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thinking thoughts that expand and OCD


19-06-2005 22:44:33

One question I've been coming to grips withis this believing that thoughts are things and you have to watch what you think about very carefully because what you think about expands...
Then this is "deathrattle" to someone who struggles with OCD. If someone has the "intrusive thought" type where "killing your mother" is a stuck thought...the harder you try to stop thinking about it...the more you think about it!!!! And since its a bio-chemical/biological aspect relating to brain chemestry, you can imagine how this could create havoc in those aflicted with OCD...REMEMBER, what ever they think about (sickniess, disease, death...) EXPANDS! YEEEOW!!!!!! And this is outside of their conscious control!!!!!!
On the other hand both Mark Twain, Dale Carnage and Lucinda Bassett agree, 90% of the things we worry about NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!

What are we to make of these seemingly contradictroy truths????



20-06-2005 04:42:25

I completely agree with you on this.

Obsesive thinking brings all these kinds of irrational thoughts that never happen.

Dyer is one of the most important psichologist of our times, so he should know that the only way to stop obssesive thinking is to accept the thoughts that are there for a reason, which is the way we have learn to face the circumstances. Accepting and allowing is the key.

I guess there is a real difference between an intended thought and the one that just appears for fear of loosing control.

But I would love Dyer or any of the people in this forum , tells us about this apparent contradiction.
Thanks Vscott179.


20-06-2005 18:44:34

Stop focusing on what is not true and focus instead on that which is true. The thoughts we hold - all of us - are within the mind, and projected into the world we believe we see. The thought itself never leaves the source. The brain, like the body is nothing more than what the mind tells it to be. Instead of thinking of negativity - think of Love - there is no opposite to Love. Instead of fretting over what you have no control, dwell on what you do - thoughts of love. All else is false, love is true. As Dyer put it so well once - 'Would you rather lay in bliss or lay in piss?'

Namaste - Ron


20-06-2005 23:49:33


I agree with the second responder and I appreciate the last, however the most recent post (Im afraid) doesn't seem to realize the gravity and devistation true and bio-chemical OCD inflicts upon its victims. The point is that the individual has lost his or her personal control of focus and the brain takes over and gets "stuck" on a negative obsession, fear,or compulsion...and the only remedy is to do some sort of ritual to negate the obsession...unfortunatley doing the compulsion to ease the anxiety actually fuels and causes the OCD to "hard wire" and and therefore strengthens the obsessional thought, rendering will power, choice of focus, and free will, less and less effective if not eventually impossible!!
That is why there is no cure for OCD except for medication and new cognitative behavoioral therapy which one must practice and master over and over to dilute the power of the obsession which has been compared to a "mental hic-up" Ever tried to get rid of "hick-ups"? Well OCD is worse!! And eventhough medication, CBT and other techniques can help the obsessive compulsive cope, he or she never is completely cured of the disorder! It tends to wax and wane over the years. There is a book out called "OCD and other gods" I have not found it in the bookstores yet but I can relate....its like its a living organism inside the brain which tries to control its victim which can drive up to 80% of those who have in its most severe form, to either become completely debilitated or commit suicide.




21-06-2005 09:21:21

I highly recommend you read three books - all by David R. Hawkins
1) Power vs. Force, 2) The Eye of the I, and 3) I. I believe they will be very beneficial to you in your search for answers.

Namaste - Ron


12-07-2005 02:39:57

Great suggestion...

I just finished power vs force. It still leaves me with some questions that I would like clarified.

I still dont understand how OCD thoughts can hopefully remain null since these are still real thoughts nonetheless. OCD thoughts are chemically induced by imbalances of neurochemestry which have been proven to be genetic (sorry, Tom Cruze).


How does conditions like ADHD fit into the Power vs force equasion?

What did someone like Gen. George S. Patton calabrate?

Are all wars evil or should we have just lived under the swastica for several hundred years until the movement petered out on its own..

"When Good Men Do Nothing..."