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Wayne's Ram Dass Fundraiser Request

chris knight

07-03-2005 17:51:42

If you were on the live radio talk show today, you heard Wayne make his plea for donations to help Ram Dass build a new home.

Here is the text of that request


16-05-2005 07:49:52

these kind of requests make me loose faith on Dyer.
He is supposed to be generous and well paid due to the million books, tapes, stuff and tours hes doing. He, alone, could give the money to give Ram Dass a nice place to live (doesnt have to be in Hawaii) and good attendance for him.
Whats the point in asking so many of us who are fighting for our family's wealth, and dont have too much left to give this respectable man. Young people are dying in Afrika. Why Ram Dass deserves this money to keep his home more than the kids in Afrika?????


17-05-2005 04:24:15

All things for a reason and a purpose I guess...

shock shock shock ? ? ?
I always try to think people as Dyer as good hearted people. So , yes I guess there is a reason, there should be some place where we could throw him questions , so that he can give answers. Nowadays with the Internet , it is not that difficult......dont you think????


18-05-2005 06:15:09

As much as I respect Dr. Dyer, I would have thought more of him if he had come on the air asking for donations for the tsunami victims. Why single out one man hardly anyone's ever heard of and plead for donations when there are so many poor, helpless families and lots of children without homes?


19-05-2005 22:21:35

Oh my Goddess! are you all frig'n serious! It took me a few days just to calm down enough to respond to your comments. Its interesting to me Chris, that you found it offensive when you first heard of Wayne Dyer "Asking for handouts for his friend" my first thought was when I saw this disscussion was, any friend of Waynes is a friend of mine, and second was to click on the site you provided with the letter from Wayne * thank you for that , great site!* and get more details. Personally I have not read Be Here Now, altho I've heard the tiltle a hundred times, and heard Wayne mention Ram Dass's name more times then I can count. Did all of you not read the letter? The one that says Ram Dass wrote a book in the 60's called Be Here Now, sold millions of copies of that book that helped untold millions on their spiritual paths. And donated ALL!, ALL!, ALL! did you read that part allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! the proceeds to a foundation to help feed hungry people. Did you read the part that told how he travled around the world giving speeches to inspire others on their spiritual journeys and donated again ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! the proceeds from these speeches to other causes that helped people in need? Did you read the part that said he devoted his L.I.F.E. to serving others not a few days, not a week, not a month, not a year or a few years, his life! Not 100 dollars or a 1000 or 1 million dollars but ALL! Wayne go's on to say "he is one of the finest speakers he has ever heard, period!" "he was his role model on stage" "he has been my inspiration and the inspiration for millions. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! I ask you to ponder, do ya think maybe some of those millions just might wanna help ol' Ram out in appreciation for lives turned around, for generations of families that are here now becouse his food provided nourishment that kept them alive. yes, Wayne has alot of money, and I know without knowing that Wayne has provided Ram Dass with substantial funding he is a very generous man, who better to make this public knowledge then one as prominate as Wayne, I see this as a gift from Wayne an opportunity to express gratitude to man who unselfishly gave his life & most all his wealth to help others. What is the mystery here people? What part don't you understand? I think my words may of clarified why Ram Dass deserves this money AS WELL AS the children in Africa and the Tsunami victims. I don't know this Ram Dass fellow, and I haven't read his book. But any friend of Waynes is a friend of mine and anyone who has inspired Wayne who inturn has inspired me on my path deserves a token of appreciation. After pushing send I will get out my checkbook, make a check out for $20.00, put it in an envelope, stick a love stamp on it, and send it off tommorrow. Thank you Chris, Quique & Linda You have inspired me! Lola


20-05-2005 04:07:04


Hi, Lola. I was just waiting for a response like yours.....thanks!!!

I like Dyer, but I am not a fan, meaning that I dont buy everysingle word and thought he has. Im not saying I dont like him for this matter (Ram Dass) , but It raises doubts on me.

Just imagine , everything he says (about donating every single cent he had) is true. Ok he needs money to keep his house (I imagine a house in Maui has to be expensive), and people to give him attention. If Ram Dass work has been so impressive and life changing for many, I guess just informing these people would be enough to raise the money.

And for the rest....the best way to help Ram Dass is not giving away the money, but buying their books and work. If the publishers know these serious situation , they would make an effort to give margins to Ram Dass during this campaing.

The easy way is to ask for money to the faithfull fans who blindly follow me, and do as I say. I still dont get it. Wayne must be very wealthy himself to help his friend. Lola, it just doesnt fit. It is not the way Wayne preaches.

But thank you anyway for your insights , they are helpful for trying to find coherency. I hope , your money is well used. You are a generous woman and just for that I respect you.


20-05-2005 08:31:17

Well since I don't know Ram Dass or his works, I should probably stay quiet about this. But I don't know of anyone who asked for donations for Mother Theresa, who spent her whole life ministering to the poor and needy. She had no house in Hawaii either. OK that's all I'm going to say about the subject.


13-06-2005 18:28:10

I've given this a lot of thought. I really appreciate the oppontunity to support Ram Dass personally. If Wayne did it all, then none of use would be blessed with the opportunity to give.

I also believe it is about Ram Dass RECEIVING from many of the people that have benefitted from his teachings. What an awesome feeling for him to accept the overwhelming support from so many people from all over the world. Takes my breath away....

It's not just about getting the job done. It's also about the process.


14-06-2005 04:34:53

Good for you, good for Dyer, good for Ram Dass. But not convincing to me.

It just doesnt fit.

Ok Ram Dass needs money for keeping a house and be taken care of. My grandmother needs to pay her house rent and a person to clean her, feed her etc.... It all sums up 3.000$ /month. Just us, the family, are paying that. We dont need to make a fundation to raise the money. And Ram Dass, with all the books , and so many people hes helped, should have not only family but thousands of friends who can help him........

I just dont get it . It is not coherent.
Just my humble opinion.


17-06-2005 14:21:28

There is a very good documentary, about RAM DASS, which is very well done and gives some insight into what RAM DASS is all about, and how his life has transformed once again when he was STROKED.

This film is presented by " THE SPIRITUAL CINEMA CIRCLE" 2005 vol. 5, and it is called " FIERCE GRACE" directed by Mickey Lemie.

If you would like to join, check out the web site www.SpiritualCinemaCircle.com




15-11-2006 00:37:32

Why doesn't Wayne Dyer just BUY the house for Ram Dass and be done with it! In any case, Wayne could instead buy him a little Maui condo to live in. Wayne is rich enough to buy several houses for Ram Dass. He should just do it and stop trying to solicit money from others.


04-12-2006 19:18:14

Ummm I think I would have a problem donating money to someone named Ram D Ass.


04-12-2006 19:32:25

I just did a study on Ram Dass...I was correct....He is a homosexual. This is not a joke people! You have Dyers daughter singing praises to Satan...You have a guy named Ram D-Ass asking for money. We are all sinners but these people are THROWING it right in your faces and many of you are BLIND! These people are ANTI-CHRISTIANS but act like they don't believe in GOD! They love satan.