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Reincarnation... what are your thoughts?


30-01-2005 20:14:42

Hello All,

I am interested to know your thoughts on reincarnation. For many years now, I have felt as though I am here to learn certain things and I'll keep coming back until I get them right. Dr. Dyer mentions reincarnation briefly on the PBS special, but he doesn't really elaborate at all. At least not in anything I have read so far...

I would be interested to know if any of you have opinions you are willing to share. )



04-02-2005 18:29:14


Having lived in the western society all of my life, the idea of reincarnation never really was a common belief or even much of a thought. It's kind of the same idea of a God passing judgement - but here it is over many life times instead of just one. With reincanation, the goal is to get off the cycle of life and become spirit or God like, instead of coming back as human or something else....

Like all these things - they are speculation. There is no real evidence this occurs - just as there is no evidence of heaven or hell. It's funny to me how some of those things seemed to matter... It's the same ideology viewed from a different angle.

Reintarnation - when one comes back as a hillbilly (Smile)....

I truely don't have much of an opinion about reincarnation anymore than I have for heaven or hell or getting off the cycle of life. These are beliefs or theories that don't necessarily have much basis in fact - only in faith. My faith hasn't taken me to conform to that idea of reincarnation or reintarnation - take your pick.

Bryon Patton
Tucson, AZ.


04-02-2005 18:40:12

Just as people are as happy, sad... or whatever, that they've made up thier minds to be, so is this. People will believe whatever they made up thier mind to believe.

None of that convencing of ourselves may truely exist. We've only convenced ourself of that existance; that there is a possibility of reincarnation. Maybe there is ... maybe not - no one, and I do mean no one can "know" that other than the source of all things. Even if someone did know all the truths - that person would be in a place to let others "discover" this and not to blab them....

Take care buddy.............


04-02-2005 19:25:42

Whether or not reincarnation happens or not, I can't say. I can say this

When I was a young boy, I believed in Santa Claus. I was given every reason to believe... In my mind - Santa truely existed! I got gifts from him and the cookies and milk I set out for him were gone in a manner that it appeared as though all of it was consumed or eaten. This continued to substantiate my belief in the existance of Santa Claus.

Does that mean Santa Claus exists? I was "convenced" he does....

Truely, this is a different matter but it has a similar foundation. I'm being lead to believe in the ideas of others based on faith. Not that I don't have faith.... I just don't see reincarnation as a factor in what I'm doing and if it is - that too is fine. Do I know it exists? No more than anyone else - your own beliefs determine that.


04-02-2005 22:00:43

All good points Bryon, I appreciate you taking the time to write them... )

I must say I got a good chuckle out of the "reintarnation." I'll have to remember that one. 8)


04-02-2005 22:19:31

Having been raised in a Southern Baptist Church in the South, I have since come a long way in my beliefs regarding my purpose here on earth.

I have come to believe I am a "spiritual being having a human experience" - and as such it makes sense to me that if I am eternal I may choose to come to earth (or maybe someplace else) to learn more lesssons.

Have you read The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch? It is available in a little hardback book, but it is also available to read on the web if you just type the title in your browser. It addresses our purpose for coming to earth.

Another book I really enjoy is Radical Incarnation by Colin Tipping. It is the story of a soul before it incarnates on earth - and the "classes" the soul is taking to be prepared for his mission on earth - which is to the president of the United States, heal America and then heal the world. It is an excellent book.

So, do I believe in reincarnation? 30 years ago I would have said "of course not!" - but today I would have to say "why not?"


05-02-2005 10:57:25

I believe in re incarnations only as I know what happened to me. When i was 9 years old i had a vision of myself in a country with mountains surrounding it living in grass and mud huts and I was in the stages of becoming a nun. The people there were all short, (I AM 5 FT TALL TODAY) In this vision I was in a very big storm and saved a boy he was about 4 years old. He was lost, running calling his mother in his native tongue and I ran to him and covered his body with mine...I died... After this vision happened I told my mom and the word that came to me was the philipines, so i researched the philipines (remember I was 9 at the time) and found out a lot of my info was real....the storm and the pics of huts and the small people....I will always feel this was me in an earlier incarnation.....

Any naysayers?

chris knight

05-02-2005 13:26:29

Any naysayers?

Yeah, me.

I don't believe in re-incarnation. roll

I believe in the possibility of it being possible,
but the probability that it's true is unlikely, at
least for my experience of this physical reality.

I don't see any tangible value to this lifetime's reality
to contemplate whether a person was re-incarnated
or not. It just doesn't seem to matter.


05-02-2005 15:51:41

Hi Linda,

I'll put those books on my reading list. Thanks. wink One of my favorites for a quick afternoon read is Jonathan Livingston Seagull... I've read it many times, and it just always seemed to make sense to me.


10-02-2005 15:53:20

Interesting views expressed here on this subject. But the subject, for me, is but a ploy of ego to have me think of something other than my truth. It causes to step out of the now and wonder what if - it takes something from the past and projects in the future allowing me no time for the present. I think Wayne, being a student of the Course, sees life as a dream we are having - written, produced, directed and starring ourselves. If you want to write in reincarnation, go ahead - it is your drama - but it will not change it from being an illusion.

Namaste - Ron


29-06-2005 04:01:21

There is no logical explanation why re-incarnations don't happen. You soul is eternal. Remember, we are spiritual beings having human experiences. The 2 reasons why we are here in the material world is to advance our intellect/soul (i.e. acquire knowledge and experience) and to experience the highest feelings (such as love, happiness) possible. You cannot learn everything in 1 lifetime. If you re spiritually active and conscious and don't let your intellect die off (which could happen over several lifetimes if you constantly use drugs and meds), you will be reborn. Re-incarnations happen whether we like it or not, whether we believe in it or not. You choose your place, time, family (i.e. genes), circumstances depending on what you've learned in your previous lives.


30-06-2005 15:34:12

Very good topic !

Try this website out


One flower dies and another flower grows;
The consciousness of each flower no one knows;
Each flower requires the same suns rays to flourish..........
Each flower requires the same soils nutrients to nourish...........
The same duration of existence will perish !

Sun and soil remain in each and a flower becomes a flower.
And the moment in time, that it IS, or lasts, is Beauty and Love.

ALL.........will live forever, in all things and in each other, and continue, over and over again.

And a flowers' fragrance and beauty, IS unconditional LOVE....... for ALL !

There is no judgement.

The flower does not say.......
" I", will not show my beauty to this being who is not worthy, the beauty and sweet smell is for ...............
ALL , sinner, saint, killer, lover, good,bad, wrong right.


06-07-2005 17:46:15

I think it's possible. I believe that after death, we still have free will. If we choose to come back, we can do so. I don't know that there is any karmic wheel or ladder that we have to climb. It may be that we can simply decide to not come back if that's what we feel like.

Who knows?


06-07-2005 19:17:35

It may be that we can simply decide to not come back if that's what we feel like.

Very unlikely. You do have freedom of choice, but if you don't advance your spirit enough, you will be reborn again in order to learn more. So you have the choice, but it's sort of indirect. Plus it is in your spirit's interest to be reborn in order to experience the highest feelings possible. In order to feel love, you need to be something tangible, like a material body.


08-07-2005 16:44:18

You speak as if it is a known fact!

I'm more of a "infinite possibilities" kind of thinker I guess.


08-07-2005 16:48:19

It is pretty much a known fact for me. If you meditate and connect to your higher self, you will know, too.


08-07-2005 16:51:59

Still trying! I was there for a moment yesterday. Couldn't get it this morning. Of course, I just started this path a few weeks ago. What is it they say "infintie patience produces immediate results?" D