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Life long mate


05-03-2005 13:34:16

I greatly admire and try to follow the ideas underlined by Dr. Dyer. My question here involves the concepts of love, acceptance and
non-judgement. I follow these ideas. My question is how does one know the person with whom to spend one's life if one does not judge others. All people with whom I come in contact with are good. I have many good friends and I definitely know of the positive energy that exists. But how do I know the person who it will be good to spend my life with? If you have any ideas please tell me.


21-03-2005 19:10:29

The ideas expressed by Wayne are there for you to use as they fit into your life - not necessarily to follow. Use his ideas as paving blocks on your path - after all, it is just your path. And will you come upon the person to whom you will spend the rest of your life with? Perhaps, but remember life is but this moment. And if you do not judge others, others will not judge you - and then your path will lead you to acceptance - acceptance of others and yourself exactly as you are and where you are. How will you know when the 'right' person comes along - how will you not know? Be open to what is presented to you and look deep into the presentation. Begin looking from within yourself.

Namaste - Ron


29-06-2005 03:40:19

Hi Suzanne,

I agree with Ron and I'd like to add that the more connected to your soul/higher self/source you are the better you will know, when you meet someone. You intuition is your soul's messenger. If you learn to listen to intuition, you will know more or less who the right one is.

Also on a practical note, if you meet someone face to face you can try to read their aura and determine if they are honest or not.