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Question about Love & Relationships & Soulmates


31-03-2005 19:00:18


I read once or heard on one of Dr. Dyer's cassettes something about relationships/loves .. Dr. Dyer says that often our soulmates are not the one that everything goes perfectly with .. they are the ones who often push our buttons the most .. can someone tell me please what book that is in or what cassette it is on?

Thanks alot!



01-04-2005 19:55:17

Try "There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem' pages 147 and 148 which talk about our 'greatest teachers' being our best button pushers.

Namaste - Ron


26-07-2005 23:11:09

Hi Just heard it in the Manifest Your Destiny series
Blessings, Mamagik


01-08-2005 13:50:40

Hello D

Wayne Dyer talks about soulmates like that on the cassette series Inner Wisdom Library - The Best of Dr.Wayne W. Dyer (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, Illinois)

With Love


09-08-2005 01:53:07

Bloody hell! D If that's true, then boy do I have one tough soulmate on my hands who keeps 'abusing' me innit?! lol No matter, I've come out 'tougher' and more in tune with Who I Am as a person. Thanks MR SOULMATE!

Frankly, I do believe that your enemies are your soulmates because they have the most to teach you, but the process is a painful one, dudes! Any panacea (eg aspirin) to ease up on the painful learning journey? I sure could use an instant solution! D P wink


09-08-2005 07:53:31

Good Grief !!!! Do you think that Wayne (or any spiritual person) would indicate that an abusive person is someone that you should stay with????
You have got to be kidding - I am horrified !!!!!!!
No, our soulmates are people who help us grow by being honest WITH LOVE Soulmates make us feel good about ourselves
Just because you keep getting involved in abusive relationships doesn't mean your with your soulmate, it means that you need to look at yourself and find out why you enjoy (yup, that's the word I mean) being abused, or why you feel unlovable and then FIX YOU
A person can learn the hard way - over and over- or maybe once or twice
Blessings, Mamagik


14-08-2005 11:15:07

Thanks Mamagik! Cool name! I'll say that like 20 times before I hit the jellysack tonight! lol

Actually I was thinking of my boss when I read the posts on soulmates. I guess you put it in a nutshell for me that I really need to resign from my job at the end of this year because this guy needs psychiatric help. He's one of the worst employers I've ever known who kills any suggestion to profit his company that I may have.

It's precisely this reason that I'm resigning. I don't want to be abused like this any further. In fact, lately on this spiritual path, I no longer can take abuse in any way. ANd even if I do receive abuse from these people, I tend to not take them seriously. I hope I don't sound too selfish or something. But now that I got it! (Duh!) You've just given me more reason to choose the path I've been thinking about since a few months back. lol


14-08-2005 16:27:15

Hi Excuse you while you hit yourself on the head with a hammer for 4 or 5 MORE months until you realize that you have given your power away to an insane person
(to quote a famous person DUH!)
Please get ALL of it SOOOONNNNNN
Blessings, Mamagik


15-08-2005 23:57:02

I'll definitely keep that in mind dude! lol


22-08-2005 20:38:06

Hey Jelly,

I just resigned from my job, for my health, to open up my world to better opportunities and abundance and to remove myself from working with a few , diplomatically put, "low energy dwelling colleagues" and my (insert own description of basic lameness)boss as well. I'm not quite ready to forgive...not completely anyway.

I had to forgive myself for accepting less than I deserve for the past five years. Forgiveness starts with me. Everything starts with me and then moves outward. I loved that message, 2 or 3 before this one, about the universe within being vast- so true and it never occurred to me in quite that way.

It was a risk to resign and we are starting the fall out job hunting , both my husband and I. I do have times when I feel doubt, fear etc. RESISTANCE, but every day I recognize that is my old patterns and ego talking. (Deep down I know for certain that it was the best choice I could have made.) I acknowledge that and then choose to connect to source and be in the place of acceptance to all good gifts.

Good for you that you are thinking about resigning. I thought about it for a long time and also kept trying to make it work, until it become crystal clear that staying would impair my own self respect. Wayne would probably say that your thoughts about resigning are your souirce trying to connect to you, so keep talking about it , thinking about it and then, if nothing changes no matter how you change , you then can make an informed decision.

Good Luck-
D Celia


24-09-2005 10:39:47

Thank you Celia! I think you and my intuition are probably right! How's life for you now that you've broken out of the shackles? Keep me posted! It'll give me great insights into your experiences of getting out of the comfort zone. CheerZ!


26-09-2005 14:11:34

Thank you for asking!

I have learned some things about myself lately. I realized that in blaming my ex- boss for my lack of closure, due to the fact he never contacted or acknowledged my leaving, I kept myself emotionally tied to that job even though I had physically left it. I kept myself in a state of hurt and dissapointment.

I realized that I was "picking at the scab" and keeping the wound fresh every time I revisited and rehashed what had happened, when alone and to other people who I meet from that place, on an almost daily basis( I live five minutes from the job I left)

I realized that my ex-boss deserves my compassion and not anger. I find I am surprisingly grateful for the opportunity to learn what I have learned, now that there has been some time between now & the whole situation then.

Most importantly I have learned more about forgiveness and letting go. Just today I finished reading "There's a spiritual solution...". It is based on the prayer of St. Francis. I have been singing the song Skye Dyer sang on PBS a lot. I went to see some friends perform in Nunsense and during an audience participation skit I won a prayer card of...St. Francis! Wow, unbelievable the way God looks after me. And great that even though I'm Jewish I recognized St. Frances right away on the card in front of the whole audience!

I have learned to see how I have judged more and loved less in the past. How anger and depression held my joy hostage and all that was needed was for me to choose peace. "I can choose peace rather than this" is my new mantra.

I was dissapointed when I didn't get a new job, although thank God my husband did a few days ago. Now though I am thinking different and no longer feel sad about that. I am embracing my role as a stay at home mom, which I thoroughly enjoy and my health is rapidly improving in all ways. I see now that I needed to be home and healing.

Several opportunities to sing and act in theater have come my way recently. I asked for these things for years and then I tried to force them to happen, with limited results. Now, after I not only let go but actually forgot about these wishes, God has chosen to shower me with gifts to help me focus on my essence as a musician and actor. My ego needs less stroking than ever. I do not feel compelled to show off my gifts anymore, only happy to have them.

Although I have been at times depressed , sad and anxious over money, and have dwelt on scarcity, I am learning how to trust in the slow hand of God and to love myself as I do my own child, which is also the same as loving God.

Is it you or Wizdumb that is going to New Zealand? Well have fun on your adventure!


26-09-2005 14:24:52

Hey one more thought Jelly
Asa someone who has been in abusive relationships, just stumbling into and not being able to figure out my part in the past here is my instant fix...

Love myself. Work on my self esteeem. Reach out for support. Reach out to support others. Refuse to accept less than I am worth even if it means having to make a big move.

Then, after extricating myself as I have recently I...

Love myself. Work on my self esteem.....etc.

"I can choose peace rather than this." You might not need to leave your job if you are able to leave your thoughts about your job. If your changes result in nullifying the bad vibes etc. And if, as it was in my case, nothing around you changes, despite your efforts to improve you and your attitudes/perceptions, then you'll know if and when it is time to go. and hopefully it won't take a hammer or a severly painful injury & illnesses as it did with me to get me to wake up to the fact I was on the wrong path, or maybe just heading the wrong way and detoured from where I can be most of service.