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Again, question about "The Power of Intention"


05-07-2005 19:54:45

Hi, again, for anyone who can help me, in terms of "The Power of Intention," I have been trying lately to think in terms of what I want and to think and to emotionally feel and think about what I am trying to manifest and bring about. I am trying to see myself in that situation and trying to think of myself as whatever I think is what is vibrating somehow out to the World in terms of Quantam Physics in similiar ways as in the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know" and trying to use the technique that Wayne Dyer uses. And from the movie it was fascinating to see the water examples from Masaru Emoto where I think he wrote something on water samples and it showed how the water was effected I think by the emotional meaning or material of what was written on the water samples.
So my question is for anyone who has followed "The Power of Intention" thoroughly and completely, exactly how long do you think or "Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions you're trying to manifest before you see results? How long do you wait for these things to show up? Because again I've been trying to follow this, but I find that when this thing I am trying to manifest doesn't show up in a certain amount of time, I stop and I guess get lazy and this thing doesn't show up.

So how long and exactly how do you follow the Power of Intention before you see results on average?


Jim ? ?


05-07-2005 21:05:08

Just wanted to say that Masaru Emoto applied emotional stimuli to the water, water molecules.


09-07-2005 22:10:24

Hi Jim, In answer to your question how long does it take on average before you see results with the power of intention? Well the answer is 16 days, 4 hours, 16 minutes and 4 seconds. You stopped just a day or so before it would'a happen, useing the dates of your posts between june 22nd. thru july 6th. just 14 days-NOT! but I got your attention now didn't I? Wouldn't it be great tho if you got a dozen replies and we all said the same thing? It reminds me of a question I pondered much of the month of August in my 8th year on this planet. Just how many licks does it take to get to center of a Tootsie Roll, Tootsie Pop? Now stay with me Jim, I'm going to help you, this stuff is very simple and youv'e become far to advanced for your own good. And the only reason I know this is I too have walked a couple of thousand miles in your moccasins, mostly in one big gigantic circle. So back to the Tootsie Roll, Tootsie Pop question, If you made the effort to get to the center by taking a few random licks here and there, ever so often once in a while, it would probably take you the better half of your life time, to see that center. But if on the other hand, you concentrated your licks/efforts to a certain amount of time each and everyday, made it a priority, had unquestionable faith that your disapline and stick to it-ness was the key to your success then my friend you'd be gettin to that center in no time at all. As i see it your glitch right now, is my sometimes glitch and the glitch that is and will always be the glitch for you, me and everyone TO SOME DEGREE. It is called negitive mind chatter and the more you try to stop it, control it, halt it or attempt to put an end to it the stronger it will get. Lets all not think of a pink elephant now shall we? And then you'll just keep beating yourself up cuz here you are again, thinking negative thoughts. And then you have negative feelings about your negative thoughts, you'll get in all but a fist fight with yourself, I can hear your fustration. Get this Jim, youv'e had almost 4 decades of thinking some other way. It's very ingrained in you, its habit, it seems easyer to think your old way, you know the stories, you know the drill, it's easy to fall back into it. You learned it from well meaning parents who learned it from their well meaning parents and from school, society at large, t.v. newspapers made it up as you went. But some how you made your way to this power of intention stuff and you kinda like how it sounds, good!, really good! If you could just get to it, and stay there. Am I right? I'll go on just in case you think I'm right. You don't stop the negative mind chatter. You go around it, thru it and past it. Here are some sugjestions when it starts. They work for me and many others and it will work for you. When the chatter starts you say outloud when appropriate or to yourself when its not CANCEL, CANCEL your subconscious is what we are working on here. I often will say STOP, I may say it several times to shake myself loose from my negative jags. You can't change the past anymore then you can move the stars around in the sky. You may say to yourself "up until now I thought this way, I now choose this new empowering thought" and then say that new thought. Also very important are the words you use. You used the words try/trying 12 times between your two posts. Trying is a halfway word. It provides a built-in excuse to be unsuccessful. If you're having a conversation with someone and you say "I'll meet you at 1100 a.m. and their responce is "I'll try" it isn't very reassuring is it? Same with the word hope, "I intend for a new job" & I "HOPE" I get it" drop the hope, that shows doubt about your intentions. altho I may start out making my list of what I WANT with the words "I WANT" this may put you in a state of wanting and not getting. some examples "I intend for a new car, house, living situation, relationship perfect health- insert your own and my belief is this is true. You may need to kick it up a notch at this point and expand your knowlege and learn some new ideas for intending so i'll leave you with two that I think are really neato. Wayne wasn't the first to intend, it's not a new concept I have a little book 56 pages from a group called the Intenders, called The Intenders Handbook by Tony Burroughs. The book is dated november 1997 and he started the group sometime before that. It can be ordered for about $4.00 at www.intenders.com you can also find a list on that web site for local meeting of intenders or get a starter pack to start one yourself. This may be just what you need is a support group to help guide you thru this journey. I got the little book out myself last night, wiped off the layer of dust and got reinspired, went to their web site, hadn't done that before and found a group near me I plan to attend. The 2nd. is the teachings of Abraham if you go to www.abraham-hick.com you can down load a free intro. cd or order one for $5.00. Their 5 cd started set is wonderful, if you get the concepts of the free one, the set just elaborates. Wayne Dyer wrote the forward in their book "Ask and it is Given" and highly recomends the teachings. Don't get me wrong I adore Wayne Dyer, I own almost every book he's written and every tape and cd he put his voice on, but your asking and intending for more and my intention for you is that somewhere in this post from me, you will find something that clicks for you, takes you a step further, gets you over your hump of doubt & confusion. Your so close, keep walking forward. All the best is yours and mine. Peace Lola


11-07-2005 11:50:38


You have an interesting writing voice and a nice sense of humor. Do us a favor and break your comments up into paragraphs so they are easier to read.

I'd hate to think I missed a line because I skipped over it due to the format!


12-07-2005 00:18:36

Greetings Great King Rat! I fully "Intend" to learn the great art of paragraph writing, now that I have perfected the run on sentence. Thank you for your sugjestion, I accept it with the love that was "Intended". All the best is yours and mine. Peace, Lola


12-07-2005 14:19:54

OK, yes, stop sayign trying and start say "I intend...." I agree with that. OK, it's July 12, 1210pm. And I'm going to intend from this point. I'll tell you of any results I get.




15-07-2005 13:32:37

Try this out for size;

.....close your eyes. picture an object in your mind,it can be anything....
(eg lion, carrot, hammer, nail or both, anything) keep your eyes closed for about 90 seconds................ keep this image in your mind..........

then, see how long it takes, before that image appears somewhere during the day.

YOU WILL BE AMAZED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An eagle has keen vision, because the intent is survival (food).
A giraffe has a long neck, because the intent is to eat the leaves in the high tree.
A camel has a hump, because the intent is to navagate the desert.

Be a cocreator of your life. Picture your life as a dream, one in which you can control the out come of every event( through intention), BE all the characters in this dream, it is your play (drama/dharma).



16-07-2005 14:37:22

Hi, I've been doing it. I forget to do it alot of times to be honest. But I start again. So far, I haven't noticed anything too much. But I'm doing it. Nothing yet. I'll keep you abreast of any news.




17-07-2005 18:55:34

Wizdumb, I tried the 90 seconds technique you said. But nothing happened. I guess I've got to keep trying.

Anyway, I'm still trying to follow Wayne's technique. It's frustrating that what I want to manifest and show up hasn't shown up yet, but I keep doing it.



18-07-2005 11:22:08

Well I tried it. I didn't want to do something ordinary like a hammer or a basketball or something I would see just driving down the street, so I envisioned a bowling ball. I sat with my eyes closed, envisioning a bowling ball for at least ninety seconds.

I then went for a long walk, trying not to think of the bowling ball. I tried to just let it go but stayalert.


The next morning, I was flipping channels on the TV and on VH-1 there was a commercial for "The Surreal Life." In the commercial, the cast members were taking on a group of mentally challenged people in a sport.

The sport was bowling. I saw a few bowling balls on the commercial.

So I guess that counts?


18-07-2005 21:42:16

Yes Great King Rat that does count! Every time you affirm your own personal power of intention you will create more, you will strengthen your faith in your own power of attraction. And doubt will cease.

If you on the other hand tend to say statements to yourself or others to explain it away like "Well that woulda happen any way" or "That's just a coinky dink" your going to block the flow of these baby steps that will lead you to all of your desires. The big ones!

I tried this 90 second thing, I focused on red hearts, the next day I was behind a hostess cup cake truck covered with cupcakes and red hearts. That was good enough for me. Also that same day I focused on Rose Quartz one of my favorite stones. About a month later still nothing. I finally met someone that a friend of mine had been trying to get me together with for several weeks becouse we live so close together. At our 1st. meeting she ended our conversation by saying "oh and one more thing, I live near a gem mine, and my front yard is covered with Rose Quartz" Talk about goose bumps, I had billard balls!

And so my point is you can't rush the universe and the universe can't rush you. Stay open, have faith, let go of how & when it should be delivered and even that it should be delivered. Would you have rathered that bowling ball fell from the sky. Have you ever really wanted something and you got it and then you couldn't wait to get rid of it. My belief has become thru this journey that nothing that is truely ment to be mine will not be mine. I have become more at peace having this belief. Peace, Lola


19-07-2005 10:37:07

Hi all,

I am new here, but something struck me about jkygogo's post that I thought I would put out there. I see that you often use the word "want" which denotes that you are coming from a place of emptiness. Emptiness will attract more emptiness. Try striking the word "want" from your vocabulary and use "intend" instead and see what happens.



19-07-2005 11:51:04

Hi, Yes, I'm saying "Intend". That's a good change.

I have a question. If I want to get a car. Should I say "I intend to get a car"? or should I "contemplate myself as surrounded by the conditions I want to bring about" and think and say I have the car already? That's a point I am having trouble figuring? Do I say "I intend to get a car" or do I already see myself as having this car?


P.S. I'm going to try the 90 seconds technique again.



Harvey Shortz

20-07-2005 17:12:51

Hey Kiddo, Like the good Doc says, if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. Might want to lose the word "can't" from your speech.
If you go to hayhouseradio.com and go to the archives, you can listen to Wayne address exactly what's what regarding your question. He talks about time frames etc in "Getting in the gap" in the power of intention. Keep the faith!


26-07-2005 08:37:53

Hi, To be honest, again so far I've not been doing this for some days because I have not been seeing any results. But I'm going to get back on the program and do it again tell you any results.




26-07-2005 22:38:55

I found this website and this posting by accident - another serendipity for me. I don't know you nor do I judge you It seems to me that what is missing is some kind of God consciousness Perhaps maybe another word is appropriate Higher Power Inner Guide
But I think that you might try getting in touch with some kind of Spiritual Being and not Quantum Physics Get out of your left brain and move into your right
I mean no disrespect I wish you Blessings, Chris
Oh, by the way you can also forget about controlling anything roll


26-07-2005 22:55:07

Hi Everyone, I'm new Boy do I like the sounds of 90 Seconds !!
Please elaborate Thanks shock


26-07-2005 23:07:53

Haven't we been taught that when in meditation we "honor the thoughts" that come through and then refocus?


04-08-2005 06:41:49

How cool, watching CNN and a report of how all the passengers on Flight 358, evacuated from the plane in 90 seconds. 90 seconds sounds familiar.

jkygogo wrote

Wizdumb, I tried the 90 seconds technique you said. But nothing happened. I guess I've got to keep trying.

Guess what, it worked. I believe our focus was on doing some good and something positive in 90 seconds.

Awesome work people, lets keep it up.

Be a Believer, be fearless and be free.


07-08-2005 17:44:25

Failed so far. Yes, I admit I have stopped doing this. I guess after seeing very little results, I eventually forgot to do it and lost motivation. So I still haven' manifested this.

Just wanted to say, I can understand how "The Power of Intention" works since seeing how my life has turned out pretty much has come from my thoughts and feelings throughout my life. But I've been doing "The Power of Intention" off and on since last year and I still have not seen the results. I'm kind of unsure of trying this anymore and trying other techniques. Maybe in the future I'll try again. But for now, I'm going to think about it.

Anyway, take care.

I hope anyone who follows "The Power of Intention" will succeed in the future. Go for it.

Frustrated J.


22-08-2005 21:01:22

Dear J.

Have you heard of the expression "In God's time?" or this one "Thy will and not my will be done."?

Power of Intention is not what makes it happen in my opinion. God makes it happen. Power of Intention is a series of techniques that help people to retrain themselves and their thinking. Thinking negatively drains you of energy. Thinking positively makes a person okay with the waiting and helps us trust in the slow hand of God.

I think perhaps you are frustrated because you are trying to hold a stop watch on God. The universe will bring you what you need, but also a watched pot doesn't boil... In other words by focusing on "When" , you are losing the beauty of "How"- How you can change or choose a new thought in any and every situation, you are losing the beauty of "Who"- all of us on this site , the people you meet and interact with, the ability to allow kind acts from strangers,- and so on.

I would encourage you to give up. Give up looking for "When" and your frustration will lift. If you focus on how good it feels to think positively, to find reasons to be grateful in the most common place things, you will enjoy God's grace and be in a state of receptivity and just be able to be in the core of intention.

Gratitude is the key, for me. When I lose my "attitude of Gratitude", fear, doubt, living in the past return.

It's the glass half empty/half full. Don't worry about "When" it'll be filled or if it's completely full or what's in it- maybe just be glad you hot a glass at all, you know?

My prayer for you is that you will see what a sweet person you are, and use your tenacious and logical/ analytical nature to help yourself love yourself.

-Celia wink


24-08-2005 08:53:26

I think one of the short comings of Dr Dyer's persentation on the power of intention is that there is an implication that what I want will be in harmony with my source and I would doubt that is the case. Why sky is a lovely girl and very sincere in her feelings. She is not to my thinking a gifted singer. I do not find her music compelling or particularly inspiring myself. So I am not sure that her desire to be a singer is necessarily in harmony with her source. Learning the mind of the source, to speak metaphorically is an important part of the intention process as I see it.


24-08-2005 12:26:32

Ricky writes

I think one of the short comings of Dr Dyer's persentation on the power of intention is that there is an implication that what I want will be in harmony with my source and I would doubt that is the case. Why sky is a lovely girl and very sincere in her feelings. She is not to my thinking a gifted singer. I do not find her music compelling or particularly inspiring myself. So I am not sure that her desire to be a singer is necessarily in harmony with her source. Learning the mind of the source, to speak metaphorically is an important part of the intention process as I see it.



24-08-2005 12:30:09

I broke a rule?


24-08-2005 12:41:53

Do you know RULE # 6 ?


24-08-2005 13:42:29

obviously not do you know rule number 14?


24-08-2005 13:47:38

I don't even know where the rules are. I have looked all over this site for them.


25-08-2005 07:34:24

Dear Friends,

Rule # 6 is



25-08-2005 08:03:33

Rule Number 14 is




19-09-2005 00:04:15

okay, maybe Im wrong about something, maybe I missed something but here goes If I connect to the power of intention, etc... well, what about drug dealers and arms dealers, and crooks? They seem to have connected to source... they never suffer the consiquences of thier actions; the live lives of blissful abundance... martha stewart, P. diddy, rap "artists" Kim Il Jung, etc... endless streams of incomes, mansions, cars money in the bank, adulation of millions, but the bottom line? They're thugs. !
They dont serve ANYBODY! They dont make the world a better place! They're parasites! Are THEY connected to "source??" How can this be explained? Or am I missing something??


19-09-2005 08:39:33

Source is not about the outer trappings. I'm sure there are some very lonely millionairres out there. Martha Stewart learned some lessons in jail I am guessing and P.Diddy organized a voter registration drive for disenfranchised young adults- To me that is connected to source.

Even if they have the wealth etc. and are not connected and unconcerned, no one takes their cars, boats to heaven. How do we know from the outside looking in about anyone else's inner life? We don't.

In judging them unworthy, you are not seeing that it is possible to be walking with God and wealthy... As for Gangsta Rap, which seems to embrace non peaceful principles, well at least we all have an example of what is not peaceful in rap. There is a rap artist on this site who creates music around much more elevated themes.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that, things may not be as they appear on the surface. I am so busy trying to navigate my inner universe I don't have time to contemplate any one else's except as far as I can offer love to others and be open to do God's work.



20-09-2005 10:01:39

RELAX, take a deep breath. Inhale through your nose, hold it for a second or two, release and exhale through your mouth.

SOURCE is as SOURCE does.

Manifesting, Intention, Wishing, I like what Wayne says, "becareful what you wish for, you will also get what you don't want.

You may focus your Intention on a new home (I did read a post somewhere on this forum, I think someone was doing this) you may manifest a new home. But the new home could turn out to be a money pit. This new home may be next door to rude neighbors.

You may focus your Intention on a new and better paying job. And when you have manifested that job, you could have a very demanding boss, or have disruptive coworkers.

Relax let things happen, the choices of your life have already been made for you. Go with the flow, BE happy, BE fearless, BE free and most of all BE.


with all love, don't focus on others, learn from them, what you see and what you read about the characters in this play called life, may not seem to BE true. Not all hip-hop guys on MTV's cribes actually have all the stuff they claim to have. And if they do so BE it. Create your own world, you are the director,the actors, the extras of your life.

Don't get too caught up with IN "tension"


24-09-2005 10:50:43

Create your own world, you are the director,the actors, the extras of your life.

Don't get too caught up with IN "tension"

Hear ye! Hear ye! Nice one!

How come they never teach us this in school eh?

Thanks my fellow Jedi!http://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000007.gifhttp://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000057.gif