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Unbreak my heart!


25-04-2005 12:45:32

I have just made it thru the 4 month mark, of the ending of a very unhappy 3 1/2 year relationship. Early on there couldn't have been redder flags waved any closer to to my face, and instead of running for the hills like my hair was on fire, I turned & metaphorically embraced this man. I had many painful lessons to learn about myself, that were presented to me in the form of this person. I am now grateful for my freedom, for the opportunity to learn self-love & the spiritual growth path I'm now walking . I work daily on releasing him with love and forgivness. With the inspiration provided thru the teachings of Wayne Dyer, his Ahhh! meditation & The Power Of Intention my life took on the appearance of a game show, within the 1st. 6 weeks of the relationship ending I had a new home, job, truck, computer even 2 new orange kittens, Moe & Joe that showed up shortly after I had "Intended" for them. I've got all the "STUFF" and it just keeps coming. My challenge is my emotions of heartbrokeness (is that a word?, it is now). And perhaps I'll answer my own question by saying time heals all. But I have a request, I know out there in Wayne Dyer fan land, that there are people who have been where I am, or are currently right there with me. What teachings of Wayne Dyer, others or your own ideas have helped and inspired you thru this passage? Thank you! Lola wink


03-05-2005 15:03:27

How does that song go - whatever Lola wants, Lola gets? Sound like you are doing fine in the manifesting area of life. How about the heartache department? The heartbache is not a challenge to you, but rather an opportunity - use those words. Challenge implies that you must move on, get to the top, win the battles, etc. Opportunity is but an open door through which you pass to another scene in your drama which we all call life. I just saw a sign in a store today that read something like this I want to be the kind of person my cat thinks I am.

Namaste- Ron


06-05-2005 22:07:17

Hi Ron, Thanks for your words of encouragement. I like the word opportunity rather than challenge. Then opportunity it is! The words "What ever Lola wants, Lola gets" from the song, have been sung to me my whole life. And have been a wonderful affirmation that follows me around. Untill recently Lola hasn't known what Lola wants in the relationship department, and now I have the "opportunity" after the ending of that last learning experience to find out. In the last few weeks since posting my request for help, I hit an emotional pothole on my path, out of the blue the grief hit me again, like it was new, I've been really tearful, I couldn't stop reliving the past hurt, all the sad details, I got so sick and tired of thinking this way that I got a brilliant idea. Stop thinking about all those sad memories and when they do pop up on there own, force myself to not go any further in. Sometimes it seems just easier in a way to think of what I've known, painful or not, then to stare into the unknown doorway and walk thru. Well I'm walking now! I did what I usally do when I get in that much pain, I prayed & asked for guidance from God, Angels, spirit guides, my inner self, who ever wanted to come to the party and I gotta tell you I feel better a week later. I have these affirmation cards and the one I pulled several days ago reads "My future isn't about my past *Life is only about NOW* Nothing that has ever happened has anything to do with now, unless, in my now, I continue to think and speak about it. Fresh new thoughts today give me a fresh new experience. Now thats a keeper! I keep it close at hand and read it several times a day, to keep me on track. Lola wants to move forward towards her bliss, Lola is moving forward towards her bliss. I am moving forward, I am in my bliss! I have a sign on my fridge "May I always be the kind of person my dog thinks I am" Again thank you for taking the time to reach out and share a few words of encouragement, it was just the nudge I needed. Lola wink


24-06-2005 21:52:40

Well Lola I'm sure you know you are not alone. I am living your nightmare as we speak and with the help of Dr. Dyers teachings I have learnt to seperate myself from this sink hole that has become my life.

I leave with someone who had taken every opportunity to disrespect me and put me down. Well Lola what I know it that the hardest pill I had to swallow is that everyone and every situation is there for a great purpose. In this case I have learnt that I have a depth to myself I didn't before know existed.

I was depressed for most of my life suffering from extrememly low self esteem. Suicidal, homicidal you name it. Then I heard the words, "You cannot be depressed if you are connected to Source" My first light bulb went off. The next words I heard was "I want to feel good" (If you did not get Dr Dyers PBS special offer for the Secrets to the Power of Intention, you need to get it)

Some days all I can say is "I want to feel good" over and over and over and over. Back in church they used to say "Fake it till u make it" and I am the master at it.

I am no longer bothered by most peoples behavior even if we live in the same house and share a bed! It has absolutely nothing to do with me, it is not a reflection of me and at every moment I have a choice as to how I choose to react or not for that matter.

The conclusion that I have come to is that for most of us the answer is almost too simple so we ignore it because we believe we are here to struggle. Girlfriend my struggling days are over. Is my live a bowl of cherries not by most peoples definition but in comparison to where I am coming from this is a much happier place.

The greatest thing I realized is that no one decides who and what you are expect you. We have to stop giving our power away. Every time this confused being tells me how stupid I am, I kindly let him know that He does not get to decide on my stupidity thank god. Simple as that!

One Love


26-06-2005 14:37:36

What a wonderful strand this is! Manifesting kittens is very nice.

As I am contemplating myself surrounded by the conditions I wish to produce, I feel calm and content.

As I interact with others who withhold approval, or are critical, I begin to see how I have withheld approval from myself and been overly critical of myself and others.

I still catch myself responding to low energy with more low energy, As Wayne said "You're angry at them for being angry...you hate them for hating you."
I practice forgiveness. I'm not great at it yet, but I welcome every little tiny step of progress and am willing to let my source open my heart even more as I open my heart to my source.

Until I can stop judging others, I cannot forgive. So I begin with self and not judging myself. I am learning about what is inside me and I am choosing to do diffently , things that have held me down or held me back.