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Wayne Dyer to be on QVC on March 30


13-03-2005 14:51:50

Wayne Dyer is going to be on QVC on March 30. I looked at the schedule and found out.



19-03-2005 23:28:14


Where did you see a schedule for Wayne Dyer on QVC - and do you know what he is going to be selling?



20-03-2005 09:21:24

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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer "the Power Of Intention" Wed 3/30/2005 7 PM - 8 PM PT
Known by his legions of fans as “the father of motivation,” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has written more than 20 self-help classics since the release of his first book in 1976, “Your Erroneous Zones” and hosted popular specials on public television. Now Dyer joins us with recent book and CD releases including “The Power of Intention,” and “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace”. Let Dr. Dyer help show you how to recognize your talents, listen to your inner thoughts and take action toward a better way of living.

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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer "the Power Of Intention" Tue 3/29/2005 10 PM - 11 PM PT

Of Special


20-03-2005 10:08:30

Thank you J. It will be great (and unusual) to see Wayne Dyer on QVC. Now, I just gotta figure out where that is on my satellite system.

Hey, do I get to be a Jedi after I post 6 more messages here?


30-03-2005 11:28:25

Thanks for letting me know, J. I wish everyone can see this and learn something good.


30-03-2005 12:09:49

Thanks for the post. Have you been listening to him on Mondays on www.hayhouse.com. I have missed all three weeks, but hopefully the archives will be ready soon. Oops, I just noticed there is another thread about this.