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Wayne Dyer endorses Sai baba????


20-05-2005 04:21:25

I am sorry , but I would like to know your (try to be objective please) thoughts on this.


I have seen a documentary , and many places that confirms that Sai Baba is ******** well I prefer not to put it. It makes me sick.


13-06-2005 18:24:25

Are you certain Dr. Dyer endorsed ssb? I've not seen anything to this effect. I know he talks about another Indian guru with Baba in his name, but this teacher is NOT the same as the very controversial ssb. Please share the exact soure of this perceived endorsement. shock


14-06-2005 04:12:08

In my post you will find a link where I found the Baba-Dyer connection.

Here´s a quote " When a well known public figure like Dr. Dyer is promoted and endorsed by many religious groups and the National talk shows and the Public Broadcasting System, he should certainly be held accountable and asked to make a public retraction and to request withdrawal of all of his publications that entice his readers or listeners to seek a private interview with ssb."



This one is very explicit


Now, what should we think?????

chris knight

14-06-2005 06:10:50

This one is very explicit
Now, what should we think?????

Thanks for posting these resources Quique!

I liked this excerpt
"Dyer says that by definition, anything that excludes cannot be spiritual. And he says that nearly all religions exclude"

Hmmm, how to move towards an attitude of "inclusiveness"...


20-06-2005 18:38:40

I recently viewed a video by David Hawkins who calibrates this man below 200!

Namaste - Ron


23-06-2005 04:52:30

Then , if Dyer trust Hawkins I dont understand this link......anyone has an explanation??????


Dyer says, “I have a very, very strong internal knowing about my connection to Source (God) and Sai Baba is someone who lives at this level of God Consciousness. In David Hawkins book Power v/s Force, he speaks of a handful of people who live at this God-Realized level. He says they are steadfast in their abstention of thoughts of harm, that they don’t exclude anyone and that they include all, and Baba is one of those beings that calibrates at one of those exceptionally high spiritual levels that is commensurate with Source. He is Source Energy. He lives at Source Energy. He is God. We are all pieces of God, and He is there all the time.”

and at the first mention of Sai Baba tears appeared in his eyes. He has never seen Swami in person but said that he was well acquainted with Baba because He appeared often in his dreams.

“I am not sure why He comes to me,” he says, “it just started happening several years ago. This is a Being who lives at God Consciousness who has, as Jesus had, the ability to manifest at will (like Jesus manifested fish and loaves). All of us have the ability to manifest, but there is the timeline between what we think and what we do.”

In public lectures around the world, Dyer invariably brings up the name of Sai Baba. “I am not sure why He comes to me,” he says, “it just started happening several years ago. This is a Being who lives at God Consciousness who has, as Jesus had, the ability to manifest at will (like Jesus manifested fish and loaves). All of us have the ability to manifest, but there is the timeline between what we think and what we do.”

In a recent TV interview Dyer exclaimed, “Even as you speak (about Sai Baba), I get very emotional. I could almost break down and cry right now. It’s not a tear of sadness; it’s not a feeling that I am hurt in any way. It’s just the most blissful, peaceful (feeling). Do you know what it feels like to be in a warm shower when you have been out in the cold? It’s like having a warm shower running inside of you.”

This is how Dyer describes Baba’s appearances in his dreams
“It’s an energy that moves up and down your spine and gives you goose flesh; only, it’s internal goose flesh. It’s just bliss. That’s the way it is and that’s how I feel.”


06-07-2005 17:44:08

I don't see how that's a huge deal. If Baba lost his way somehow and did some wrong things, I'm sure he wouldn't support him any further.

That's the problem with, for want of a better term, hero worship. People fall down. I'm sure there are plenty of "former" Michael Jackson fans, for example.


09-08-2005 01:55:33

Why wouldn't Dyer endorse Sai Baba? Millions of us Indians do....apparently he's quite a faith healer. Why hasn't the Discovery Channel done anything on this guy eh? roll


27-08-2005 00:06:03

Hi, I've heard if you say Sai Baba 3 times, things happen. Has anyone noticed this? Is this true?




29-08-2005 19:53:39

I suggest you read what David Hawkins has to say about this man - not what you would expect from someone Wayne thinks so highly of.

Namaste - Ron


12-09-2005 20:22:15

The many books Dyer has written - have you ever read anywhere where he states that we are to place people on high pedestals and see them as different? Only when we place them there, do they fall down. Not one of us is less than another - we are the Oneness we speak of. Looking to one man for guidance is giving away your life. You can believe what Sri Baba says - you can believe anything you wish to believe - but that does make it truth. If we are to 'manifest our own destiny' and know that 'there's a spiritual solution to every problem' - and that we 'shall see it when we believe it' and know that no one can 'pull our own strings' - then we have come a way on our individual spiritual path where we know we that which we seek. What we look for is within, not out there somewhere. Dyer appears to be speaking differently lately - taking on 'special projects' for the help of others, etc. Not that this is wrong, but in these special projects where is our emphasis, our focus - on seeing things differently or gathering money to some cause initiated by fear.

I suggest you read Hawkins so that you also may test for truth - and be open to the truth. Remember it is not the teacher, but what the teacher teaches that is what we are to hear.

Namaste - Ron


14-09-2005 09:43:27

The following ad was recd and I thought it okay to share with all of you. Upon reading this ad, can you honestly say that this individual would be a guru to Dyer? The seminar is in New York in October.

Namaste - Ron

The GURU who inspired Wayne Dyer's bestseller, "Manifest Your
Destiny" which is based on Siva Baba's "AH" Meditation.

Negative Forces and the Goddesses
The dark forces and the Goddesses are not simply mythological
figures. They are forces of good and evil that affect our daily life.
The negative forces are out to destroy us. You have pressing issues
at hand to take care of your finances, studies, work or physical
exercise etc. But you don't take action. Instead, you engage in
unconscious behavior. The negative forces are behind these
unconscious behavior acts and they make you lethargic, goofy, and
unfocused so that you will lose things and be a failure. Be in Baba's
presence and learn how to deal with the negative forces in life.

Receive Initiation into the Company of the Goddess

According to the Goddess literature of ancient India, the Goddess is
the super-mind and material things. Without the Goddess, it is
impossible to have a sharper mind and material wealth. Both men and
women have the Goddess energy that controls money and matter.

The purpose of this program is to initiate participants into a
personal relationship with the Goddess.

Siva Baba will initiate everyone into mantra meditation and
invocation for

· The Goddess of wealth
· The Goddess of intelligence, art and music
· The Goddess of relationship
· The Goddess to block evil eye & negativity, and to destroy
negative forces

After receiving this initiation, the Goddess will guide you. You can
call upon the Goddess at will and count on her as your Guardian angel.


17-09-2005 19:20:04

I'm not sure how calibration works but it sounds like calibration is in the eye of the beholder. What I keep asking time and time again is how important is it.

Again I state this is why most religious icons have to be made to be these pristine figures. Can I not be a crack head and have a word of redemption for my fellow man. EVERYBODY WITHOUT EXCEPTION HAS ISSUES. Everybody. Show me some who doesn't and I'll say that person is in a morgue.

I learn from everything and anything.

Stay in the light


17-09-2005 20:48:44

If you have ever had kinesology done on you, you can appreciate what Hawkins is trying to do. If you have ever practiced kinesology, you have some respect for the findings Hawkins states. Hawkins constantly and repeatedly mentions people who have been known as 'gurus' - in fact on pages 376 and 377 of his recent book "Truth vs. Falsehood" he lists over 100 Spiritual Teachers Included are Black Elk - 499; Eric Butterworth - 495; Dalai Lama - 570; Dogen - 740; Meister Eckhart - 705; Charles Fillmore - 515; Ghandi - 760; Ernest Holmes - 485; Madhva Charya, Sri - 520; Rumi - 550; Sai Baba, Shirdi (noth Sathya) - 485; and Mother Theresa - 710. - These are just a sampling.

Dyer believing in his 'guru' is for Dyer alone and as long as the words he writes are still flowing through him as in the past , I will continue to read as I am led.

I am curious here about the lecture you saw - did Dyer state that he was supporting a drive for certain people of the world?

Namaste - Ron


27-11-2005 17:44:56

Former followers and critics of Sathya Sai Baba have attempted to pressure anyone promoting him with group thuggery tactics, such as threats of lawsuits, name-smearing and revealing personal email addresses so that other members in their coterie can "e-bomb" them with complaints.

The only problem with this, however, is that Anti-Sai allegations are made despite no court cases ever being filed, first-hand, in a court of law in India. Not even one alleged victim has utilized free, "world class legal resources" to bring Sathya Sai Baba to justice. Not even one single affidavit has ever been made public (despite numerous claims to "20", "scores" and "over a hundred" affidavits being in existence and published on the internet). The petition signatures have never been independently verified. "Evidence" is cited from mostly anonymous sources or people using a first name or a pseudonym. Anti-Sai's have slandered Sathya Sai Baba in the most vile way, yet whenever anyone questions them and their character, "all of a sudden" they are beyond reproach.

All of this points to a cultish, secretive, hate-group, that tries to mislead the general public with propaganda. No documents. No affidavits. No court cases. No first-hand complaints filed in India. No independent agencies verifying their alleged data. No nothing! Despite these facts, Anti-Sai Activists have the audacity to attack those who question their viewpoints and unsubstantiated claims.

One of the tactics used against Sathya Sai Baba has been to directly or indirectly attack his supporters (such as Dr. Dyer).

In my search for the Truth, I have uncovered shocking, unbelievable and very disturbing facts about ex-devotees and the dishonest and deceitful ploys they have used against Sathya Sai Baba.

This has been fully discussed on my site at SaiSathyaSai.com. I also have a quick reference page about the character and online behavior of Former Devotees, Critics and Skeptics of Sathya Sai Baba.

It's about time the truth be known about Anti-Sai Activists. They have waged an unremitting smear campaign aimed at misleading the general public with one-way, packaged and misrepresented information.

I have a contact page located on my site. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns and thank you kindly for allowing me to voice my opinion.

Gèrald Morèno


28-11-2005 01:16:57

Cheekykid, thank you for your question. Let's be honest. Any alleged materialization that comes from Sathya Sai Baba's physical form will be inextricably tied to doubt. Magicians can "materialize" rings, vibuthi, necklaces and lingams. So your doubts are absolutely valid and pertinent.

However, Sathya Sai Baba's manifestations and miracles are not solely limited to his physical form. There are numerous alleged manifestations of vibuthi, amrita, kum-kum, flowers, mishri, fragrances, lights, statues, coins, handwritten letters and various substances used in pujas that are said to occur from his pictures, altars and shrines all around the world. These manifestations can occur in great abundance, as they as in the Calusa Shrine, Other Shrines and the Bali Shrine. These manifestations are wholly unique to Sathya Sai Baba and occur all around the world in many houses. There are also numerous online testimonies about miraculous cures, visions and appearances of Sathya Sai Baba. SaiBabaLinks.org lists many of these stories.

It is also important to point out that there are many former followers who still believe that Satha Sai Baba can perform miracles, effect cures and materialize objects. It is also intriguing to point out that the same devotees who still believe these things are now duplicitously trying to make the case that Sathya Sai Baba cheats on all his materializations.

Consequently, Sathya Sai Baba remains an enigma. The issues surrounding him are hardly as simple as many would like others to think. I suggest you view my page about the ExBaba site and its webmaster. Be prepared to be shocked about his online behavior and attacks against Sathya Sai Baba despite never following or even seeing him. You must also remember that SSB has been filmed materializing objects since the 1960's. The ExBaba site has only been able to come up with 11 clips, one of which is an extremely poor clip and the other had nothing to do with a manifestation anyway. The other clips definitely are suspicious and give room for doubt. I've talked about them on my Movies Page.

Hoped that answered your question.


28-11-2005 18:02:45

Hi, I've heard if you say Sai Baba 3 times in a row, The Spirit will appear or come into your house. Has anyone heard of this and has anyone said this? I'm not suggesting you do say this, but have you heard anything about this?




20-12-2005 13:20:55

This entire discussion reminds me of a conversation I had with my sister, who is very literal. We were discussing our perceptiosn of God. I said that I see God everywhere, trees, rivers, children, me...She said that she did not view God that way. God was seperate and above us to watch over us. She did not agree with the unity because her children are their own persons; she did not want to be seen as a part of our mother so I think that is how she came to that reasoning. I replied that we see things differently.

My oldest niece, and Godchild, was about 8 at the time. She looked at us both and said, "you think God is one way and Aunt Carrie thinks God is another way...? Who is wrong?"

Again, the principle of exclusion versus inclusion. Even disussing the most holy of topics, it is a dedcutive nature that wants to find what is right. Some of the most difficult events in history have provided the the highest frquencies of enlightenment.

Tom Green

10-01-2006 08:30:59

loladucks addressed the confusion of Dyer's guru in her post, "Get Your Baba's right honey child!" But since this thread is prominently displayed on the first page of the forum right now and no one has mentioned it here, I thought I would.

Sai Baba is a man who has a lot of controversy surrounding his acts.

Siva Baba, or Baba Sri Siva, is not the same person as Sai Baba. Siva Baba is the "Guruji" to whom Wayne Dyer dedicated his book, "Manifest Your Destiny" to and is the person who taught Dyer the "Ah" meditation.

From his website

Siva Baba is a spiritual name given to Dr. Baskaran Pillai. In past years, Baba has also been called Baba Sri Siva, Sri Siva, Brzee, Shri Guruji and Guruji. Siva Baba has come to this earth plane for two main reasons to offer humanity a permanent solution to the many sufferings on this earth plane; and, to change human consciousness so everyone can live lives full of peace, health, prosperity and happiness, without the pervasive shadows of fear, anger, jealousy and doubt.

In Ron's post, which included an ad for a seminar by Baba, he seemed to be critical of the fact that Baba teaches how to manifest prosperity. Is Dyer himself not prosperous? I seem to recall mention that he spends a lot of his time on the Hawaiian Islands. Prosperity and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. How can one spend his time in meditation and with thoughts of God if he is worrying on how he will eat, pay the bills, etc?

Baba wants all humanity to be prosperous and have material comforts, instead of just a few on earth controlling the majority of its money. He doesn't want us to be filthy rich to the point where we lose touch with God, but at the same time, we should live comfortably.

In the last few years, with the Earth changes happening, he has decreased his emphasis on manifesting material wealth and is teaching more of spiritual wealth. He stresses selfless service and to constantly have one's mind in prayer and on God. Yes, he does run a business through his teachings, but after paying expenses, anything left over goes to his charity, the Tripura Foundation.

I give thanks to Wayne Dyer, for leading me to my teacher. Before I read his "Manifest Your Destiny" book, I was searching for something, I wasn't sure what. I even considered myself an athiest for some time before. I had first started reading Deepak Chopra and learned that Dyer was often a collaborator with Chopra. I had heard of Dyer before then, but never read any of his works. I picked up a couple of tapes that Dyer made with Chopra, which led to me reading several of his books. After using Dyer's meditations for about a year, I learned that "Guruji" had his own meditation tapes, which I bought and haven't looked back since.

Before finding Baba, I would buy several self-help books and tapes series in a year. I no longer read much, if anything of Chopra's anymore. I meditate daily, using Baba's techniques and the only "self-help" author that I do read regularly is Dyer.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't look like too much of a rant or an ad for Baba. I just wanted to clear up the misconception in this thread between Siva Baba and Sai Baba.


21-01-2006 10:46:43

Come on, use your common sense, here, Quique.

If you really were in touch with Dr. Dyer's character, you would know that he does not "endorse" child sex abuse.

How about getting more in touch with the Holy Spirit for proper discernment, rather than letting knee-jerk fear take over you and ruin your perspective?

Even though Dr. Dyer and I disagree on LOTS of issues and have contrasting methods on how we "connect the dots" logically and politically, and even though he isn't of the exact same religion as I am, I have to come to his defense here with regard to his basic character, and be fair and balanced about it the issue you've brought up.

As you can see, most people have seen fit not to even reply, which you really can't blame them. But as a Christian, Republican/Libertarian, yet independent thinker, I felt it my duty to bring a sense of equilibrium to your question.

Bottom line You are worrying for nothing. If Dr. Dyer had known it to be true, I feel certain that he wouldn't have included him in his promotions. Since I don't have any evidence to the contrary, or solid reason for suspicion, good sense dictates to give Dr. Dyer the benefit of the doubt on this issue.

Furthermore, it is not Dr. Dyer's responsibility to embark on a private investigation of every author who writes a book he happens to like. I don't know of anyone who does. I don't! If I happen to run across something that is brought to my attention, then fine. But I don't go out of my way to find dirt on them... unless my inner voice prompts me to do so.

Sincere advice chill.

Bobbie Schroder

Servant of God

21-01-2006 17:40:13

I do remember reading in Real Magic that 2 zen monks saw a flag move.One said that the wind moved the flag.The other said it moved on it's own.The zen master said they were both wrong,it was thier mind that moved the flag.So what you believe is what you believe.Know what I mean jelly beans.Peace,K


18-05-2006 13:09:41

Well, here I am again. I think at the end of the day, one has to pay attention to the messages instead of the messenger.

Its "funny" (lacking a better word) that both Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer have divorced "recently" when they preach about perfect relationships, and Dyer himself had a heart attack, when he preaches that he´s never had a cold in the last years, and runs everyday.......

Well, I dont blame them, since they are both great speakers and phylosophers of our times.


01-11-2006 15:46:47

I don't know people...

Why does someone have to be either good or bad?

Why does something have to be correct or false?

That is logical thinking and has little (or nothing) to do with the superconscious mind and you Real Selves.

Listen to your hearts and not your heads.

Logic always has to exclude...otherwise it can't come up with a conclusion.

It is all about analytical, subtracting thinking.

Try the heart...

Look at the world in a wholistic way.

We are all parts of One.

Nothing and no one is excluded from the Love energy that still keeps this world turning.

Try to see the good in others and not your differences.