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checking in


30-03-2005 13:03:08

Not sure if this will post, or if I have to sign in (and would have to remember my password) (okay I did and remembered it)

It's been awhile, I had computer problems, continual crashing and finally decided to reinstall WINDOWS- which ended up taking 2 weeks and doing it over again about 12 times (LOL)

Each time there seemed to be a problem I thought starting over would fix. I may have it working pretty good now, but had to find (remember) all my links. Just got an email about Wayne's radio broadcast on HayHouse, so got back to this board.

Seems like there's more topics than ever! I never know which one I fit into at the time, but I guess this is GENERAL which is anything.

I haven't been doing so good... I got THE POWER OF INTENTION and read a chapter per night (then did the same with Abraham's book ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, which I see mentioned here, too). Also, have Wayne's pbs special on tape.

Seems so good, and right and I do believe it! I think "either it works or it doesn't and I believe it works!"

If I don't always see it, or feel it, it's because of me. My mind needs to change.

Seems like whenever I feel I'm doing it and it's working something happens. I just got a new refrigerator (had a tiny apartment size one that came with the house 7 years ago) and the day it was delivered the furnace stopped working. Since it is the end of March, it will be getting warmer at some point, but right now (in northern VT) it's still chilly and the house gets cold at night.

Something about a cold house that's depressing. Even when I go to bed with an electric blanket and hot water bottle. I now I'm not going to freeze to death, but I think it reminds me of other times when we had no heat (or had to choose between heat or food) and how depressing it is. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do.

I KNOW better ways. I know how it works and sometimes have gotten into it and it has worked. You'd think I'd be doing it all the time.

I listen to Wayne and Abraham (mainly) tapes at night when I go to bed. Also A Course in Miracles.

The idea I know this will work, and I've known it for so long and still can't seem to allow it- let it be and get off the ground is, in itself depressing.

I think finding this board again (via the email) is a good sign. I can take time and read over it, and print out more of the post (as I did one other time) that tell about it working for them. I see one post on backsliding I think I can relate to.

The key seems to be having faith, trusting and allowing it. Joining with others in this (online) has got to be a big part of this. Mutual support and sharing.

~ Carrie

chris knight

31-03-2005 08:12:51

The idea I know this will work, and I've known it for so long and still can't seem to allow it- let it be and get off the ground is, in itself depressing.

Hi Carrie,

Glad to see your posts again. - )

We've all been depressed from time to time, but I wanted to share something that has worked for me with you

I simply refuse to be depressed. Depression is a choice and it's not a choice that has any value for my life, therefore I don't make the choice. In fact, the choice is expensive and I have pain associated with making the choice to be depressed. Therefore, I have not been depressed for a very long time. I raised my personal standards for what I will accept from myself and I will not tolerate indulging in the feelings of depression as they offer no value to my life, my family or my friends.

Now, the allowing part you mentioned... That does seem like an easy concept that is difficult to manifest. Go read secret #10 in Dyer's 10 Secrets to Success & Inner Peace. There's a nugget there for you.



31-03-2005 10:56:43

And nice to see your smiling face (with the sun, I didn't notice that before!) Chris

I also have to keep remembering, like Wayne's book title "You'll See it when you Believe it" instead of the other way around.

Waiting for something good to happen so I can feel good )

It's starting to get warmer, which helps. Of course, it's probably starting to get warmer becauase I'm thinking better and warmer.

Last night, the "You'll See it...." book fell off a pile of books I have (a pile of many) right in front of me when I was going to bed.

I opened it up and read to ask myself "What am I worth?" and "What do I deserve?"

I went to sleep thinking about that. Sometime during the night I was partially aware of a shift in my perception. Can't pinpoint it and h ow but I got a glimmer of it.

And today is another day (and the sun is out)

~ Carrie


01-04-2005 07:15:10

Carrie, I read your post and saw that you're from northern Vermont - so am I!!! I would love to get in touch with you. Hope you see this and answer this post. I would love to discuss Wayne Dyer's books with you via email if that's OK. Let me know.


01-04-2005 12:18:17

Linda, I don't really have much spare time to discuss via email.

I only remember this board when I get a notification in email.

For the past 2 weeks I've been trying to get my computer to work right, and seems like there's always more to do around here than I have time TO do.

I do a lot of learning on my own, like right now Photoshop and (overall) desk top publishing, using MSN Publisher.

I think at this point, there's not much to discuss about Wayne's books, it's more like I have to live it (LOL)

But, the internet is good for connecting and sharing. I like the idea of being able to visit (online) when and as I have time. Sort of pop on and off.

I hardly ever get to answer emails, even though there are usually ones I plan to and want to.

~ Carrie


05-04-2005 07:20:18

OK suit yourself, I just thought we could share ideas more via email, and since we both live in Northern VT, I thought that we could be cyber friends, but I sense this wall you're putting up, so that's OK. I guess you're right, we have to learn to live the way Wayne Dyer tells us, and that's not always easy. When things are going well, it's fairly easy, but when life throws you a curve, I'm in trouble. It's very hard to keep manifesting positively when you feel hopeless about something. It's just a constant struggle with me, but I'm trying.