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Get Your Baba's right honey child!


09-07-2005 13:00:13

Oh my poor little misguided, misinformed Quique! seems like from several of your other posts I've read, your looking for some dirty dirt on our, ok i'll speak for myself "my beloved" Wayne Dyer, Well your just going to have to dig alot further & a little deeper. I hold in my hand ***********NOW PAY ATTENTION******* a CD by BABA SRI SIVA and the words that follow are taken word for word from the back jacket of that same CD. "BABA SRI SIVA is the guru who inspired WAYNE DYERS'S latest best seller, Manifest Your Destiny, and gave him the "AH" meditations for manafesting". The CD is from the year 2000. I just wanted to hip you to the jive, I do believe that you and those who wrote the articles got their Baba's mixed up, it could happen to anyone. In your same post "Wayne Dyer endorses Sai Baba" You used 8******** to block out a word, cuz you said it made you sick, was that word homosexuality? in reference to the other Baba, Sathya Sai Baba sexual preference? If so, How wonderful it is, that we all have a right to express our opinion and mine is how sad your opinion is. Gosh if you could just harness that tremendous drive and energy you have towards some positive life affirming effort my bother you would be awesom in the things you could create. Thank you once again for bringing to my attention how gratful I am that I have become an open minded no limit person, what a gift it is to lead my life with love and acceptance for myself and others. I have this wonderful affirmation card, that I keep on my alter, written by Wayne Dyer that I read almost every day. "If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along" and so my dear Quique "I send you love" Peace Lola

P.S. I heard a story that Wayne Dyer once told a lie in the forth grade, I don't personally believe it, but you might want to check it out!


11-07-2005 11:51:44

I knew there was a rational explanation. Even if it had been the "bad Baba," I'm sure Dr. Dyer would have distanced himself from him once he discovered the allegations.


19-07-2005 08:02:01

Oh my poor little misguided, misinformed Quique! seems like from several of your other posts I've read, your looking for some dirty dirt on our, ok i'll speak for myself "my beloved" Wayne Dyer, Well your just going to have to dig alot further & a little deeper.

Hola Lola. I feel sorry that my critics were perceived as a way to attack Wayne Dyer. I like Dyer´s work. His natural way , his opinions, his examples......have given me a lot of hope and guidance in times of despair. But as Wayne puts it in one of his tapes, that "would you trust a dentist with rotten teeth??" when explaining that what you dont have, you cannot give.....

That is why I was very frustrated when I found that Dyer endorsed a pederast (this was the blocked word, not homosexual, my greatest respect for each person´s sexual inclination) as Sai Baba. I did not like either about the foundation for Ram Dass. And to close the circle, he, having successful family relationships finally divorced his beloved wife.

In the cold breeze of these sentences, one can be filled with at least a subtle doubt and a strange feeling. I am not dogmatic. I dont have faith. I just know , what I know for my experiences.

I am not saying Dyer is a scam, that he is just in this business for the money, but I like to have all the information possible before I form my own opinion.

The best way to get information is to put it in this forum, where I could be sure these things would be upsetting the group. But given the teachings of Wayne , I was hoping that some of you could at least understand my doubts , and could give me some insights , and share our points of view.

Look, I feel better with the thought that there could be a confusion about the names of the Guru´s.

For the Ram Dass thing , I would love an answer from Dyer about the real priority of Ram Dass keeping a house in Hawaii over thousand of people dying everyday.

For the marital failure , i just can think that maybe Wayne´s purpose of spreading the news around the world was not compatible with Marcy´s priorities.

Anyway, I keep listening to Dyer tapes, and reading his books. I think he´s great . My doubts are just there to share them with you , not to try to look a way to put him down.

Lola, thanks for your responses and the funny way you write to make your point.

I send you a big kiss from SSSSpain.


19-07-2005 10:03:28

Ok, now your my Dear Little I think your NOT looking for dirty dirt Quique. Your back in the will. I think our souls may be just a little more aligned then I had thought, in the most resent past. And If I meet you on my path I wouldn't kick dirt in your face.

That was a very well written post in responce to my tirade and I understand your concerns. What you call "subtle doubts" & "strange feelings" you just want answers for things that don't sit right in your gut. And that is a good thing, a very good thing.

It was me that was just a tad, ok more than a tad misguided, misinformed and misunderstanding of your intent. I gotcha now! No I wouldn't go to a Dentist who had rotten teeth either! I guess your just checking out Waynes molars.

I appriciate your courage to seek the truth, when there are so many parades of pink elephants going down streets in every country that no one sees or want to see.

We don't see eye to eye on the Ram Dass/Hawaii thing, I guess Wayne loves Dass like you love your Grandmother. And that love is guiding him in his actions. It is/may be that simple. Dass was so busy helping and giving away most of his earnings, and thinking and living like most of us do when we are young that we will never get old & need help with the simple tasks in life, that he didn't make plans or set aside the funds. And somewhere in there must have been a faith that all would be well and his needs would be taken care of. They are and they will be.

About his marital failure. I love, love! I like, want, believe & cherish the idea of one mate for life myself. I wish we humans were more like whales or swans that pick one mate for life. But alas we are not. We have this thing called free will.

I can only share with you how my thoughts have changed as a result of thinking about Waynes marital failure. At first I thought wow if Wayne can't keep his marriage together how can anyone. It would be like Dr. Phil announcing he was getting a divorce.

And now the longer I stay on my path I realize my perceptions of marriage have changed and other peoples choices to stay or not stay together is a very personal choice. Until you walk a mile in his moccasins you just won't know. And until you personally experience such things yourself it's best not to judge to harshly one way or the other.

About that other Baba guy, sounds creepy, but I don't know him personally. I'll keep you posted.

And so my Dear Quique keep on truckin', keep on seeking the truth, keep on asking questions. Consider us kissed and made up! Peace, Lola


19-07-2005 22:25:00

The need of everyone to delve into the personal lives of those we idolize or look up to is why the very knowing folks back in 100 a.d. decided Jesus was born of a virgin and all the rest that goes along with that oh so very holy story.

People if we can't focus on the message and not the messenger then we have not yet arrived. We are on the way...but just stuck in a little traffic!

One Love