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Has anyone been listening to HayHouseradio.com?


06-06-2005 16:36:04

Hi, has anyone been listenign toe Hay House Radio.com? I listen. I enjoy listening to Wayne, Sylvia Browne, Summer McStravick. It would be extra cool if they eventually also get Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins on.
Who else in your views would be a good host to put on?




08-06-2005 12:38:40

Hi all,
I listen alot. It's another gift from Louise and the great people at Hay House. If you listen, email and tell them how much you like it. There are lots of consciousness raising internet stations around. They're alot better than listening to the news!


Craig A


03-08-2005 14:48:00

Yes - Radio for your soul! Thank heavens for Hay House Radio. Deepak Chopra was interviewed on the June 20th episode of "Interpreting Dreams". He gave some great advice for insomniacs!