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Paranormal Experiences?


06-04-2005 16:22:51

Hey there everybody! Just wondering if any of you ever heard Wayne talk about spirits/ghosts/demons/aliens, whatever ya throw in that category I wonder what his views are about people who feel they have seen, heard, or felt some form of paranormal activity. I have actually seen afew things that i cant explain as has my fiance that lives with me, we just kind of brushed it off. I do know that what i saw i had to look twice at because i couldnt believe it was happening. The things my girl an i have noticed at the times we are togather involve what we THINK is maybe a cat or kitten (gawd i sound like a freak) We both woke up one night because something jumped on the bed and felt exactly like how a cat feels when they jump up on you and start kneading you with their paws. Another time a little wire was hanging down from the tv (i was re wiring some things ) ) this wire was thick an heavy so i know it wasnt being blow around by the cealing fan or wind or any other form of free flowing air, and i sure wasnt movin it! I had to look at it twice then rubbed my eyes and got up on it really close, it was being batted exactly how a cat or kitten would bat at something hanging. I wasnt anywhere near this thing other than my head was probly 6 inches from it looking at it and anything around it to see what might be causing it to move in such a way. I still to this day have no clue but given the fact that we have for sometime felt like we had a ghost cat LOL im callin that my couple of paranormal experiences D My girl kept seeing this little black shadow in the house and woke up with something jumping on her chest afew weeks before i moved in so i know i didnt bring the thing with me when i came lol Oh yea, there was one other time when my mom girlfriend and me were in the car late one night out in the country when we see this thing in the sky from a distance. All of a sudden it is right above us hovering about 50ft overhead, then it is gone in a flash, when i say a flash im talkin like falling star fast, starting from a standstill then gone poof shock all you saw was a quick fading trailer. Anyways thats bout all i got in terms of what i would call paranormal, what about you all, any experiences, and have ya ever heard Wayne address this at all?