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My Status as Board Admin

chris knight

02-05-2005 16:02:18

There are times during the year that I ask myself why I'm operating this board... as a kind of self-purpose-check.

Dyer represents to me some fundamentals that I've both mastered and need to be reminded of throughout my journey.

I do sit in awe sometimes at over 800 members have joined and created over 2000 participation posts over the past year.

However, my own lifes purpose is pulling me away from growing the popularity of this project.

Over the coming year, I intend to just allow this board to continue on its own natural path.

If you choose to be part of that path, your participation is always welcome. 8)


03-05-2005 14:58:45

Thanks to you, we have a nest, been well nurtured and fed, and are now ready to test our wings without you catching us. Thank you again for bringing this board into our lives. There are some who needed this board in a desperate manner when they came to it. They were sent to it and they received answers to their questions by merely reading the comments of others. Some have come to this board because they thought they were teachers, and learned that they were instead still learners. There are some who come to the board in fear, and left in fear, not yet ready to face themselves, for no other fear is present. We all came to this board because of a collective consciousness in reading Dyer's books. His books are letter from God to some of us. Thank you again, and while you pause in your duties, we will try to behave and keep the place neat. We will leave the porch light on for you.

Namaste - Ron

chris knight

03-05-2005 15:07:04

We will leave the porch light on for you.
Namaste - Ron


Thanks Ron!


03-05-2005 17:50:16

As Ron already mentioned, Thank you Chris for bringing this board into our lives. So many time I have visited this board. Mostly just reading what others had written and said. Not so much writing or participating in that sence. Without you and this board I would have missed so much. I know that for sure. Ive had guidance, help, comfort etc., many beautiful things to my life, through this channel and Im so thankful for all of this. I live in Finland, Europe - far away, across the Atlantic wink , so this forum is a living proof that love has no boundaries. So many beautiful souls gathered together - here-

I wish you all the best on your new path