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Dr. David Hawkins Power vs. Force


03-02-2005 17:44:09

Dr. Dyer speaks a lot about Dr. David Hawkins book Power Vs. Force. I read the book and it is really interesting, well written and seems to have valid, at least it calibrates high wink

In Dr. Hawkins book he states there are 7 living people who calibrate at 700. Jesus and Bhudda calibrated at 1000.

Any ideas who these individuals might be? I imagine Mother Thersea was one, and has since passed since the writing. Dr. Dyer also speaks about Mother Mira and Sai Babba in his lectures. Maybe those are two, although I think Mother Mira had already passed at the time of the writing too.

Dr. Hawkins is coming out with a book of calibrations, I do not know if individuals will be in there.

Any Ideas?


09-02-2005 18:46:29

Chris any ideas?


02-03-2005 19:29:20

Hi all -

I recently listened to an archive of Dr. Hawkins radio interview at BeyondTheOrdinary.net. Someone asked the same question. Dr. Hawkins reply was that since the book was published, there are even MORE individuals that calibrate at 700 and above (30 or so?). He doesn't know who they all are, but suspects they are not people seeking to become well-known.


21-03-2005 19:17:23

First of all, if you have not read the book "Power vs. Force" - do so. Secondly, if you have read that book, then read the second book in his triology "The Eye of the I" and then follow up with "I. Reality and Subjectivity." And for you Course of Miracle students, Dr. Hawkins presented a series of one-hour talks on consciousness and how it relates to a series of specific subjects having to do with health and illness. Some of the subjects covered stress, aging, pain & suffering, depression, illness & self-healing and alcoholism, just to name a few. The tapes of the talks are still available from Dr. Hawkins. Now you know why his books sound so familiar to you when you read them - they are in line with the thinking of the Course.

Namaste - Ron