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Backsliding to old behaviors and thoughts


23-03-2005 18:48:32

I've been practicing Dyer's principles. Especially, Manifest Your Destiny, You'll See It When You Believe It and Power of Intention. For a couple months I've been going along smoothly. Some obstacles and getting upset from time to time but I overcame it quickly. For the past 2 weeks though I've hit a major depression, which I was in before. Now its back and I cannot shake it no matter what I do! I've tried and tried. Its getting progressively worse. Has anyone else been through this and come out of it and if so, how? Or, any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.



24-03-2005 10:00:24

I kind of know what you're going through. While I'm not what you'd call depressed, I am extremely worried about something that I have no control over and it's making me nervous and anxious about the outcome. I feel that if I keep having these thoughts, it's going to set back the process of manifesting what I want the outcome to be, and yet it is very hard not to worry. I am finding that it's a whole lot harder than I believed to really let go and let God. Bad things happen to good people all the time and that's what I'm having the problem with.

Does anyone else have these same concerns and how do are you dealing with it?


24-03-2005 11:05:35

I wouldn't worry about that. LOL Silly pun. Anyway, try just being silent for an hour or two hours or even 10 minutes as to what your worrying about. See if that helps. I also have that fear of backsliding, and look, it happened. Its not the end of the world though, although it feels like it. If I may recommend a couple of books about worry Dale Carnegie, How to stop worrying and start living. And, A book by Albert Ellis, How to stubbornly refuse to make yourself miserable about anything, yes anything. The second book is more about acceptance. I think their great to use in addition to Dyer's books.

Hope that helps.


24-03-2005 12:40:37

I know too well about worrying about something important and depression.
When I absolutely cannot sleep from worrying or anxious, I get up and write
in a notebook by my bedside exactly what I am obsessed about. Then go back to bed. It works for me most of the time.

Another thought. Someone wrote that there are opposites to everything, including stuff that happens to us. If something bad happens, say we lose our job, the good thing is someone who needs that job gets it. The other good thing about it could be, which happened to me was, I learned how to manage
my expenditures well and got along with so much less ---simple abundance. Or, taking the time to realize you wanted to do something different.
Make something positive out of anything unpleasant. It works. It works for me.


24-03-2005 13:14:59

Wow, I had to laugh at your pun! Cute!! Anyway thanks and also to authentic self for the suggestions. I just wish I could find that "peace that surpasses all understanding". So far it keeps eluding me. But I'm going to try these suggestions and reading those books you suggested. God bless!


30-03-2005 13:38:06

I know just what you mean.

I call it "crashing". Sometimes I'm not even aware it's happened (AGAIN!) for awhile. Then I have to get myself out of it. Sometimes different things work, a tape, a line in a book, thinking of something, shifting into a better state of mind. It's like theres a block there I can't get by- at least by TRYING.

Just the feeling of crashing is depressing and reinforces itself. I get depressed because I have slipped again, and thought I had it and was never going to feel this way again.

When I get myself out of it (at some point and some way) I vow I never want to feel like that again!

But, at some point I am aware of it again.

Feeling something good, like love (for myself, probably) or giving, or as Wayne tells in one place (think on the Manifest Your Destiny tape set) to spend a day in uncondtional love and at night see how you feel and how it works- and if it's good do it again the next day.

I add to this unconditional love, giving and acceptance.

I think I've managed it for 3 days, at the most.

Maybe loving oneself, and forgiving oneself (for slipping) and living "one minute at a time"- listening to music, sitting quietly in the sun, or something helps.

I usually end up sharing it with others (like now) even though I feel "it's so silly, I know it, I believe it and I've been trying to live it for so long!"

I read where others read a Wayne Dyer book and POOF their life (mind) changes for the better, they get the money they need, find the home of their dreams, and live happily ever after.

I've seen it work in little ways. I must do something to block it, when it starts to happen.

Sharing with understanding people must be a major help. So, in a way, you're being discouraged and writing about it not working for you is a help because I feel less alone and inadequate (LOL)

~ Carrie