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Are you confused in how you are viewing Wayne?


29-08-2005 20:09:24

Are you more concerned with Wayne as a man or as Wayne as the messenger for you? So much energy is focused on him and his family, private life, etc. What is important to some of us is the message his books bring to us. He has stated again and again over the years that the words used are not his - and I for one believe that. I pick up a book to read and there is a message in the writing just for me. I am either led to read a book or I am led away from a book. I care nothing that Wayne does as the human he is. He cares nothing for my personal life as well. The whole point is that while we discuss him and his personal life, we fail to grasp what is being said to us in his books. And Wayne says we are to do just that in his books.

When Wayne begins to ask for money for this cause or that cause, I see a Wayne caught up in the material world he often tells us is a dream. But I still read his books, and share his thoughts because I believe in them.

When I read how some people are still waiting for whatever it is that they had intended, I truly smile and wish to tell them - read the book again - and perhaps again. You place your intention into the Univers - the Divine Power - and then get onl with what you are doing knowing that the Universe is delivering to you what you intended. Some people believe they must meditate on their intention, focus on nothing else but their intention and then are disappointed when nothing shows up in their life. They never left go of the intention - changed the wording of the intention daily - and probably stated the intention with doubt in their mind.

As you read his books, read the message for you and forget the words presented to you. They are just words...

Namaste - Ron


13-09-2005 03:59:04

why is it that everybody is suggesting that if u do the intentions meditation correctly u will get whatever u want?

IF that is really so then there's no need for action isnt it?

tell me if i am wrong because it seems so unreal to me.


13-09-2005 05:50:33

Action is necesary, but action is also to sit down and meditate.

I think it is very normal to doubt on the controversies and critics , and debate over them. Always with respect , and trying to lower our EGO levels (we dont need to be right or proof others they´re wrong).

I think Dyer is a great psychologist, and I think he is a sincere man, that can be wrong at times. And he is a man afterall and he can make mistakes as others do. Im sure he tries as best as he can.

If he is a scam or not , its his problem, not mine as long as his teachings do me good.




13-09-2005 09:31:09


I think it may not be about getting what you want...but about events unfolding in GOD's TIME, that give you what HE knows you need.

I wanted a certain job. I worked hard and eventually I got that job. I wanted it. God knew it was not what I needed, though. Like a stubborn child,(which is basically who I am when I'm out of connection) he let me have the "junk food" because he saw I was not in any way going to eat my vegetables, which is what I really needed to stay healthy. I served Him and others the best I could in a situation that ultimately left me hurt and confused and did not serve me well. Now I wait for the next job(broccoli) and this time I humbly ask for His guidance to show me how I can best serve others through my work and in turn be served myself.

As for Wayne is a man/versus Wayne as the Guru... Well he's both. I think personally it's a waste of time to whisper about his divorce, child's drug experiementation. These situations happen to lots of us, tons. Also, those were choices made by other people not by him as far as I know or even care to know.It's not what happens that makes him a good role model, it is his response that we can learn from.(To expect from him that he can control every issue in his life is expecting him to be God. Even Jesus, Moses, Ghandi and others had troubles. No one is free from problems & the accompanying judgement of others, some choose to do a God thing rather than wallow in low energy...I want & need to be more like them, walking with God, leaving behind any doubt... )

In his book There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, he describes his reaction to having a heart attack, the fear, pain anxiety and disbelief. Then he describes how he chose to "plug in" and connect with higher power. He looked to help others in worse shape. He become peaceful in the face of ill health.

This is what he does so beautifully and demonstrates to others. It's the changing of the thought that is our task. He is giving us a blueprint, a set of instructions, a spiritual map. It's up to you what you use, what you embrace and what you don't find useful to use.

I don't think Wayne is a scam at all. He is doing God's work and millions are benefiting. Lots of people are doing the good work. He is the one I seem to find comfort in the most.



13-09-2005 09:34:58

I meant the first part of my reply for "Fantasy" and not for Quique-

I hope I didn't come across as preachy?

There is a battle in me my old ways vs. my new ways. I am trying to advise, remind and convince myself, more than anyone else. But I do have a genuine desire to teach because I was a teacher and I miss it, a lot.



13-09-2005 11:18:08

thanks celia for clarifying that for me.

I guess i'll need to quiet down my mind.

i'm an impatient and result oriented guy so his teachings are so confusing for me because i kept asking myself "whats the bottom line of these stuffs?" "what the conclusion?" "whats the solution?"

sometimes i'm just confused as to follow or not to follow his teachings because he contradicts himself a lot.

like for example "be yourself" well if i be myself i wont be following all his other so important teachings then.

but i think maybe, just maybe the solution is not trying to integrate his teachings into me but use his teachings according to situations and use it sparingly.

i mean all his teachings are from great teachers eons ago and are timeless "truth" so i think even if its contradictory..it should be the truth in certain situations and that we should all be flexible in applying them.

"paradox has a power in it"


14-09-2005 09:54:01

I posted the following quote today on another board and it seems appropriate here as well. When reading any author, I try to stay focused on the teachings and not the author, who is but a messenger with my mail from God.

Namaste - Ron

David R. Hawkins "The true teachers can be seen to have no interest in fame or in having followers, prestige or trappings...The teachings and not the teacher are what is important. Inasmuch as the teachings do not come from the personage of the teacher at all, it does not make sense to idolize or worship the personage. The information is transmitted as a gift because it was received as such."


14-09-2005 21:38:56


Thank you so much for that quote on teaching. And I'm sorry I was judgmental of you in the past, and resistant to your ideas/message. I couldn't figure out what you said most of the time befor but now I am reading you much more clearly. You always offer something of value and i appreciate that in you.

Fantasy, what is it exactly that you find contradictory. Be yourself vs. forget your ego? Is that what is causing confusion?

I am a goal oriented person too. I am learning and living more in the moment these days.



15-09-2005 13:49:54

Excellent Ron, well put my friend.

I like what Rumi said

" A donkey changes its theology, depending on who pets her and takes care of her."

Divine Power-Enlightenment, you won't find these in a book.

"I have been knocking on the door,
trying to get inside,
and the whole time
I have been knocking from inside."

As always thank you, your posts are always valued !


16-09-2005 04:58:16

OHMMMMMMAAAAAHHHH! Silence is ze golden world no??



17-12-2005 11:04:41

I started a thread on the Abraham channeling.

To date this is where I draw the line for myself.

I really would like to know what this is about.

Wayne's books have been a great help to me in many ways, just so you know. This is not an attack and I do not mean to offend. I would like some civil discussion on this.


20-12-2005 08:36:56

Well Another Seeker...How may I serve you as a tool in this civil discussion then?

Do forgive me because I'm always using Rule #6 in my life it's hard to get me talking without playing the clown sometimes. So irritating but true...but seriously, pose us your questions....let me see what I can do! wink


20-12-2005 08:44:21

Well Another Seeker...How may I serve you as a tool in this civil discussion then?

Do forgive me because I'm always using Rule #6 in my life it's hard to get me talking without playing the clown sometimes. So irritating but true...but seriously, pose us your questions....let me see what I can do! wink

I am not sure what to ask exactly.
I find channeling a somewhat strange area particularly after listening to some of those soundbites on the Hicks site.

While I can believe in getting an inspired idea from "out of nowhere", to have an entity speak through a person in a trance....I just don't know about this.