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Get un-hung!


23-04-2005 19:46:06

I am intrigued, ok a nice word for irritated by people who get hung up on the way in which Ester Hicks has come about and presents the teachings of Abraham, and then want to focus on that part of the experience. I personally don't care if she is channeling Captain Kangaroo this stuff is great! Word for word, delicious! At the recent 3 day "I Can Do It" conference in Las Vegas that I attended both Wayne Dyer & Louise Hay went on at length during their individual lectures, about what an impact & inspiration the teachings of Abraham have had on them. And I would call the 2 lectures I sat in on thought changing. I'm going places, I'm moving & shaking and no one especially me is going to be discouraging or get me going in the direction of limited thinking. There where thousands of people at one time who thought the world was flat, that electricity was a bunch of phooey, that cars and planes were imposibilities, that a trip to the moon... (yeh right thats going to happen) and no one could break, what was it? the 4 or 5 minute mile, someones out there saying , "been there done that! Acually several people! I'm so glad you big 1/2 empties and nay sayers, aren't working on a cure for Cancer or Aids. The truth is, there is a cure for cancer and aids, as you read this, it just hasn't been uncovered, like a beautiful shell under the sand, waiting for a wave, to bring it into focus. For those of you who are curious go to www.abraham-hicks.com and you can down load a free 72 minute introduction cd or order one for $5.00 to cover shipping and handling. I listen to after track 7 everyday-keeps me on track of mastering my own possibilities of grandness. I just ordered and received the starter set of 5 cds, if you like the free one ,your going to love the set. The book Ask And It Is given-learning to manifest your desires written by the Hicks & Abraham with the foreword written by Wayne Dyers (the second forward he has ever written) also pretty groovy, the 1st. 100 or so pages is text and then the second 1/2 of the book is 22 proven processes that will improve your point of attraction. nothing difficult to grasp, and if I dare say so, fun! whew! I feel so much better! Think I'll go uncover some beautiful shell's, wanna come? Lola wink


03-05-2005 15:05:07

Lola - I just got that book today and will let you know shortly my take on it. This is the first time I am reading Hicks.

Namaste - Ron

chris knight

03-05-2005 15:14:01

Lola - I just got that book today and will let you know shortly my take on it. This is the first time I am reading Hicks.
Namaste - Ron

I figured you'd have read Hicks many moons ago.

I just read his/her stuff for the first time about 4months ago.

Had a real problem accepting the messenger but was able to release my need to approve of the author and was just open to the messages contained in their book.

Hard to argue with some of the basic truths offered in their book, but now that I've read the entire book... I concluded that it has no place in my long-term book collection... In other words, it's no equal to Dyer, at least for me.


03-05-2005 15:27:32

And it is the 'messenger' that I too, have problems with, but will give it a try. I figured it is being presented to me because of something within it. It is time for me to stop judging the 'messenger' and simply receive the message. Will let you all know my results.

Namaste - Ron


04-05-2005 10:17:03

I also started reading "Ask and it is Given" a few days ago... I am about one third of the way through, and I like it, although I also has some reservations about the messenger. I find more and more in myself that I am getting past the things I might ordinarily judge and dismiss, and actually take things for what they are and what they offer me. So far I haven't seen any earth shattering revelations, but it's a good book nonetheless. There have been plenty of good bits of info. -)



07-05-2005 00:50:14

I'm really jazzed to see some responses to my posting. I may not have myself, been drawn to or so inclined to believe the validity or the benifit of Ester/Abraham theories, teachings & manner of presentation had it not been for Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay going on at length, about them at the resent "I can do It" confrence in Las Vegas during both of their presentations. This is how Wayne starts the forward he wrote for Ester Hicks book "Ask And It Is given" "The book you're holding in your hands at this moment contains some of the most powerful teachings available to you on our planet today. I've been profoundly touched and influenced by the messages that Abraham offers here in this book, and though the tapes that Ester & Jerry have been providing over the past 18 years". And he go's on and on with his praise of their work, its worth the price of admission, just to hear Wayne be so excited about someone elses teachings. I ask you to ponder, Do ya think Ester and Jerry held a gun to Waynes head to get this enthusiastic review? Heres Wayne telling you he's been "profoundly touched and influenced by the message of Ester/Abraham and most of you thus far just seem to want to poo poo the ideas as "nothing ground breaking" or "new", and then the presentation factor, Ester channeling Abraham. Wayne Dyer further states in his forword, "My first thought is that if you're not yet ready to read and apply this great wisdom, then I urge you to simply carry this book with you for a few weeks. Allow the energy that it contains to permeate through any resistance that your body/mind might offer, and let it resonate with that inner place that is formless and boundaryless-this is what is often called your soul" Let me be very, very, very clear I adore Wayne Dyer, all that he is and all that he offers, his collection of wisdom has and is transforming my life. I love his style, his stories and he gives the greatest hugs, I got two in Las Vegas when I was in the right place at he right time. I guess what I'm having a hard time understanding is if Wayne Dyer acknowledges Abraham/Hicks as a source of his inspiration, how come many Wayne fans who have posted aren't turned on by them too, and further more seem to be completely turned off by them. I would again like to encourage you readers to go to there web site listed on my first posting and download their free cd. I would really like to hear what it is that turns you off , is it that you think they are too whimsical with the magic box & check writting type exercises? I'm interested, it could just be a matter of being uptight about being playful when it comes to the serious topic of manifestation. Enlighten me, I'm curious . Lola wink

Blind Squirrel

07-05-2005 06:17:46

I have been skeptical of channeling, since J Z Knight and "Ramtha" came down the pike a few years ago. For me, it was like a carnival side show.

Have you ever noticed, that with either a channeled spirit, or a past life reading, it's always some great historical figure, a king/queen of a long ago empire, never just an "ordinary person" like a cab driver from Brooklyn or a short order cook from Encino? Why not? I have experienced some of the most profound spiritual insights from just these people.

Anyway, that's what I think people here are wrestling with, these old images of something hokey.

It is coming around however, that we are all seeing it as "an intentioned enlightenment", not to prejudge or condemn the source of the message.

Not only here, but it is happening in my personal life as we speak.

I have only heard of these writings here on this forum, and I don't know when I will read this book, but I feel it coming.

My life, also, has been profoundly changed by "Power of Intention" and I, too. have a deep affection and respect for Dr Dyer. I don't however, have any need to pry into his private life.

On that note, and in relation to the Gnostic movement at present, and the interest generated by "The Davinci Code", I have always believed that Jesus was "just a man". The "son of God", of course, just like you and me. No more or less. I believe that he had "problems and issues" like us all.

Not long ago, I read somewhere about the "real life family problems and issues of Ghandi. Here was, I believe, an incarnation of the "Christ" that had a tremendous effect on the world and his children desperately missed him at home, they just wanted a father.

Such is the life of our beloved Dr. He has a "real life" to live just like you and me. Falling short of the glory, yet "channeling" his message that heals and helps and will stand the test of time.



10-05-2005 22:05:51

Oh Darn...

Ron posted two excellent replies in this thread on Saturday, and when I replied to his posts there seemed to have been problems with the database that drives this site. It looks like the database must have been corrupted and they had to restore the site from a day old backup and Ron's posts were lost. That is a shame, because he had some wonderful input. -(

Ron, there is something I have been wanting to say for a while and now seems as good a time as any...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your messages on this forum. When I first found this site about six months ago I started reading old threads and catching up on things, and you seem to hit the nail on the head quite often and bring a lot to the conversation. I look forward to you stopping by and I appreciate your input. There, I said it... -)

Also, I appreciate what you had to say to both myself and Loladucks. If you remember what you wrote at the end of your response to me, point taken, and thank you for the reminder. ;-)


chris knight

11-05-2005 13:26:35

Oh Darn...

Ron posted two excellent replies in this thread on Saturday, and when I replied to his posts there seemed to have been problems with the database that drives this site. It looks like the database must have been corrupted and they had to restore the site from a day old backup and Ron's posts were lost. That is a shame, because he had some wonderful input. -(

Sorry about the downtime this past weekend...

It was unplanned of course, but actually we didn't restore any database backup.

The problem was that the server was overloaded so we brought a new additional server online Friday night and it took until Sunday to workitself out of the backlog.

Should be back to normal now.


13-05-2005 12:24:50

I Love these quotes, they might apply;

"Be open to everything,
and attached to nothing" DWD

another cool one, beloved..............

"The thing always happens that you really believe in
And the belief in a thing makes it happen." Frank Lloyd Wright


15-05-2005 08:59:21

I finished this book in a few days and found it easy reading and directly in line with Power vs. Force. I also feeled compelled to read it again. I look beyond the thought of 'channeling' and simply read it as it is presented. One of you spoke of "Ramtha" - in the movie "What the Bleep" she had a lot to say and I was intriqued by what she presented. It wasn't until the movie was finished and the credits, etc., were shown that I found out who she was. I have a friend who was at the 'seminar' given in California (I think) after the movie was released. The presenters from the movie were there to speak. My friend told me how disappointed the audience became when "Ramtha" spoke as herself and not the channeled voice. Interesting? But regardless of what you may think about 'channeled' material, this book and the Power vs. Force are good reading. They are both about the power you have with but one thought in your mind. Not a new message, but a frequently repeated one - perhaps repeated because we have not yet grasped its meaning.

Namaste - Ron