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Rumi and QVC, I just don't get it


31-03-2005 08:21:06

I saw Wayne on QVC sell over half a million dollars worth of his books in a very short time span... I had a hard time understanding why he's out fundraising for Rumi to buy him a house?

Surely a guy who sold over 55-80 million books can buy his friend a house, no?

It's not that I don't wish Wayne all the abundance the world can offer him, but I find it odd that he's trying to raise a few hundred grand to buy his friend a house when he experiences an exponential abundance that would allow him to do things for his closest friends or family members.

Can anyone explain that? roll


01-04-2005 19:57:29

Why bother trying to explain anything that does not concern you in any way? And you realize that you are judging him here, right?

Namaste - Ron


02-04-2005 11:52:33

A great teacher has taught me- When you judge someone you do not define them, you define your need to judge them. He go's by the name of Dyer. Peace to you. Lola


04-04-2005 15:53:33

I've given this a lot of thought. I really appreciate the oppontunity to support Ram Dass personally. If Wayne did as Why? suggested, then none of use would be blessed with the opportunity to give.

I also believe it is about Ram Dass RECEIVING from many of the people that have benefitted from his teachings. What an awesome feeling for him to accept the overwhelming support from so many people from all over the world. Takes my breath away....

It's not just about getting the job done. It's also about the process.