe this speaks for me and to me. "The Truth" is pratically beyond comprehension and seeking Truth is really lifes journey.


04-10-2005 19:39:44

Truth is the only thing that exists...All else is an illusion.



07-10-2005 12:02:08

Question I first stepped 'on the path' when I was at my father in laws bedside as he died. It was my first and closest experience with death and brought my own mortality into sharp focus. I then became deeply involved with Buddhism. Your excellent book I feel as helped me to understand that I don't need a formal religion and I am now more of a 'lone ranger'!

If I am totally honest, a lot of what has driven me to find out about the 'truth' is an underlying fear of my own death. I don't think it is so much a fear of 'hell' - I do not believe that is anything to be concerned about. It is more a fear of annihilation - nothingness. I guess this is because I enjoy life so much.

Answer Yes, death is a great motivator for most seekers. It is an invitation into the mystery you are. Let’s have a look together. What is it that dies? Obviously it is not life itself as it keeps ceaselessly manifesting and morphing in countless variations. What is it that ‘dies’ when the drop of individuality reunites with the ocean of being? It is not the beingness that dies, but it is the sense of separation that dissolves. At this point the ocean is as much the drop as the drop is the ocean as no distinction can be made. Similarly when a clay pot breaks, the space within and without seamlessly merge.

What needs to be looked into here is this ‘I’ that enjoys life and is afraid of dying. It clearly is mixed up with the idea of being a separate person inside -or with- a mortal body. To take the death of the body as one’s own death is a case of mistaken identity. You are not exclusively the body, but THAT what animates and appears AS the body. This Animating Energy is unborn and immortal. The body is a temporal pattern in the river of life where the five elements (space is the fifth element here) come together for a while. It is the Infinite expressing as the finite. It is the Eternal dancing as the temporal and by its very nature the temporal comes and goes. It is this rhythm of yin and yang, of coming and going, of birth and dying, that makes this manifestation ‘tick.’ Without this dance of ‘on and off’ there would be no suffering, nor would there be the enjoyment you mention. Apparently this enjoyment has been fixated on to the exclusion of the bigger picture. It is like being absorbed in a movie where the screen has been totally forgotten in favor of the temporal appearances on it.

Question In your book you made a very good analogy about consciousness being a ball of clay and when a person is born a string of the clay is pulled out, and when they die the string simply returns to the ball from which has never been detached. You explain that this is why sometimes people can experience a 'past life' - if they were never disconnected they can always experience a memory that one of the billions of strings of the 'ball' experienced in a previous 'life'.

Answer This is of course a metaphor. A ball of clay still has an inside and an outside, while the Unborn has no dimensions. We may also call IT infinite or formless. As the mind cannot picture this, the ‘One Substance’ metaphor (whether pictured as clay or go(l)d) could be helpful. When the idea behind this is ‘grokked’ or intuitively understood, the concept can be dropped; just like the concept ‘water’ served its purpose when we found the stream where we can quench our thirst. The One Substance points to the Unborn. There is no death for the Unborn, just like light does not know darkness.

Question Having said that, it does nothing to allay my fear of dying - if anything it makes it more profound! I may have a nice life now, but who is to say that when I die, even if my consciousness 'survives' that I may not experience a 'past life' that was subject to abject cruelty, torture or whatever?

Answer The fear of dying is not necessarily the same as the fear of death. The fear of dying is part of the natural functioning of the organism; even a fly will try to avoid the fly swatter. The fear of death, on the other hand, is abstract mind stuff. It is based on imagination and projection and the erroneous belief that you are the body. The bad news here is that all that is born will die. The good news is that you are the Unborn; prior to –and beyond- the cycle of birth and death. The ‘I’ that ‘may have a nice life now’ or the ‘I’ that fears its own demise, is the real problem, and needs to be investigated.

As it turns out this ‘I’ will die or, more correctly, the illusion of exclusively being this ‘I’ will die. There is no need to wait untill the body gives out, as this sense of separation can die – or it can be seen through- right now. This ‘I’ is an insubstantial ‘object’ that appears on and to the Screen-of-Awareness-You-Are. You are forever that unmovable ‘screen behind the scene’ regardless of the forms and activities that appear on it. You are not just this body/mind organism. On investigation it can be seen by no one, that there is no ‘you’ having a life; it is life ‘having a you’- or life appearing AS you.

You are the Unborn, Undying Self, seemingly absorbed in the movie of being a separate person, or as Alan Watts used to say; the illusion of being an ‘independent I’ inside a bag of skin. In this ‘movie/life’ there is seeing, but no seer, there are thoughts appearing and disappearing, but there is no thinker. Death is a teacher that invites you to see this; to see that there is death but no one who’s dying.

Don’t avert your eyes; make the fear of death welcome. Really feel it; really look at it and see what message it brings. It may turn out to be a gift/present of eternal Presence that begs to be unwrapped right now.

This was taken from a newsletter # 64 @ www.awakeningtothedream.com
Leo Hartong author of the book "AWAKENING TO THE DREAM"

I hope you enjoy, I thought it was worth posting.

Thank you, onelovecandy and djohnnyg, for your truthfull responses.


05-12-2006 11:56:47

"I" wanted to raise this topic up again. It was first posted on Friday Sept. 16, 2005.

There seems to be a new member, who knows "THE TRUTH".

Please tell us the truth.

Thank you.


18-12-2006 04:33:02

Before you can say what's true or not, you will have to look at the the measuring tool you use to measure truth / lies. Compare your measuring equipment against just one light year, and then 1000 light years and if you really feel you have to measure, use 100 billion light years - which still ain't visible against eternity. Now, do you feel that the measuring equipment you have at hand will be able to shed any truth on anything within your known universe? The answer to your question would be simple; Everyone has their own personal truth but how close or far that is from THE TRUTH will always be questionable and ultimately have no bearing on THE TRUTH.

Like Alan Watts once said; You have to loose your mind to regain your senses.

Love ya all and take as much care and peace from the deepest well of well being as you see fit.